Florida State Football - 1964 Year In Review

Florida State Football - 1964 Year In Review

Coaching Staff
Bill Peterson, Head Coach
Bobby Bowden, Offensive Ends
John Coatta, Defensive Ends, Linebackers
Bill Crutchfield, Offensive Chief
Bob Harbison, Defensive Line
Don James, First Assistant, Defensive Chief
Ken MacLean, Head Recruiter
Don Powell, Offensive Line
Bill Proctor, Freshman

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1964 FSU Football Handbook

1964 Florida State Signees/Newcomers

From the 1964 FSU Football Handbook, page 31

Mike Belbeck, 6-1, 200, T, Winter Park

Bill Betts, 6-0, 223, T, Birmingham, AL

Mike Brady, 6-0, 198, G, Coral Gables

Bill Campbell, 5-9, 176, HB, Tampa

Pat Conway, 5-10, 172, HB, Miami

Stan Croley, 6-2, 192, DE, Dade City - A rangy youngster who may play either offense or defense...good speed and will hit.

Stan Crowley, 6-2, 189, E, Dade City

Tom DeLopez, 6-2, 197, FB, Miami

Wayne Giardino, 5-10, 189, FB, West Palm Beach - Frosh co-captain in 1963, Giardino played little offense but shined as a defensive cornerback...in the spring, he moved into a gap at fullback and ran well...an excellent young prospect, he can go both ways and has a fine attitude and desire...Wayne has a storied background...moving from Canada, he missed his senior season at Forest Hills High, still earned an FSU scholarship.

Larry Green, 5-10, 183, HB, Cairo, GA - Green is one of the most celebrated, and fastest, halfbacks to come out of South Georgia and is destined for stardom as an FSU back...now a flanker, he might become a running back, and is sure to see service returning punts and kickoffs...an exciting halfback, he already is a breakaway threat and impressed Seminole coaches with his potential in spring workouts.

Kim Hammond, 6-1, 182, QB, Melbourne

John Hosack, 5-10, 192, FB, Miami

Fred Hudson, 6-1, 197, E, Milton

Ken Johnson, 6-2, 213, T, Jacksonville

Donovan Jones, 6-1, 176, FB, Lakeland - A magazine-type back, big and rangy...most dependable runner on the 1963 frosh team, he proved in the spring he can play a varsity corner-back as a sophomore...he's tough and has good speed.

Jerry Jones, 6-1, 180, HB, Jesup, GA

Vernon Korhn, 5-11, 170, QB, Tampa

Alan LaMarche, 5-11, 171, HB, Hollywood

Howard Lurie, 6-0, 200, G, Northridge, CA

Jim Mankins, 6-2, 233, FB, King City, CA

Wayne McDuffie, 6-2, 197, E, Hawkinsville, GA

Phil McKinnon, 5-11, 195, G, Birmingham, AL

Bill Meadows, 6-1, 194, C, Birmingham, AL

Bob Menendez, 5-10, 188, HB, Key West

Bill Moremen, 5-11, 171, HB, Daytona Beach

Lee Narramore, 5-10, 192, FB, Pensacola - Lee and tackle Del Williams are the two ex-freshmen to earn starting berths...Narramore's running so completely dominated the spring intra-squad game (led all rushers with 79 yards on 22 carries) that he moves ahead of Ehler for the number one fullback job...long on strength and power, his forte is the option run, or 'running to daylight'...FSU coaches expect him to be key in the '64 offense.

Bob Patterson, 5-11, 216, T, Tampa

Charles Pennie, 6-4, 222, T, Hollywood

Billy Richardson, 5-9, 173, HB, Jesup, GA

Butch Riser, 6-0, 175, HB, Sanford

John Stephens, 6-1, 191, G, Tallahassee

Helge Swanson, 6-3, 214, C, Milton

H.T. Waller, 6-1, 189, QB, Vernon

T.K. Wetherell, 5-10, 175, HB, Daytona Beach

Del Williams, 6-2, 229, T, Live Oak - Del was the outstanding performer on the 1963 freshman team and had an exceptional spring, pleasing Seminole coaches so much that he now rates a first-offensive-team berth at tackle...he has the size and interior movement that are musts for collegiate linemen...he could be a future Seminole great.

Gene Williams, 6-2, 218, G, Sanford

Paul Williams, 6-2, 201, E, Hollywood

Larry Williamson, 5-11, 193, G, Macon, GA

1964 Roster - By Name

From the 1964 FSU Football Handbook, page 26.
T                                                  PY
R No Name                  Pos     Hgt   Wgt  Cl   Ltr  Hometown (Prior School)
* 51 Joe Avezzano          G       6-1   223  Jr-R *    Miami (Jackson)
* 28 Winfred Bailey        HB      6-0   186  Sr   **   Atlanta, GA (O'Keefe)
     Mike Belbeck          T       6-1   200  So        Winter Park (Edgewater)
     Bill Betts            T       6-0   223  So        Birmingham, AL (Jones Valley)
* 22 Maury Bibent          HB      6-0   186  Jr-R *    Cincinnati, OH (Western Hills)
* 25 Fred Biletnikoff      E       6-1   186  Sr   **   Erie, PA (Tech Memorial)
  86 Buddy Blankenship     E       6-3   195  So-R      Atlanta, GA (O'Keefe)
     Mike Brady            G       6-0   198  So        Coral Gables (Coral Gables)
  64 Dave Braggins         T       6-2   215  So-R      Lake Wales (Lake Wales)
  15 Bill Campbell         HB      5-9   176  So        Tampa (Chamberlain)
* 15 Pat Conway            HB      5-10  172  So        Miami (Jackson)
     Stan Croley           DE      6-2   192  So        Dade City (Pasco Comprehensive)
     Stan Crowley          E       6-2   189  So        Dade City (Pasco Comprehensive)
* 84 George D'Allesandro   E       5-10  205  Jr-R *    Fort Myers (Fort Myers)
* 83 Bill "Red" Dawson     E       6-3   223  Sr-R **   Valdosta, GA (Valdosta)
     Tom DeLopez           FB      6-2   197  So        Miami (Hialeah)
* 55 Jack Edwards          C       6-1   221  Sr   **   Tampa (Hillsborough)
* 43 Howard Ehler          FB      6-1   190  Jr   *    Tavares (Tavares)
* 81 Don Floyd             E       6-1   197  Sr-R **   Madison (Madison County)
  52 Ken Frazier           C       6-2   209  So-R      Houston, TX (Bellaire)
* 87 Terry Garvin          E       5-11  206  Jr        Pensacola (Pensacola)
  12 Tony Gero             QB      5-10  183  So-R      Madison, NJ (Madison)
* 23 Wayne Giardino        FB      5-10  189  So        West Palm Beach (Forest Hill)
* 20 Larry Green           HB      5-10  183  So        Cairo, GA (Cairo)
* 88 Cliff Gunter          E       6-2   184  Sr-R **   Dothan, AL (Dothan)
  26 Dave Hall             FB      5-11  185  So-R      Panama City (Bay)
     Kim Hammond           QB      6-1   182  So        Melbourne (Melbourne)
* 66 Dick Hermann          G       6-0   200  Sr   **   Marianna (Marianna)
  85 John Hosack           FB      5-10  192  So        Miami (Edison)
     Fred Hudson           E       6-1   197  So        Milton (Milton)
     Ken Johnson           T       6-2   213  So        Jacksonville (Terry Parker)
  21 Donovan Jones         FB      6-1   176  So        Lakeland (Lakeland)
     Jerry Jones           HB      6-1   180  So        Jesup, GA (Wayne County)
     Vernon Korhn          QB      5-11  170  So        Tampa (Plant)
     Alan LaMarche         HB      5-11  171  So        Hollywood (South Broward)
* 62 Howard Lurie          G       6-0   200  Jr        Northridge, CA (Cleveland)
* 75 Dale MacKenzie        G       6-2   227  Sr   **   Clearwater (Clearwater)
* 77 Bob Mangan            T       6-1   232  Jr-R *    Atlanta, GA (Saint Pius X Catholic)
     Jim Mankins           FB      6-2   233  So        King City, CA (King City/Hartnell JC)
* 14 Jim Massey            QB      5-11  176  Jr-R *    Cairo, GA (Cairo)
  74 Jay Mac Matthews      T       6-1   216  So-R      Chiefland (Chiefland)
* 63 Bill McDowell         G       6-1   200  Jr   *    Tallahassee (Leon)
* 82 Wayne McDuffie        E       6-2   197  So        Hawkinsville, GA (Hawkinsville)
     Phil McKinnon         G       5-11  195  So        Birmingham, AL (Ensley)
     Bill Meadows          C       6-1   194  So        Birmingham, AL (Shades Valley)
  41 Bob Menendez          HB      5-10  188  So        Key West (Key West)
  28 Bill Moremen          HB      5-11  171  So        Daytona Beach (Mainland)
* 42 Les Murdock           K-FB    6-2   228  Sr   *    Hollywood (South Broward)
* 40 Lee Narramore         FB      5-10  192  So        Pensacola (Escambia)
* 68 Joe Parrish           G       6-1   199  Jr-R *    Auburndale (Auburndale)
     Bob Patterson         T       5-11  216  So        Tampa (Hillsborough)
  78 Charles Pennie        T       6-4   222  So        Hollywood (South Broward)
* 79 Frank Pennie          T       6-4   242  Jr-R *    Hollywood (South Broward)
* 29 Joe Petko             HB      5-9   185  Jr   *    Shaker Heights, OH (Shaker Heights)
* 53 David Pitts           C       5-9   211  So-R      Blountstown (Blountstown)
  85 Ed Pope               E       6-1   199  So-R      Waycross, GA (Ware County)
* 16 Ed Pritchett          QB      6-2   177  Jr-R *    Decatur, GA (Avondale)
  24 Elton Revell          HB      6-0   165  So-R      Tallahassee (Florida)
     Billy Richardson      HB      5-9   173  So        Jesup, GA (Wayne County)
     Butch Riser           HB      6-0   175  So        Sanford (Seminole)
* 61 Jack Shinholser       C       6-1   209  Jr-R *    Tampa (Chamberlain)
* 27 Phil Spooner          HB      5-11  181  Jr-R *    Fort Myers (Fort Myers)
* 60 John Stephens         G       6-1   191  So        Tallahassee (Leon)
* 73 Avery Sumner          T       6-2   227  Sr   **   Adel, GA (Cook County)
     Helge Swanson         C       6-3   214  So        Milton (Milton)
* 13 Steve Tensi           QB      6-5   201  Sr   **   Cincinnati, OH (Elder)
* 80 John Wachtel          E       6-0   193  Sr-R **   Massillon, OH (Central)
  11 H.T. Waller           QB      6-1   189  So        Vernon (Vernon)
* 76 Tom West              T       6-4   231  Sr   **   Headland, AL (Headland)
     T.K. Wetherell        HB      5-10  175  So        Daytona Beach (Mainland)
* 89 Max Wettstein         E       6-3   199  Jr   *    Leesburg (Leesburg)
  71 Darrell Willett       T       6-1   248  Jr-R      Tifton, GA (Tift County)
* 70 Del Williams          T       6-2   229  So        Live Oak (Suwannee)
     Gene Williams         G       6-2   218  So        Sanford (Seminole)
     Paul Williams         E       6-2   201  So        Hollywood (South Broward)
  60 Larry Williamson      G       5-11  193  So        Macon, GA (Lanier)

