Dick Gutting
Dick Gutting
Full Name:  Richard Gutting
     Died:  October 27, 2017 in Miami, Fl

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FSU Career
Year  Hgt  Wgt  Cl  Ltr  Hometown
50-51 5-9  140  Fr   *   Chicago, IL                             
51-52 5-9  140  So   *   Chicago, IL                             
52-53 5-9  140  Jr   *   Chicago, IL                             
53-54 5-9  140  Sr   *   Chicago, IL                             

Year  Award
1952  NCAA Championships - Trampoline (1st)
      NCAA Championships - Tumbling (5th)
Elected into the FSU Hall of Fame in 1983
His grace and strength on the trampoline was a wonder to anyone who saw him in action. From 1951 to 1953 Florida State University gymnastics teams won the national championships in this demanding sport. One of the keys to those champions was Dick Gutting. In 1952, he was NCAA trampoline champion and one year later he won the National AAU title in the same event. Gutting also won the Southeastern AAU trampoline championships and was king of both tumbling and the trampoline in the Florida AAU. When Florida State defeated the world champion Swedish Gymnastics team, Gutting won a first in the trampoline. A teacher since graduation, this brilliant athlete and outstanding competitor has brought great honor to his alma mater.

Obiturary for Richard Gutting
Published in the Miami Herald on Nov. 12, 2017

Dick Gutting would have told you that he was the luckiest man alive. He reminded all of us of this in his last days with his family including his wife, sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren by his side. A man in his final hours reflected on his 89 and a half years of life with gratitude, happiness, and no regrets. We should all be so lucky. He lived life on his terms and by his rules. To us, he was "the most interesting man in the world." His lifetime achievements include a large range of accomplishments from physical to educational to cultural to humanitarian and philanthropic. At Florida State University, Dick had multiple national trampoline and tumbling championships. As National Champion, he even performed his trampoline skills with appearances on the Ed Sullivan and the Tonight Show. In 1958, when Florida State became a big football school program with it's first game against the University of Florida and a victory over the University of Miami, Gutting went to then head coach, Tom Nugent, with the idea of having himself dressed up as an Indian and tumbling in front of the fans as the football team came on to the field. Nugent liked the idea and Dick performed the tumbling for all home games in exchange for a few free meals in the football team dining hall. After all, Gutting was a poor non-scholarship athlete from Chicago and every little bit helped. The tradition of Sammy Seminole opening up the FSU football games remains to this day. He continued his education with ROTC and was 1st Lieutenant Jump Master earning the respect of the men that counted on him for guidance. After completing paratrooper training, he graduated from FSU and moved to Miami where he married the love of his life, Suzanne Gutting. He was the Director-Trainer and Water Safety Chairman for Dade County for the National Red Cross as well as a lifetime member and supporter. Dick was a professional high dive and springboard diver through the age 55 on Miami Beach hosting weekly diving shows at every prominent hotel including the Fountain Bleu, Eden Roc, and The Doral. He was a part-time actor with various appearances in commercials on Miami Beach. While in Miami, Dick earned his Masters Degree from University of Miami. He was a beloved history teacher of 40 years at North Miami Beach Sr High School with multiple nominations and awards for "Teacher of the Year" for the State of Florida. He turned down the NMB principal position, as teaching was his love. Dick gave back to his community by investing in his students, and giving them the very best history education possible which was notoriously entertaining. He was so loved and so respected that he was invited to attend High School in Israel, though not Jewish. Important to him was investing in all people with particular interest in upholding the rights of the poor and less fortunate. He was also an argumentative Democrat, with such a breadth of knowledge of politics and world history that his Republican family didn't stand a chance in family debates. Along with "Teacher of the Year" awards, Dick Gutting was inducted into FSU Hall of Fame with various national gymnastics/ trampoline championships. He was also inducted into the International Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame. Additionally, he was inducted into the "the World Acrobatic Society" where he then held multiple executive positions and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. Dick studied and restored Porsches and was a connoisseur of fine watches; two of many hobbies he passed onto his sons and grandson. He was Jazz lover and professional trumpet musician with an amazing recollection of every composer and musician on all of his 800 Jazz albums. All of these accomplishments were from the son of simple German immigrants. In Chicago, his mother was originally an au pair and his father was a sausage maker (although Dad said with a laugh that his dad was a bad one). Before immigrating to the US, his father was the mechanic (Dad said-again with a laugh-a bad one) for The Red Barron, a World War I flying ace. In all this, Dad still found abundant time for family, helping his sons and Sandy, his daughter-in-law (who he claims loved him the most). He remodeled various home improvements and projects. He never met a piece of wood he didn't love and saw the beauty & potential in each of them. He built a masterful wine cellar that he was most proud of and his family will cherish forever. He loved his family and friends taking particular interest in his grandchildren, Payton and Sterling. He would tell them stories from the history books, the evolution of Porches or the history of watches. He was an amazing story teller and beloved by his grandchildren who were lucky to call him "Grandpa". Dad certainly departed on his terms and conditions on October 27, 2017, but he left a very positive wake behind him. He told us that a well-lived life was making a difference in other people's lives. He accomplished that high with honors. Previous students and various people who Dad encountered along the way often tell us that Richard had a profound and positive influence on each of them. Each one of our family members can attest to that. He even extended his humanity and kindness into the animal kingdom with his cats, Princess Heckeneffer and King Tut; his dogs, Ginger, Heidi, Jasmine, Sabrina and even adopted reject dogs of deceased friends, Stubbies and Sassy. If he were to have read this memorial he would have said, "Wow, this guy sounds like a marvelous person-and not bad looking either!" Both would be true. Well done, Dick Gutting! We'll love you always and will miss you each day. Suzi, David and Sandy Gutting, Kevin Gutting and Karen, Payton Layne, Sterling Gutting, Shannon Goralski, and Bob & Vivian Gutting and Lucian Gutting. A private memorial will be held for close family.

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