Don Fauls
Don Fauls
Full Name:  Don Fauls

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Elected into the FSU Hall of Fame in 1986
In 1954, Don Fauls left his job as trainer in the St. Louis Cardinals organization to become head trainer at Florida State University. With only a two year break, the man called "Doc," and "Rooster," was Seminole trainer until 1986. He became a national leader in his field and is a member of the National Athletic Trainer's Hall of Fame. Four decades of Seminole athletes have been taped by him, advised by him and had their aches and pains treated by him. He has been a wise friend to players and coaches alike. Don Fauls has also been a community resource with his professional expertise available to the entire community. "Doc's" resume says he is 5'7" tall and weighs 145 pounds. To four decades of Seminoles he has been a giant. More than any person, Don Fauls has been the central force in Florida State athletics.

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