1964 Roster - By Number

From the 1964 FSU Football Handbook, page 26.
T                                                  PY
R No Name                  Pos     Hgt   Wgt  Cl   Ltr  Hometown (Prior School)
     Mike Belbeck          T       6-1   200  So        Winter Park (Edgewater)
     Bill Betts            T       6-0   223  So        Birmingham, AL (Jones Valley)
     Mike Brady            G       6-0   198  So        Coral Gables (Coral Gables)
     Stan Croley           DE      6-2   192  So        Dade City (Pasco Comprehensive)
     Stan Crowley          E       6-2   189  So        Dade City (Pasco Comprehensive)
     Tom DeLopez           FB      6-2   197  So        Miami (Hialeah)
     Kim Hammond           QB      6-1   182  So        Melbourne (Melbourne)
     Fred Hudson           E       6-1   197  So        Milton (Milton)
     Ken Johnson           T       6-2   213  So        Jacksonville (Terry Parker)
     Jerry Jones           HB      6-1   180  So        Jesup, GA (Wayne County)
     Vernon Korhn          QB      5-11  170  So        Tampa (Plant)
     Alan LaMarche         HB      5-11  171  So        Hollywood (South Broward)
     Jim Mankins           FB      6-2   233  So        King City, CA (King City/Hartnell JC)
     Phil McKinnon         G       5-11  195  So        Birmingham, AL (Ensley)
     Bill Meadows          C       6-1   194  So        Birmingham, AL (Shades Valley)
     Bob Patterson         T       5-11  216  So        Tampa (Hillsborough)
     Billy Richardson      HB      5-9   173  So        Jesup, GA (Wayne County)
     Butch Riser           HB      6-0   175  So        Sanford (Seminole)
     Helge Swanson         C       6-3   214  So        Milton (Milton)
     T.K. Wetherell        HB      5-10  175  So        Daytona Beach (Mainland)
     Gene Williams         G       6-2   218  So        Sanford (Seminole)
     Paul Williams         E       6-2   201  So        Hollywood (South Broward)
  11 H.T. Waller           QB      6-1   189  So        Vernon (Vernon)
  12 Tony Gero             QB      5-10  183  So-R      Madison, NJ (Madison)
* 13 Steve Tensi           QB      6-5   201  Sr   **   Cincinnati, OH (Elder)
* 14 Jim Massey            QB      5-11  176  Jr-R *    Cairo, GA (Cairo)
  15 Bill Campbell         HB      5-9   176  So        Tampa (Chamberlain)
* 15 Pat Conway            HB      5-10  172  So        Miami (Jackson)
* 16 Ed Pritchett          QB      6-2   177  Jr-R *    Decatur, GA (Avondale)
* 20 Larry Green           HB      5-10  183  So        Cairo, GA (Cairo)
  21 Donovan Jones         FB      6-1   176  So        Lakeland (Lakeland)
* 22 Maury Bibent          HB      6-0   186  Jr-R *    Cincinnati, OH (Western Hills)
* 23 Wayne Giardino        FB      5-10  189  So        West Palm Beach (Forest Hill)
  24 Elton Revell          HB      6-0   165  So-R      Tallahassee (Florida)
* 25 Fred Biletnikoff      E       6-1   186  Sr   **   Erie, PA (Tech Memorial)
  26 Dave Hall             FB      5-11  185  So-R      Panama City (Bay)
* 27 Phil Spooner          HB      5-11  181  Jr-R *    Fort Myers (Fort Myers)
* 28 Winfred Bailey        HB      6-0   186  Sr   **   Atlanta, GA (O'Keefe)
  28 Bill Moremen          HB      5-11  171  So        Daytona Beach (Mainland)
* 29 Joe Petko             HB      5-9   185  Jr   *    Shaker Heights, OH (Shaker Heights)
* 40 Lee Narramore         FB      5-10  192  So        Pensacola (Escambia)
  41 Bob Menendez          HB      5-10  188  So        Key West (Key West)
* 42 Les Murdock           K-FB    6-2   228  Sr   *    Hollywood (South Broward)
* 43 Howard Ehler          FB      6-1   190  Jr   *    Tavares (Tavares)
* 51 Joe Avezzano          G       6-1   223  Jr-R *    Miami (Jackson)
  52 Ken Frazier           C       6-2   209  So-R      Houston, TX (Bellaire)
* 53 David Pitts           C       5-9   211  So-R      Blountstown (Blountstown)
* 55 Jack Edwards          C       6-1   221  Sr   **   Tampa (Hillsborough)
* 60 John Stephens         G       6-1   191  So        Tallahassee (Leon)
  60 Larry Williamson      G       5-11  193  So        Macon, GA (Lanier)
* 61 Jack Shinholser       C       6-1   209  Jr-R *    Tampa (Chamberlain)
* 62 Howard Lurie          G       6-0   200  Jr        Northridge, CA (Cleveland)
* 63 Bill McDowell         G       6-1   200  Jr   *    Tallahassee (Leon)
  64 Dave Braggins         T       6-2   215  So-R      Lake Wales (Lake Wales)
* 66 Dick Hermann          G       6-0   200  Sr   **   Marianna (Marianna)
* 68 Joe Parrish           G       6-1   199  Jr-R *    Auburndale (Auburndale)
* 70 Del Williams          T       6-2   229  So        Live Oak (Suwannee)
  71 Darrell Willett       T       6-1   248  Jr-R      Tifton, GA (Tift County)
* 73 Avery Sumner          T       6-2   227  Sr   **   Adel, GA (Cook County)
  74 Jay Mac Matthews      T       6-1   216  So-R      Chiefland (Chiefland)
* 75 Dale MacKenzie        G       6-2   227  Sr   **   Clearwater (Clearwater)
* 76 Tom West              T       6-4   231  Sr   **   Headland, AL (Headland)
* 77 Bob Mangan            T       6-1   232  Jr-R *    Atlanta, GA (Saint Pius X Catholic)
  78 Charles Pennie        T       6-4   222  So        Hollywood (South Broward)
* 79 Frank Pennie          T       6-4   242  Jr-R *    Hollywood (South Broward)
* 80 John Wachtel          E       6-0   193  Sr-R **   Massillon, OH (Central)
* 81 Don Floyd             E       6-1   197  Sr-R **   Madison (Madison County)
* 82 Wayne McDuffie        E       6-2   197  So        Hawkinsville, GA (Hawkinsville)
* 83 Bill "Red" Dawson     E       6-3   223  Sr-R **   Valdosta, GA (Valdosta)
* 84 George D'Allesandro   E       5-10  205  Jr-R *    Fort Myers (Fort Myers)
  85 John Hosack           FB      5-10  192  So        Miami (Edison)
  85 Ed Pope               E       6-1   199  So-R      Waycross, GA (Ware County)
  86 Buddy Blankenship     E       6-3   195  So-R      Atlanta, GA (O'Keefe)
* 87 Terry Garvin          E       5-11  206  Jr        Pensacola (Pensacola)
* 88 Cliff Gunter          E       6-2   184  Sr-R **   Dothan, AL (Dothan)
* 89 Max Wettstein         E       6-3   199  Jr   *    Leesburg (Leesburg)
Lettermen from the 1965 FSU Football Handbook, page 20.
From the Florida Times Union, 9/10/1964, page 13
Jim Mankins separated his shoulder on September 9, 1964.

