Kenneth Miller
Kenneth Miller
Full Name:  Kenneth Miller

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Elected into the FSU Hall of Fame in 1991
One of Florida State's foremost members of the Physical Education department was Ken Miller. From 1949-77, Ken touched every aspect of the athletic department, serving as professor, coach and acting athletic director. A physical education professor for his entire 28 years, Ken also served as chairman of the department for thirteen years. Additionally, Miller was Florida State's first men's track and field coach from 1949-54 and led the men's team to its first victory over both Georgia and Georgia Tech in the same season. And this he did not only once but twice, in 1953 and '54. But Miller's coaching career did not stop there. He also coached the women's track and field team from 1971-74. In addition to his professional and coaching duties, Ken served the university as acting athletic director in 1957. And since retiring in 1977, he has remained an active part of the athletic department. With a track record of service this outstanding, Ken Miller is a fitting addition to Florida State University's athletic Hall of Fame.

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