Charlie Durbin
Charlie Durbin
Full Name:  Charles Durbin

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Elected into the FSU Hall of Fame in 1989
Charlie Durbin was associated with FSU athletics for an amazing 41 years. He truly fulfilled his duties with care and dedication and in every instance focused on what he thought was best in the interest of Florida State University and the athletic program.

During the early years when Charlie was exclusively driving athletic teams across the country at all times of the day and night, he always took personal interest in each athlete and his welfare. No coach, athletic administrator, or university representative ever worried about a trip when Charlie Durbin was in charge.

In 1960, when Charlie was given additional responsibilities in cinematography and the operation of a training film production laboratory, he was most eager to learn and to become proficient in film production technology.

Charlie Durbin is one of the innovative and resourceful people ever to serve Florida State. He was a real genius at devising and perfecting techniques. He took a personal interest in cost and quality.

Not only was Charlie dedicated to his responsibilities, but he was always willing to offer assistance to anyone who needed it. During the sixties, Charlie assisted a major of the high schools in the Big Bend area with their training film problems and needs.

Charlie Durbin went out of his way to help people and to save money for the athletic program and the University, but what is so invaluable about this person is that he did it all so unselfishly and without seeking recognition for himself.

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