Fred Biletnikoff was named to the following All-American Teams according to the Florida Times Union:
November 24, 1964, page 10, 2nd Team American Football Coaches Association
December 2, 1964, page 25, 2nd Team United Press International
December 5, 1964, page 21, 1st Team Associated Press

1964 All-Americans

Name                     Organization
Fred Biletnikoff         Associated Press - 1st Team All-American
                         Football News - 1st Team All-American
                         Football Writers Association - 1st Team All-American
                         Helms Foundation - 1st Team All-American
                         Newspaper Enterprises Association - 1st Team All-American
                         New York Daily News - 1st Team All-American
                         American Football Coaches Association - 2nd Team All-American
                         United Press International - 2nd Team All-American
                         NCAA - Consensus All-American

All-Americans -  1

1964 Noles in the Pros

Name                     No      Pos                Team
Keith Kinderman          24      RB                 San Diego Chargers
Tony Romeo               86      TE                 Boston Patriots
Bud Whitehead            47      DB                 San Diego Chargers

Noles in the Pros -  3

1964 Schedule and Results

MIAMI W 14- 0
Gator Bowl, Jacksonville, Fl
W 36-19
                Overall   Home    Away   Neutral
FSU RECORD IS    9- 1-1   5-0     3-1-1   1-0
AGAINST TOP 25   2- 0     2-0     0-0     0-0

1964 - 100 Yard Rushing Club

Name Date Opponent Att Yds Avg TDs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Phil Spooner 01/02/1965 OKLAHOMA 27 125 4.63 0

1964 - 100 Yard Receiving Club

Name Date Opponent Rec Yds Avg TDs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fred Biletnikoff 01/02/1965 OKLAHOMA 13 192 14.77 4 Fred Biletnikoff 10/24/1964 VIRGINIA TECH 11 182 16.55 1 Fred Biletnikoff 10/31/1964 SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI 10 170 17.00 1 Fred Biletnikoff 09/19/1964 MIAMI 9 165 18.33 2 Fred Biletnikoff 10/17/1964 GEORGIA 8 114 14.25 1 Don Floyd 11/07/1964 HOUSTON 8 108 13.50 0 Fred Biletnikoff 10/10/1964 KENTUCKY 4 104 26.00 2 Fred Biletnikoff 11/14/1964 NORTH CAROLINA STATE 7 100 14.29 2

1964 - 300 Yard Passing Club

Name Date Opponent Att Cmp Yds Int Avg TDs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steve Tensi 01/02/1965 OKLAHOMA 36 23 303 4 8.42 5

1964 EOY Stats

From the 1965 FSU Football Handbook, page 62.
Overall Team Statistics TEAM STATISTICS FSU OPP -------------------------------------------------------- SCORING....................... 227 66 Points Per Game............. 22.7 6.6 TOUCHDOWNS.................... 29 10 TDs Rushing................. 14 8 TDs Passing................. 15 2 TDs Fumble Return........... 0 0 TDs Punt Return............. 0 0 TDs Interception............ 0 0 TDs Kickoff Return.......... 0 0 TDs Lateral................. 0 0 TDs Free Kick............... 0 0 PAT-ATTEMPTS.................. 24-29 6-10 Kick........................ 22-26 6- 7 Pass........................ 1- 1 0- 3 Run......................... 1- 2 0- 0 FIELD GOALS-ATTEMPTS.......... 9-19 0- 3 SAFETY........................ 0 0 FIRST DOWNS................... 170 102 Rushing..................... 73 49 Passing..................... 86 43 Penalty..................... 11 10 RUSHING YARDAGE............... 1386 750 Yards gained rushing........ 1627 1093 Yards lost rushing.......... 241 343 Rushing Attempts............ 409 349 Average Per Rush............ 3.4 2.1 Average Per Game............ 138.6 75.0 PASSING YARDAGE............... 2029 1061 Att-Comp-Int................ 249-147-10 195- 76-10 Efficiency.................. 139.33 77.81 Average Per Pass............ 8.1 5.4 Average Per Catch........... 13.8 14.0 Average Per Game............ 202.9 106.1 TOTAL OFFENSE................. 3415 1811 Total Plays................. 658 544 Average Per Play............ 5.2 3.3 Average Per Game............ 341.5 181.1 KICK RETURNS: #-YARDS......... 14- 256 - Average Per Return.......... 18.3 0.0 PUNT RETURNS: #-YARDS......... 30-229 - Average Per Return.......... 7.6 0.0 INT RETURNS: #-YARDS.......... 10-116 - Average Per Return.......... 11.6 0.0 FUMBLES-LOST.................. 17-10 32-24 PENALTIES-YARDS............... 58- 690 62- 558 Average Per Game............ 69.0 55.8 PUNTS-YARDS................... 41-1441 74-2944 Average Per Punt............ 35.1 39.8 Net punt average............ 35.1 36.7 ATTENDANCE.................... 152,992 138,772 Games-Avg Per Game.......... 5-30,598 5-27,754
 1st2nd3rd4th Total
Florida State
Overall Individual Statistics

RUSHING              G  Att Gain  Loss  Net   Avg  TD Long  Avg/G
Phil Spooner        10  136  557   41   516   3.8   5        51.6
Lee Narramore        8   74  271    5   266   3.6   1        33.3
Wayne Giardino           70  271   15   256   3.7   3     
Larry Green              50  229   23   206   4.1   2     
Ed Pritchett         9   36  178   44   134   3.7   2        14.9
Joe Petko                21   78    2    76   3.6   0     
Maury Bibent              3   19    0    19   6.3   0     
Fred Biletnikoff    10    2    6    4     2   1.0   0         0.2
Howard Ehler              1    1    0     1   1.0   0     
Tony Gero                 5    2   46   -44  -8.8   0     
Steve Tensi         10   11   15   61   -46  -4.2   1        -4.6

Total.........      10  409 1627  241  1386   3.4  14       138.6
Opponents.....      10  349 1093  343   750   2.1   8        75.0

PASSING              G   Effic Att-Cmp-Int   Pct  Yds  TD Long  Avg/G
Steve Tensi         10  141.46 204-121-10   .593 1683  14       168.3
Ed Pritchett         9  136.33  36- 21- 0   .583  295   1        32.8
Tony Gero               103.16   9-  5- 0   .556   51   0     

Total.........      10  139.33 249-147-10   .590 2029  15       202.9
Opponents.....      10   77.81 195- 76-10   .390 1061   2       106.1

RECEIVING            G  No   Yds   Avg  TD Long  Avg/G
Fred Biletnikoff    10  57   987  17.3  11        98.7
Don Floyd           10  41   556  13.6   1        55.6
Bill "Red" Dawson       12   148  12.3   1     
Phil Spooner        10  10    74   7.4   1         7.4
Elton Revell             7    74  10.6   0     
John Wachtel             6    55   9.2   0     
Lee Narramore        8   7    51   7.3   1         6.4
Larry Green              4    36   9.0   0     
Buddy Blankenship        1    10  10.0   0     
Wayne Giardino           1     6   6.0   0     
Max Wettstein            1     6   6.0   0     

Total.........      10 147  2029  13.8  15       202.9
Opponents.....      10  76  1061  14.0   2       106.1

PUNT RETURNS         No  Yds   Avg TD Long
Fred Biletnikoff      5   75  15.0  0     
Bill Campbell         5   72  14.4  0     
Winfred Bailey        5   47   9.4  0     
Phil Spooner          9   31   3.4  0     
Maury Bibent          3    4   1.3  0     
Larry Green           1    0   0.0  0     
Elton Revell          1    0   0.0  0     
Pat Conway            1    0   0.0  0     

Total.........       30  229   7.6  0     
Opponent......                      0     

INTERCEPTIONS        No  Yds   Avg TD Long
Winfred Bailey        7   73  10.4  0     
Bill McDowell         1   32  32.0  0     
Howard Ehler          1    9   9.0  0     
Donovan Jones         1    2   2.0  0     

Total.........       10  116  11.6  0     
Opponent......                      0     

KICK RETURNS         No  Yds   Avg TD Long
Phil Spooner          5    89 17.8  0     
Larry Green           2    47 23.5  0     
Ed Pritchett          2    43 21.5  0     
Fred Biletnikoff      3    42 14.0  0     
Elton Revell          1    26 26.0  0     
Winfred Bailey        1     9  9.0  0     

Total.........       14   256 18.3  0     
Opponent......                      0     

FUMBLE RETURNS       No  Yds   Avg TD Long  For
Bill McDowell         6    0   0.0  0   .    4
George D'Allesandro   4    0   0.0  0   .    0
Frank Pennie          3    0   0.0  0   .    1
Dick Hermann          2    0   0.0  0   .    1
Howard Ehler          2    0   0.0  0   .    0
Winfred Bailey        1    0   0.0  0   .    0
Maury Bibent          1    0   0.0  0   .    0
Avery Sumner          1    0   0.0  0   .    0
Jack Shinholser       1    0   0.0  0   .    0
Max Wettstein         1    0   0.0  0   .    0

Total.........       24        0.0  0        6
Opponent......       10        0.0  0     

                               |-------- PATs --------|
Name                 TD   FGs    Kick   Rush  Rcv Pass  DXP Saf Points
Fred Biletnikoff     11   0-0     0-0    0-0   1   0-0   0   0    68
Les Murdock           0   9-19   22-26   0-0   0   0-0   0   0    49
Phil Spooner          6   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0    36
Wayne Giardino        3   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0    18
Ed Pritchett          2   0-0     0-0    1-2   0   1-1   0   0    14
Larry Green           2   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0    12
Lee Narramore         2   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0    12
Bill "Red" Dawson     1   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0     6
Don Floyd             1   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0     6
Steve Tensi           1   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0     6
FSU                  29   9-19   22-26   1-2   1   1-1   0   0   227
Opponent             10   0-4     6-7    0-0   0   0-3   0   0    66
Fred Biletnikoff
Phil Spooner
Wayne Giardino
Ed Pritchett
Larry Green
Lee Narramore
Bill "Red" Dawson
Don Floyd
Steve Tensi
R = Rushing
C = Catch
P = Pass
I = Interception
FR = Fumble Recovery/Return
PR = Punt Return/Blocked Punt
KR = Kickoff Return
L = Lateral
FK = Free Kick Return

