The Seminole Tribe
The Seminole Tribe
Full Name:  The Seminole Tribe

FSU Career
Moore-Stone Award


Elected into the FSU Hall of Fame in 2005
The history and spirit of an unconquered people provides the guiding light for Florida State University students, faculty, friends and supporters.

Proudly using the name Seminoles, our student-athletes work in the classroom and on the playing field to reflect the bravery and pride that has characterized the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

By calling themselves Seminoles, members of the FSU community are engaging in a tradition of tribute for a people whose indomitable spirit is one that is deserving of honor.

In keeping with our university's rich history that we selected the triumphant human spirit as our symbol. That unconquered spirit is perfectly characterized in the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

That the Seminole Tribe of Florida chose to go on record and formally reaffirm that they trust us to be good stewards of their name and traditions is humbling. The respect and admiration we have for the Seminole Tribe of Florida is boundless.

Florida State University is forever indebted to the Semniole Nation for the relationship that allows this university to publicly and proudly proclaim:

"We are Seminoles."

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