Mike Long
Mike Long
Full Name:  Mike Long

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Steve, Coach Mike, Curtiss and Terry Long

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Elected into the FSU Hall of Fame in 1978
Mike Long coached the Florida State track and field team for 23 years, and his remarkable success made the choice to name the university's track after him an easy one. FSU posted a record of 131 wins and 32 losses under Long. Five teams were undefeated and six others lost just one meet. He truly made the Seminoles a track and field power in the South. Fourteen FSU athletes won All-American honors during his tenure from 1955-75. In addition, four of Coach Long's sons competed for FSU and one, Terry, went on to long-time success as the FSU track and field coach. In football, he used his skills to coach defensive ends under Tom Nugent from 1953-55. Mike Long's many contributions helped to make the Florida State track and field program and facility among the best in the nation.

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