TOTAL OFFENSE        G Plays Rush Pass Total Avg/G
Steve Tensi         10  215   -46 1683  1637 163.7
Phil Spooner        10  136   516    0   516  51.6
Ed Pritchett         9   72   134  295   429  47.7
Lee Narramore        8   74   266    0   266  33.3
Wayne Giardino           70   256    0   256
Larry Green              50   206    0   206
Joe Petko                21    76    0    76
Maury Bibent              3    19    0    19
Tony Gero                14   -44   51     7
Fred Biletnikoff    10    2     2    0     2   0.2
Howard Ehler              1     1    0     1

Total.........      10  658  1386 2029  3415 341.5
Opponent......      10  544   750 1061  1811 181.1

FIELD GOALS         FGM-FGA  Pct 01-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-99 Lg
Les Murdock           9-19  .474  0- 0  5- 6  3- 3  1- 6  0- 4 40
(33), 50, 46
(23), 47
(34), (25), 24
48, 51
44, (24), 54, (34), (40)
() For made field goals

PUNTING             No  Yds   Avg Long  TB  FC I20 Blkd
Ed Pritchett        35 1246  35.6                     
John Hosack          6  195  32.5                     

Total.........      41 1441  35.1                     
Opponent......      74 2944  39.8                     

ALL PURPOSE          G Rush   Rec   PR   KR   IR   FR  Tot Avg/G
Fred Biletnikoff    10    2   987   75   42    0    0 1106 110.6
Phil Spooner        10  516    74   31   89    0    0  710  71.0
Don Floyd           10    0   556    0    0    0    0  556  55.6
Lee Narramore        8  266    51    0    0    0    0  317  39.6
Larry Green             206    36    0   47    0    0  289
Wayne Giardino          256     6    0    0    0    0  262
Ed Pritchett         9  134     0    0   43    0    0  177  19.7
Bill "Red" Dawson         0   148    0    0    0    0  148
Winfred Bailey            0     0   47    9   73    0  129
Elton Revell              0    74    0   26    0    0  100
Joe Petko                76     0    0    0    0    0   76
Bill Campbell             0     0   72    0    0    0   72
John Wachtel              0    55    0    0    0    0   55
Bill McDowell             0     0    0    0   32    0   32
Maury Bibent             19     0    4    0    0    0   23
Howard Ehler              1     0    0    0    9    0   10
Buddy Blankenship         0    10    0    0    0    0   10
Max Wettstein             0     6    0    0    0    0    6
Donovan Jones             0     0    0    0    2    0    2
Tony Gero               -44     0    0    0    0    0  -44
Steve Tensi         10  -46     0    0    0    0    0  -46  -4.6

Total.........      10 1386  2029  229  256  116    0 4016 401.6
Opponent......      10  750  1061    0    0    0    0 1811 181.1

                        |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd
DEFENSIVE LEADERS   GP   UT   AT  Total   ForLoss     No - Yards  Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds  FF Kick Saf
Winfred Bailey            .    .     .      .            .          7- 73   .    .   1-  0   .   .   .
Bill McDowell             .    .     .      .            .          1- 32   .    .   6-  0   4   2   .
Howard Ehler              .    .     .      .            .          1-  9   .    .   2-  0   .   .   .
Donovan Jones             .    .     .      .            .          1-  2   .    .    .      .   .   .
Frank Pennie              .    .     .      .            .           .      .    .   3-  0   1   .   .
George D'Allesandro       .    .     .      .            .           .      .    .   4-  0   .   .   .
Dick Hermann              .    .     .      .            .           .      .    .   2-  0   1   .   .
Maury Bibent              .    .     .      .            .           .      .    .   1-  0   .   .   .
Max Wettstein             .    .     .      .            .           .      .    .   1-  0   .   .   .
Avery Sumner              .    .     .      .            .           .      .    .   1-  0   .   .   .
Jack Shinholser           .    .     .      .            .           .      .    .   1-  0   .   .   .


09/19/1964, CORAL GABLES, FL

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, September 20, 1964, page 1, by Bill McGrotha.

MIAMI, FL - Surehanded, slippery and sensational, Fred Biletnikoff pulled down nine passes, two for touchdowns, and led Florida State to an emphatic 14-0 conquest of Miami in a football opener here Saturday night.

Steve Tensi, distinctly FSU's best quarterback on this night, threw both touchdown strikes, one in the first quarter, one in the second.

It was, pretty much, a precise rewrite of last year's story. Tensi in that one passed twice to Biletnikoff for scores as FSU won 24-0.

Flankerback Biletnikoff, buttonholed by at least one pro scout before the game, was simply amazing, and Tensi only slightly less so. A turnout of 51,605 saw one of the all-time great pass-catching performances in the Orange Bowl.

Miami simply could not cover Biletnikoff as he dodged through his pass patterns. FSU defensive backs know how the Hurricanes feel; in practice they can't handle him either.


Dozens and dozens of times in pre-season workouts, Tensi passed successfully to his favorite target until it became almost, like, automatic.

Miami, a 7-point underdog, was ready, and so were the Seminoles. The game was a rather exact duplication of estimations of what it would be, with Miami exceedingly rugged with its defense against the running game.

The issue, virtually from the start, was never in doubt. Not really. FSU's margin of victory might well have been greater, save for a staggering 131 yards in penalties. Rain which started late in the third quarter, also slowed things.

On the other hand, FSU was obliged to marshal its own stout defense to stop Miami penetrations at the two and the 14. The former bid was paved by a fumble recovery at the FSU 11. Both of those Miami efforts came after FSU built a 14-0 lead.

One of Biletnikoff's touchdown catches was a 15-yarder, the other a 16-yarder. He accounted for 165 yards with his school-record tying total of nine receptions.

FSU outgained Miami, 343 yards to 180, with 226 of the Seminoles' total coming via air. The Seminoles led in first downs, 19 to 11. Tensi completed nine of 12 passes for 154 yards, Ed Pritchett seven of nine for 72. Neither had one intercepted.

On FSU's first offensive play of the night Tensi tossed to Biletnikoff for 49 yards at the Miami 12 but a fumble stopped that. Repeatedly FSU rambled into Miami territory, only to get stopped short. FSU lost two fumbles and Miami lost two.

Russell Smith and Pete Banaszak, Miami's touted pair of running backs, caused no great trouble. Smith ran only three times for 26 yards. Banaszak ran nine times for 23. Bob Biletnikoff, younger brother of FSU's Fred, was Miami's top gainer, getting 38 yards in 12 runs.

Miami completed only five passes in 19 tries. Biletnikoff one of five and Rick Swan four of 15. Winfield Bailey came up with FSU's lone interception in the last seconds of the game.

Sophomore fullback Lee Narramore topped FSU's running game, with 56 yards in 10 carries.

Defensively, FSU's linebacking pair of Bill McDowell and Dick Hermann were superb. A pressbox accounting credited McDowell with 10 tackles, Hermann with eight. George D'Allesandro, Max Wettstein and Maury Bibent were other big defensive names for the Seminoles. Miami had big performances from guard Bruce Brinkos, guard Tony Saladino, back Mike Ratesie, ends Ed Weisacosky and Fred Brown.

Miami sprung the "I" formation on the Seminoles, who had prepared for it, just in case, and no harm was done.

In the beginning, FSU kicked off to Miami after winning the toss, the idea being that the team that figures unusually fired-up is apt to make some quick mistakes on offense.

The strategy paid off, but not without some trepidations.

FSU was penalized 20 yards in the first two minutes. Coupled with short-gainers by Barth and Smith, Miami soon had a first down at FSU's 40.

But Banaszak fumbled when hard hit and Max Wettstein recovered for the Seminoles at the 39.

Quarterback Swan soundly "chewed out" Banaszak in view of the crowd.

Promptly, Tensi lofted a long, long pass that Biletnikoff tucked in for a 49-yard gain to the Miami 12.

But the Seminoles then got a penalty for illegal procedure, after which Spooner fumbled, with Fred Brown covering the rolling ball for Miami back at the 25.

Smith got loose on a wide run for 10. Then Swan, on a keeper, broke through, only to fumble, with Winfred Bailey recovering for FSU on the Miami 48. The Seminoles got taxed 15 yards, however, for a foul after the whistle and found themselves starting anew at their own 37.

FSU got to midfield on Spooner's running but was obliged to get off the first punt of the game. Pritchett's punt was a mere 8-yarder, out of bounds on the 33.

Another 15-yard penalty, after an 8-yard Bob Biletnikoff run, helped Miami to the FSU 46. That was about it, however, and Miami punted.

FSU started at its 21 and drove 79 yards to a payoff in eight plays.

Narramore picked up seven, Spooner three. Tensi passed to Donnie Floyd for 15, to the 46. Spooner banged for six. Tensi hit Biletnikoff, who got loose for 26 yards to the 22. Narramore ripped off five, then two.

Thereupon, Tensi found Biletnikoff again, and he ripped away from a would-be tackler to score on a 15-yard play. Murdock added a point for 7-0. A bit over two minutes remained in the quarter.

After a Miami punt, FSU came tearing downfield again. Tensi passed 11 yards to Floyd, 13 yards to Red Dawson at the Miami 38. Came a penalty and FSU was back at the 50.

Narramore struck up the mmiddle for a whopping 20 to the 30. There Miami called a halt. On fourth-and-one at the 30, FSU tried a field goal. Les Murdock's boot was wide.

They swapped punts. FSU continued to draw penalties, was soon back on its 11, from where Pritchett kicked out nicely to the Miami 47.

Finally, Miami went to the air. On third down Bill McDowell raced in to dump Swan for a 7-yard loss on the 43. Miami kicked.

And with five minutes left in the half, FSU moved out from its 27, with Pritchett quarterbacking.

A pass to John Wachtel got seven. Joe Petko picked up three and a foul put the Tribe at Miami's 48. Then Pritchett connected three straight times to Biletnikoff, for 11 yards, for 16, for eight, down to the 13. Pritchett changed pace, passed to Dawson for a first down at the seven.

End Ed Weisacosky whipped through on the next play, though, and decked Pritchett for a 7-yard loss at the 14.

Pritchett got swarmed again, was dropped for minus two, to the 16.

In came Tensi on third down, and he immediately shot one to Biletnikoff in the end zone for a touchdown.

Murdock's point-after brought it to 14-0 with 46 seconds to go in the half.

On the last play before intermission Barth gave Miami fans a brief moment of excitement, streaking 22 yards to midfield on a short Biletnikoff pass. Jack Shinholser stopped him.

At intermission FSU led in first downs, 11 to 4, in passing, 192 yards to 77. FSU had completed 13 of 15 passes. Tensi hit eight of nine, Biletnikoff had caught seven for 142. The Seminoles also had 81 yards in penalties.

It was more penalties, coupled with determined defense on both sides, deep into the third quarter.

Then Miami got going. In a third-and-one situation at the Miami 29, Swan brightly passed to Jack Sims for 15 yards. Whereupon FSU got penalized 15 yards, vaulting Miami to the Seminoles' 42. Sims made a slick catch of a Swan throw at the 30. But more Swan passes failed; once he was decked for minus seven, back to the 37.

Miami punted to the 14 as it suddenly started to rain.

Narramore fumbled and Fred Brown provided Miami with a big chance on a recovery at the 11.

Banaszak dashed wide, got three. Sims pounded for four, then one, to the three. Fourth down, and Swan on a quarterback sneak got only a yard.

The Seminoles took over, and Narramore rammed the middle for 13.

Miami then forced a punt, and the Hurricanes opened from the Seminoles 46 as the fourth quarter opened.

Biletnikoff, on a keeper, zipped 22 yards to FSU's 24. Three plays later he passed to Tom Coughlin, who made a fine diving grab for a first down on the 14.

George D'Allesandro's dumping of Fred Cassidy for a 3-yard loss and Maury Bibent's quick tackle of Sims, forcing a miss of a fourth-down pass, were key plays in a successful stand by the Seminoles.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   7- 0  Fred Biletnikoff, 15, pass from Steve Tensi (Les Murdock, kick), 2:03 
2nd   7- 0  Les Murdock, 46, field goal failed
     14- 0  Fred Biletnikoff, 16, pass from Steve Tensi (Les Murdock, kick), 0:46 

FSU OPP First downs 19 11 Rushes-yards 37-117 37-101 Passing 226 79 Att-Comp-Int 21-16-0 20-6-1 Total Yards 58-343 57-180 Punt Returns 2-16 3-13 Kickoff Returns 0-0 4-82 Interception Ret. 1-25 0-0 Fumble Returns 2-0 2-0 Punts 6-28.0 7-39.6 Fumbles-Lost 3-2 3-2 Penalties-Yds 11-131 7-59 Attendance 51,605 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Lee Narramore 10- 56 Phil Spooner 15- 33 Joe Petko 6- 25 Ed Pritchett 6- 3 Receiving Fred Biletnikoff 9- 165 Don Floyd 3- 37 Bill "Red" Dawson 2- 17 John Wachtel 1- 7 Phil Spooner 1- 0 Passing Steve Tensi 12- 9-0-154 Ed Pritchett 9- 7-0- 72 Punt Return Phil Spooner 1- 9 Winfred Bailey 1- 7 Punting Ed Pritchett 6- 168 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bill McDowell 11 5 16 . . . . . . 1 . . Dick Hermann 8 6 14 . . . . . . 1 . . George D'Allesandro 7 4 11 . . . . . . . . . Howard Ehler 2 8 10 . . . . . . . . . Jack Shinholser 1 9 10 . . . . . . . . . Max Wettstein 5 4 9 . . . . . 1- 0 . . . Winfred Bailey 6 2 8 . . 1- 25 . . 1- 0 . . . Frank Pennie 4 3 7 . . . . . . . . . Maury Bibent 3 4 7 . . . . . . . . . Avery Sumner 3 4 7 . . . . . . . . . Jim Massey 4 2 6 . . . . . . . . . Jack Edwards 1 1 2 . . . . . . . . . Howard Lurie . 2 2 . . . . . . . . . Pat Conway 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Joe Parrish . 1 1 . . . . . . . . . Les Murdock . 1 1 . . . . . . . . .


09/26/1964, FORT WORTH, TX

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, September 27, 1964, page 1, by Bill McGrotha.

FORT WORTH, TX - Slashing, alert work by Bill McDowell keyed a vigorous defensive effort that lifted Florida State to a 10-0 victory over Texas Christian here Saturday night.

A junior linebacker from Tallahassee, McDowell, among other things, recovered two fumbles and blocked a field goal attempt that could have brought TCU a 3-3 tie.

The Seminoles muffed many an offensive opportunity on this warm, fair night but took a 3-0 lead in the first quarter and nursed it until they finally got a touchdown with 9:38 left in the game.

Phil Spooner scored from six yards out, capping a 63-yard drive that followed McDowell's blocking of the field-goal attempt.

TCU was in easy range for a 3-pointer after penetrating to FSU's 16.

Les Murdock booted FSU's field goal from the 23, on the heels of a 66-yard push.


Steve Tensi's passes figured significantly in both FSU payoff drives. But his favorite target, Fred Biletnikoff, doing decoy duty much of the night, caught only two.

A crowd of 18,167 saw FSU stopped at the one-yard line on its first offensive venture of the night. An interception, a fumble and a penalty blunted other FSU bids before halftime.

Tensi hit 10 of 18 passes for 121 yards.

TCU's vaunted runner, Jim Fauver, ripped off 93 yards in 19 carries. Fullback Lee Narramore was again FSU's top gainer on the ground, getting 58 yards on 15 runs.

At the beginning, Florida State led with its defense, choosing to kick off after winning the toss.

On TCU's second offensive play, an illegal receiver was caught downfield and the Frogs were penalized back to their 12. Promptly, Fauver went back to punt on second down. It was a 35-yarder, and FSU had a start at the TCU 48.

Tensi fumbled, covered the ball, but TCU was caught holding and FSU was at the 35 after the penalty.

Phil Spooner picked up three and Lee Narramore swept outside tackle for nine to the 23. Two plays later Tensi shot a toss to John Wachtel for a first down at the 8.

Narramore smashed for three. Tensi passed to Narramore at the two. Then Narramore ripped to the 1-foot line.

On fourth down Narramore hit the right side, found no room at all. TCU took over.

Fauver punted to the TCU 33.

Tensi threw a sideline pass towards Red Dawson, and TCU's Russell Stout intercepted the deflected ball.

Three plays and Fauver punted again, to the FSU 33.

Tensi's 19-yard pass to Spooner carried the Tribe to TCU's 47. Soon Tensi hit Dawson with a 13-yarder. Then Narramore raced for eight to the 26. Tensi threw to Donnie Floyd at the 19. Spooner got two. But two passes failed.

On fourth down Murdock kicked a field goal from the 23, but it was nullified by offsetting penalties, so Murdock again booted from the 23. It stayed good this time and FSU led 3-0.

TCU went into the second quarter without a first down. FSU got backed up to its 18 after a punt and a clipping penalty. With a Tensi-Narramore pass collaboration gaining 10, FSU pulled up as far as its 36 but had to punt.

Then TCU's Bobby Sanders fumbled and Dick Hermann recovered for FSU at the Frogs' 34.

Narramore, on three straight runs, got five, four and six more. Narramore's running got FSU to the 16. Tensi, trying to pass, lost the ball when hemmed up. An alert Del Williams pushed a TCU man aside to recover for FSU way back on the 33.

On fourth down, Murdock came in for a long field-goal try. TCU's Porter Williams blocked it. Dan Jones picked up the rolling ball, tried to find running room, got nailed on the 18.

Larry Bulaich's 10-yard run gave TCU a first down finally. But, on third down, Howard retreated to pass, got clobbered by three Seminoles, lost 15 yards, fumbled and FSU's Bill McDowell recovered at the 18.

Ed Pritchett came in at quarterback, ran twice, to the 11. But FSU drew a clipping penalty and was set back to the 36. Tensi came in, threw to Biletnikoff, who caught his first one, for seven yards.

On fourth down FSU faked a field goal, with Pritchett, down to hold, running wide and throwing to Narramore. But he was short of a first down at the 15. TCU took over.

A tricky pass, Howard to Fauver back to Howard, thence to Charles Campbell caught FSU napping on a play that carried 45 yards. But TCU was caught holding and the beauty was nullified.

With time running out, Fauver moved TCU out of the hole with a pair of fine runs to the 27 then Howard passed to Bobby Batton at the TCU 43. Fauver pounded to the FSU 46, but TCU stalled there as intermission came.

FSU, at the halfway stage, led in total yardage, 132 to 68 with 86 passing on eight completions in 12 attempts.

TCU came out running after taking the second-half kickoff, with Fauver pounding for six, eight and seven yards up to the TCU 41. But on third down Fauver met Jack Shinholser, who threw him for a yard loss, and the Frogs had to punt.

Fauver's punt was a mere 22-yarder to FSU's 38, but the Seminoles made no capital of it. Pritchett replied with a 43-yard kick, and here came TCU, whipping from its 28.

Third-and-one at the the 43, and Howard faked his fullback into the middle, then threw to Sanders for the first down at the 41. Fauver got four and Howard swept wide to the FSU 48.

A delay of game penalty confronted TCU with third-and-10 at the FSU 47. Howard threw and Howard Ehler intercepted at the 31, returned to the 40.

An illegal-procedure penalty soon set the Tribe back to the 38. But Pritchett was roughed while punting on fourth down, and FSU suddenly had new life at the TCU 48 after the penalty.

But Tensi passes were missing. Pritchett punted again, and it was a poor one, out of bounds at the TCU 36.

Fauver's running led to the 47 then Fauver threw a pass, aimed at Sanders, and pass interference by Ehler was called at the FSU 33.

Then Fauver slashed up the middle for 10 to the 23. Fauver added four more to the 19, then got decked for a loss of three by Wayne McDuffie on the last play of the third quarter.

There was trouble with the scoreboard clock and some delay at this point.

Fauver smashed to the 16. Not enough for the first down. Bruce Alford entered to try for a fourth-down field goal. In ripped McDowell to block it, and FSU got the ball at the 27.

Tensi's third-down pass to Biletnikoff for 13 yards lifted FSU to its 48. Larry Green got two, and Tensi hit Red Dawson, gain of 22 to the 28.

Joe Petko found a hole for seven yards. Tensi passed to Floyd for 14 yards and a first down at the seven.

Petko got one. Then Spooner got some room and ran off right guard for a touchdown. Murdock added a point for 10-0 with 9:38 left.

TCU worked a 15-yard pass that got it up to its 35. Then Howard, trying to hand off to Fauver, fumbled and George D'Allesandro covered it for FSU at the Frogs' 34.

Maury Bibent, a defensive back, pounded for nine to the 25, but Tensi dropped the ball, lost five as he recovered the fumble. On fourth down Murdock went in for another long field-goal attempt. No good.

TCU handed the ball back, however, on another Howard fumble. McDowell was there to claim it for FSU. But FSU was a yard short of a first down after four runs and yielded the ball at the 12.

The Frogs threw three passes. All incomplete. Fauver punted and FSU had a crack, this time at the 50 with 3:30 to play.

FSU stalled, stayed on the ground, finally punted back with a bit over a minute remaining. TCU threw three more incomplete passes, punted again. FSU happily ran out the clock.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   3- 0  Les Murdock, 33, field goal, 2:20 
2nd   3- 0  Les Murdock, 50, field goal blocked, 7:03 
4th   3- 0  Opp, 33, field goal blocked by Bill McDowell
     10- 0  Phil Spooner, 6, run (Les Murdock, kick), 9:38 
     10- 0  Les Murdock, 46, field goal failed, 6:33 

FSU OPP First downs 10 11 Rushes-yards 40- 91 37-112 Passing 135 50 Att-Comp-Int 21-11-1 14-5-1 Total Yards 61-226 51-162 Punt Returns 4-32 2-7 Kickoff Returns 0-0 3-52 Interception Ret. 1-9 1-0 Fumble Returns 4-0 0-0 Punts 4-25.5 7-36.3 Fumbles-Lost 3-0 4-4 Penalties-Yds 7-77 6-55 Attendance 18,167 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Lee Narramore 15- 47 Phil Spooner 9- 25 Larry Green 4- 13 Maury Bibent 2- 10 Joe Petko 5- 8 Ed Pritchett 2- 7 Tony Gero 1- 2 Steve Tensi 2- -21 Receiving Bill "Red" Dawson 2- 35 Lee Narramore 3- 27 Don Floyd 2- 21 Fred Biletnikoff 2- 20 Phil Spooner 1- 19 John Wachtel 1- 13 Passing Steve Tensi 18-10-1-121 Ed Pritchett 3- 1-0- 14 Punt Return Bill McDowell 1- 21 Fred Biletnikoff 1- 6 Phil Spooner 1- 4 Maury Bibent 1- 1 Punting Ed Pritchett 4- 102 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dick Hermann 10 6 16 . . . . . 1- 0 . . . Maury Bibent 6 6 12 . . . . . . . . . Howard Ehler 2 7 9 . . 1- 9 . . . . . . George D'Allesandro 5 4 9 . . . . . 1- 0 . . . Avery Sumner 6 3 9 . . . . . . . . . Bill McDowell 4 4 8 . . . . . 2- 0 . 1 . Jack Shinholser 4 4 8 . . . . . . . . . Frank Pennie 2 6 8 . . . . . . . . . Jim Massey 3 3 6 . . . . . . . . . Wayne McDuffie 3 3 6 . . . . . . . . . Don Floyd 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Howard Lurie . 1 1 . . . . . . . . .


10/03/1964, TALLAHASSEE, FL

From the Tallahassee Democrat, October 4, 1964, page 1, by Bill McGrotha.

TALLAHASSEE, FL - Florida State stood proudly, if apprehensively, this morning as the only unbeaten, untied, unscored upon major college football team in America.

Saturday night the Seminoles cut out a 36-0 victory over New Mexico State, an aroused bunch that made things fairly interesting on a rain-soaked field.

Next Saturday afternoon, in a homecoming game here, FSU faces unbeaten Kentucky, conqueror of Ole Miss and Auburn.

Texas and Auburn both got scored upon yesterday, leaving FSU with the only absolutely untarnished record in the land.

Rain that fell most of the day and intermittently during the game didn't stop a growing band of FSU faithful. The biggest crowd ever to see a football game in Tallahassee - something over 25,000 - whooped it up, often impatiently, in expanded Campbell Stadium.

Scoring in every quarter and punting only once, FSU still had its difficulties constructing a 16-0 halftime lead.

It was the familiar passing combination of Steve Tensi-to-Fred Biletnikoff that served as the FSU icebreaker in this one.

Tensi, in for only one series in the second half, passed for the first two touchdowns. Biletnikoff caught one for an eight-yard payoff. Don Floyd grabbed the other, a 37-yard production.

But at the start FSU had called on the kicking toe of Les Murdock for a 33-yard field goal.

FSU, after probing stubbornly and with frequent futility early in the game at New Mexico State's middle, got its running game going, too, with halfbacks Phil Spooner and Larry Green slipping through and around.

Last-half touchdowns came on Spooner's one-yard crack, Ed Pritchett's one-yarder, and Green's 7-yard dash.

New Mexico State was not totally inoffensive.

The Aggies managed forays to FSU's 17, 37 and 19, the latter after a fumble recovery.

New Mexico State had a big contribution from punter George McAndrews, a Homestead, Fl boy who had previously averaged 29 yards per kick. This night McAndrews averaged 38.7.

FSU rolled up 468 yards, including 206 via passes on 14 completions in 22 attempts.

Spooner got 86 yards in 15 runs, Green 68 in 17, Wayne Giardino 58 in 10, and Pritchett - who had one 43-yarder - 51 in eight.

Tensi hit seven of 10 passes for 131 yards. Pritchett three of five for 43. Tony Gero four of six for 32. Biletnikoff caught four for 60 yards.

In the beginning, New Mexico State elected to see what it could do with the football after winning the coin toss.

Following the kickoff, the Aggies came out at their 20 with two quarterbacks. One was Art Garcia, behind center; the other Rick Norman, playing deep. Garcia danced aside and the center snapped direct to Norman, who passed.

Norman's first was incomplete, and his second - a long, long one - was swiped by FSU's Winfred Bailey at the Seminoles' 35. Bailey wheeled it back to the Aggies' 45.

Initially, New Mexico State was equally interesting on defense. All the Seminoles got out of their first offensive venture was a fluke pass completion after two downs lost two yards. A Tensi pass was over Don Floyd's head, but it was tipped into the hands of Spooner at the 28.

Then Tommy Feezel intercepted a Tensi pass at the 15.

The Aggies wheeled as far as the 36, met trouble there, punted, got penalized, punted again, and FSU started anew from the New Mexico 46.

With Spooner twisting loose for a neat 18-yard gain after apparently being stopped, the Seminoles drove swiftly to the seven, led by more Spooner running. There the Aggies withstood three whacks at their midsection and Les Murdock entered to kick a field goal from the 13 for a 3-0 lead.

Soon FSU had another shot when fullback Joe Johnson, carrying for the first time, fumbled, with Dick Hermann recovering for the Tribe at the Aggies' 37.

Spooner ripped for five, Tensi passed to Biletnikoff for 14, Narramore dug for three, Tensi threw to Spooner for seven, then Tensi tossed to Biletnikoff eight yards for the touchdown.

Early in the second quarter, Biletnikoff streaked on a weaving beauty of a punt return, 38 yards to the Aggies' 45. There Will Hudgins - the last man - got him.

Ed Pritchett passed to Larry Green for 20 at the seven. Two runs lost four yards. Pritchett hit Biletnikoff at the two, but on fourth down Pritchett overshot Biletnikoff and the visitors took over.

Jim Bohl bolted through for 11 yards and a foul got the Aggies 15 more. Then suddenly, after a loss of three, Norman faded, threw as three defenders closed in on him. Halfback Hartwell Menafee tucked in the short pass and sped away down the sidelines, 53 yards to FSU's 22. Last man Jim Massey nailed him there.

FSU made a stand at the 17, and on fourth down Garcia entered for a field goal try. Bill McDowell blocked it.

The Seminoles started at their seven and swiftly negotiated the 93 yards. Wayne Giardino, on a draw, got loose for 25. Tensi passed to Biletnikoff for 23 at the Aggies' 47. Green knocked off 10. Then Tensi passed to Floyd for a TD on a 37-yard play. Racked by Hudgins on the play, Tensi was slow getting up but was all right.

Murdock missed the point try, leaving it 16-0.

Bohl fumbled the kickoff, with McDowell claiming the ball for FSU at the Aggies' 25. Green swept to the nine, but that was it. On a fourth-down sweep for a run-pass Pritchett lost 11, back to the 27.

Just before intermission George McAndrews booted a forty yard punt for the Aggies.

After 2 1/2 games, FSU received its first kickoff of the season at the start of the second half. No opportunity had come because no foe had scored on the Seminoles, and FSU had elected to kick itself at the start of each previous game.

Three successive runs by Spooner gained 19 yards, from FSU's 33 to the Aggies' 48. Then on a smooth fake draw, Tensi delivered a swing pass to Spooner who cut out 19 yards. A foul placed FSU at the 14. Giardino whacked for six, Spooner for seven to the one. Then Spooner crashed over six points and a 22-0 lead as Murdock again missed a point kick.

Backed to their 15 by a pair of penalties the Seminoles were obliged to get off their first punt. The visitors had field position at their 48.

The Aggies probed to FSU's 36, then McAndrews punted out to the eight. Two plays, and Green fumbled. Willie Adams recovered for the Aggies at the 19.

Two penalties helped stifle that bid and FSU eventually took over at its 27.

Green struck out seven, Giardino for eight. Then, on the last play of the quarter, Pritchett went wide, cut back and raced 43 yards to the 15, where Hampton caught him by a foot.

Green got three. Pritchett swept for seven more. Green made it a first down on the one. Pritchett pushed over from there. Murdock's toe made it 29-0.

With third-string quarterback Tony Gero in and the crowd chanting "we want a touchdown," FSU drove to the 29, were time ran out. Gero hit on four of six passes - all to John Wachtel - in a 42-yard movement.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   3- 0  Les Murdock, 23, field goal, 4:26 
     10- 0  Fred Biletnikoff, 8, pass from Steve Tensi (Les Murdock, kick), 1:22 
2nd  10- 0  Opp, 34, field goal blocked by Bill McDowell, 7:43 
     16- 0  Don Floyd, 37, pass from Steve Tensi (Les Murdock, kick failed), 4:38 
3rd  22- 0  Phil Spooner, 1, run (Les Murdock, kick failed), 10:58
4th  29- 0  Ed Pritchett, 1, run (Les Murdock, kick), 13:21
     36- 0  Larry Green, 7, run (Les Murdock, kick), 6:42 

FSU OPP First downs 21 6 Rushes-yards 56-260 24- 63 Passing 199 111 Att-Comp-Int 21-14-1 20-8-1 Total Yards 77-459 44-174 Punt Returns 2-45 0-0 Kickoff Returns 1-19 6-121 Interception Ret. 1-15 1-0 Fumble Returns 2-0 1-0 Punts 1-37.0 7-43.7 Fumbles-Lost 2-1 2-2 Penalties-Yds 4-50 8-83 Attendance 25,352 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Larry Green 20- 86 Phil Spooner 12- 66 Wayne Giardino 10- 56 Ed Pritchett 9- 44 Lee Narramore 5- 8 Receiving Fred Biletnikoff 4- 54 Phil Spooner 3- 42 Don Floyd 1- 37 John Wachtel 4- 35 Larry Green 1- 20 Elton Revell 1- 11 Don Floyd 0- 0 Passing Steve Tensi 10- 7-1-124 Ed Pritchett 5- 3-0- 40 Tony Gero 6- 4-0- 35 Punt Return Fred Biletnikoff 2- 45 Kickoff Return Ed Pritchett 1- 19 Punting Ed Pritchett 1- 37 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Winfred Bailey . . . . . 1- 15 . . . . . . Dick Hermann . . . . . . . . 1- 0 . . . Bill McDowell . . . . . . . . 1- 0 1 1 .


10/10/1964, TALLAHASSEE, FL

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, October 11, 1964, page 1, by Bill McGrotha.

TALLAHASSEE, FL - Stop the world!...FSU wants it to catch up!

The proud Seminoles made Homecoming confetti out of Kentucky's press clippings here Saturday afternoon. They turned the Wildcats every way but loose and won by the unbelievable score of 48-6.

It was a rout from the start. FSU scored the first two times it got the football, led 21-0 by the end of the first quarter.

Steve Tensi, the 6-5 quarterback, took Kentucky apart early with his passes. The crusher was a 53-yard collaboration with brilliant flanker back Fred Biletnikoff, bringing a 14-0 lead with the game less than eight minutes old.

Tensi threw for three touchdowns, and Biletnikoff was on the catching end of two.


Kentucky, conqueror of Ole Miss and Auburn, had gone into this one ranked No. 5 in the country. FSU was unranked and unscored upon.

The lone blight on this sunny afternoon came with 29 seconds left when Kentucky scored after recovering a fumbled punt at the FSU two. Frank Antonini crashed in from one yard out.

Rodger Bird, the celebrated Kentucky halfback, must have felt a bit like General Custer, with Indians swarming all over him from the start. Shaken up early in the third quarter, he left the scene of the massacre and did not return. At halftime it was 27-0.


A crowd of 34,248 whooped it up long and loud. Before the game many in their ranks were sporting buttons, distributed by the Tallahassee Jaycees. They read simply: FSU NO. 1.

FSU's seven touchdowns came in this sequence:
   (1) Tensi's 2-yard pass to Lee Narramore after a 52-yard drive.
   (2) Tensi's 53-yarder to Biletnikoff.
   (3) Phil Spooner's 1-yard run after a fumble recovery at the Kentucky 13.
   (4) Spooner's 1-yarder that climaxed a 66-yard push.
   (5) Tensi's 7-yard toss to Biletnikoff on the heels of a 47-yard drive.
   (6) Wayne Giardino's 1-yard sweep following a 23-yard movement.
   (7) Ed Pritchett's run from the three after a 39-yard drive.

In the second quarter Kentucky managed first downs at FSU's 18 and two. Passes failed the first time. A fumble stopped the latter bid. After that, school was out.

Florida State now stands 4-0, matching the most victories it has attained in any season since '58, with Georgia coming up in Athens next week.

Two Orange Bowl committeemen were here. They may not have seen what they came here to see, but they got an eyeful.

Bird finished with 57 yards in nine carries. Spooner ground out 64 in 13, Larry Green 39 in four.

Tensi completed five of nine throws for 122 yards, Pritchett three of four for 43. Kentucky's Rick Norton threw 26 times, hit 10. The Wildcats put the ball in the air a whopping 33 times, all told, completed just 11. Two were intercepted.

Biletnikoff ended with four receptions for 104 yards. He now has 19 catches for the season plus four touchdowns. Tensi has passed for seven TDs.

Rick Kestner, lineman of the week after three scoring catches against Ole Miss, grabbed five despite a hand injury that he nursed going into the game. He said the bruised hand didn't bother him.

Notable was the punting of Pritchett. Averaging less than 30 yards per kick going in, he booted six for a 45.8 average in this one.

FSU piled up 21 first downs, 187 yards on the ground, a total of 352 yards rushing and passing. Kentucky's vaunted running attack managed only 24 yards and three first downs - the Wildcats got eight more first downs via passes.

In the beginning FSU elected to lead with its "Seven Magnificents," winning the toss and choosing to go on defense.

Kentucky - starting on its 25 after Bird's kickoff runback from the end zone - came out throwing. Bird tossed one on the run. Incomplete. A run, another incomplete pass, and Kentucky had to punt.

It was a poor kick, 23 yards out of bounds on the FSU 48. FSU negotiated the distance in 11 plays.

On third down at Kentucky's 46, Tensi worked the ancient "Statue of Liberty" play. Green circled around the left side of the play for 14 big yards, to the 32.

After Narramore bucked for two, Tensi passed to Don Floyd for 16 at the 16. Narramore got two more, then caught a pass from Tensi for 10 at the four.

Narramore got nothing on a whack. Spooner picked up two on a dive. Tensi overshot Biletnikoff in a corner of the end zone.

Fourth down and FSU ignored a try for a field goal. Tensi coolly shot a pass to Narramore, right over the middle, for six points. Murdock kicked the point for 7-0.

Kentucky marched to its 38 after the kickoff, inches short of a first down, got penalized for motion in the backfield, finally punted. FSU took the ball on its 32 got up to the 47 immediately on a personal-foul call.

Tensi did not fool around. He threw a long one. Biletnikoff got behind Mike McGraw, took the ball in on the seven and cruised in untouched for the touchdown. After Murdock's kick FSU led 14-0 with the quarter less than eight minutes old.

Kentucky cut out its initial first down, on an 11-yard pass from Norton to Kestner, at its 43. More passes missed. Bird punted to FSU's 20.

FSU got stopped at its 23. Pritchett punted. It was a 64-yarder and FSU's ball at the end of it.

What happened was the ball plopped in front of Bird around the Kentucky 40 and as it bounced past him Bird took a swipe at it, touched it, then let it roll. George D'Allesandro covered it for FSU at the 13.

Spooner whammed up the middle for nine to the four. Narramore smashed to within inches of the goal. Three whacks from there did it, with Spooner going over for six. Murdock's kick made it 21-0 with 1:13 left in the quarter.

On the last play of the quarter Kentucky showed its first sign of real offensive life. Bird went wide and zipped 34 yards to FSU's 44.

Norton passes to Kestner, for 16, to Bird, for three, to Tom Becherer for 12, got Kentucky to the 19. Bird dug to the 18, and that was all. Three passes missed, with the last one, labeled touchdown, slipping through Becherer hands at the goal.

FSU worked up to the 31. On third down, Tensi threw to Floyd, who tipped it. JD Smith intercepted, raced to the Seminoles' 21, where Narramore latched onto him.

A pass-interference call against Maury Bibent, as Kestner went for the ball, brought Kentucky a first down at the 12. Bird, in two runs, got to the three with the help of a personal-foul penalty. Bird then ran for a first down at the two.

Then Bird went again. Bill McDowell hit him, produced a fumble that Avery Sumner claimed for the Seminoles at the two.

On fourth down at the five, Pritchett punted up to the Seminoles' 45, with Bibent bringing down Kestner as he tried to find room wide.

Norton lost three. A pass failed. Norton faded again, got pressed by Dick Hermann, lost 15 back to the Kentucky 38. Bird punted and FSU started anew at its 34.

Spooner slipped through for 19 yards to the Wildcats' 48. FSU lost five on a motion penalty. But never mind. Here came Green, running wide, cutting back, dancing 22 yards to the 22.

Then Spooner took off around the other side, got to the seven, where he fumbled when hit. Biletnikoff was right there to cover the ball for the Tribe at the two with 2:16 left in the half.

Narramore got one. Then Spooner slanted off left tackle, scored. Murdock missed the point, leaving it 27-0.

Norton's 21-yard pass to Larry Seiple lifted Kentucky to its 48. A 16-yard toss to Dan Spanish carried to FSU's 36. Again Norton threw - last play of the half - and Winfield Bailey intercepted with a leap in front of Seiple at the four.

At this happy halfway stage FSU had outrushed Kentucky 113 yards to 61, outpassed Kentucky, 86 to 81, on six completions in 10 tries versus Kentucky's six hits in 17 throws. Spooner had accounted for 60 yards in 10 carries.

Kentucky came out of the dressing room, vigorously knocked off two first downs in two plays, on McGraw's 10-yard run and Kestner's 12-yard catch. That was as far as the Wildcats got. They punted to FSU's 34.

Pritchett soon replied with an FSU boot that trickled inches over the goal, and Kentucky started at its 20. The Wildcats' got nothing, and Seiple punted poorly, 27 yards to the Kentucky 47. It took six plays for a touchdown.

On the draw, Narramore struck off 11 to the 36. Tensi passed to Biletnikoff for 12 more. Spooner slipped off left guard for eight to the 16. Tensi hit Floyd with a throw at the seven. Then Tensi threw over the middle to Biletnikoff for the payoff. Murdock made it 34-0.

Another kicking exchange. Then Pritchett boomed one 56 yards to the five. On third down, Kentucky was back on the two and Seiple punted out - a short one that gave FSU a start at the Kentucky 26.

With the second offensive unit now operating, Pritchett ran for three, passed to Elton Revell for 10 at the 13. On the last play of the quarter Giardino ran wide for 10 to the three.

Pritchett sneaked to the one. After two futile whacks, Giardino slipped wide for the TD. Murdock's point brought it to 41-0 with 13:14 left.

Soon Kentucky was back on its 30 after an FSU punt. Then it was back on its 20 after Terry Garvin dumped Norton for a loss of 10. Then it was back on its three after David Pitts struck Norton for a loss of 17. Kentucky judiciously punted.

It was a whopping 62-yarder by Seiple, and a 27-yard return by Billy Campbell to the Kentucky 39. Two plays did it from there.

Pritchett passed to Biletnikoff at the three. From there Pritchett ran it over, Murdock kicked for 48-0.

On Kentucky's second offensive play after that, Donovan Jones intercepted Norton's deep pass at the FSU 32.

With 1:08 left, Kentucky got a break. Seiple's punt was fumbled by Pat Conway, with Terry Clark recovering for Kentucky at the FSU two.

One run gained nothing. Then Antonini scored off the right side with 29 seconds left. A pass try for two points failed.

The crowd got quiet then. And it went home mumbling to itself about Kentucky's luck in breaking the shutout spell of the "Seven Magnificents."

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   7- 0  Lee Narramore, 2, pass from Steve Tensi (Les Murdock, kick), 9:15 
     14- 0  Fred Biletnikoff, 53, pass from Steve Tensi (Les Murdock, kick), 7:35 
     21- 0  Phil Spooner, 2, run (Les Murdock, kick), 1:13 
2nd  27- 0  Phil Spooner, 2, run (Les Murdock, kick failed), 1:35 
3rd  34- 0  Fred Biletnikoff, 8, pass from Steve Tensi (Les Murdock, kick), 6:18 
3rd  34- 0  41- 0  Wayne Giardino, 3, run (Les Murdock, kick), 13:14
4th  48- 0  Ed Pritchett, 6, run (Les Murdock, kick), 5:31 
     48- 6  Opp, 2, run (pass failed), 0:29 

FSU OPP First downs 21 11 Rushes-yards 42-187 25- 24 Passing 165 123 Att-Comp-Int 19-13-1 33-11-2 Total Yards 61-352 58-147 Punt Returns 6-48 2-9 Kickoff Returns 1-20 8-186 Interception Ret. 2-2 1-18 Fumble Returns 2-0 0-0 Punts 6-45.8 11-37.9 Fumbles-Lost 1-0 4-2 Penalties-Yds 6-41 5-31 Attendance 34,248 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Phil Spooner 13- 64 Larry Green 4- 39 Ed Pritchett 9- 33 Lee Narramore 9- 30 Wayne Giardino 6- 20 Steve Tensi 1- 1 Receiving Fred Biletnikoff 4- 104 Don Floyd 3- 31 Lee Narramore 2- 13 Elton Revell 1- 9 Phil Spooner 2- 6 Larry Green 1- 2 Passing Steve Tensi 15-10-1-122 Ed Pritchett 4- 3-0- 43 Punt Return Bill Campbell 2- 35 Phil Spooner 2- 8 Fred Biletnikoff 1- 3 Maury Bibent 1- 2 Kickoff Return Larry Green 1- 20 Punting Ed Pritchett 6- 275 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery Sumner 7 8 15 . . . . . 1- 0 . . . Bill McDowell 5 8 13 . . . . . . 1 . . Winfred Bailey 3 7 10 . . 1- 0 . . . . . . Max Wettstein 6 3 9 . . . . . . . . . George D'Allesandro 5 2 7 . . . . . 1- 0 . . . Howard Ehler 4 3 7 . . . . . . . . . Dick Hermann 5 1 6 . . . . . . . . . Maury Bibent 4 2 6 . . . . . . . . . Howard Lurie 3 3 6 . . . . . . . . . Jim Massey 2 4 6 . . . . . . . . . Jack Shinholser 2 3 5 . . . . . . . . . Frank Pennie 2 2 4 . . . . . . . . . Joe Parrish 1 3 4 . . . . . . . . . Wayne McDuffie 2 1 3 . . . . . . . . . Terry Garvin 1 2 3 . . . . . . . . . Les Murdock 1 2 3 . . . . . . . . . Charles Pennie . 3 3 . . . . . . . . . Bill Campbell 2 . 2 . . . . . . . . . David Pitts 1 1 2 . . . . . . . . . Jay Mac Matthews . 2 2 . . . . . . . . . Pat Conway 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Bob Menendez 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Lee Narramore 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Donovan Jones . . . . . 1- 2 . . . . . .


10/17/1964, ATHENS, GA

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, October 18, 1964, page 1, by Bill McGrotha.

ATHENS, GA - Fred Biletnikoff, Steve Tensi and a rabbit's foot - or some such - brought Florida State from behind in the final seven minutes to a 17-14 football victory over aroused Georgia here Saturday afternoon.

The unbeaten Seminoles were lucky to escape with their lives...A victory under the circumstances that the aggressive Bulldogs wrought had to be like icing on the cake.

From the start it was as clear as the sunshiny weather to a Stanford Stadium crowd of 31,000 that Georgia was much more of a football team than it had any reasonable right to be.


On this afternoon the Bulldogs were really better than Florida State in most departments.

In the end it was the fantastic Biletnikoff and the amazingly accurate Tensi who saved the day. With 6:21 showing on the clock Tensi passed to his favorite target for the winning points on a 20-yard play.

Ahead 10-0 early in the second quarter, the Seminoles had their backs to the wall virtually from that point on.

Georgia marched 79 yards and scored shortly before intermission, narrowing things to 10-7, then went ahead early in the final quarter, on Fred Barber's 7-yard TD dash, after recovering an FSU fumble at the Seminoles' 23.


Give FSU massive credit for not stopping until it erased that 14-10 deficit. Tensi immediately directed a 79-yard march that was climaxed by Biletnikoff's catch.

In the payoff drive, Biletnikoff caught three big ones for 12 yards, 12 again (in a crucial 4th-and-five situation at Georgia's 44). And then for the final 20.

All told, Biletnikoff hauled in eight throws for 114 yards. Tensi threw 24 times, completed 14 for a whopping 193 yards.

FSU had gone in front 3-0 on its first turn with the football after a fumble recovery on the Tribe three averted a likely Georgia TD. The Seminoles wheeled 97 yards in quick fashion but were obliged to settle for Les Murdock's 23-yard kick for three points.


The Seminoles' got their first touchdown on Lee Narramore's 1-yard smash after claiming a fumbled punt at the Georgia 16.

In the third quarter Preston Ridlehuber raced 80 yards for what briefly appeared to be a Georgia touchdown. But Georgia was detected holding on the play and it was erased.

Quarterback Ridlehuber scored Georgia's first TD on a 4-yard smash.

In addition to the cancellation of Ridlehuber's long run, FSU had some other favorable developments.

There was Georgia's fumble at the FSU three on an opening drive...The Seminoles' recovery of another fumble to pave their first touchdown...A roughing-the-kicker penalty that extracted FSU from a big hole just before halftime.

Tallahassee's Bill McDowell gobbled up both of Georgia's fumbles.


Barber, a Bainbridge boy, led Georgia's inspired running game, picking up 46 yards in 12 runs. Bob Taylor had 35 in seven, quarterback Lynn Hughes 29 in 14 tries. Phil Spooner had 62 yards in 14 carries. He had all but 30 of FSU's ground yards in this one.

Controlling the football much of the way, Georgia knocked off 167 yards on the ground, hit on five of eight passes for 73 more. Mack Faircloth, averaging 43.5 yards on six punts was a big weapon.

Eager Georgia was strapped with 87 penalty yards, FSU with 37.


The Bulldogs moved FSU defensive linemen out of the way like few teams have in recent years. Blocking and play-calling of Georgia was no inconsiderable factor. Those 14 points put on the board were the most yielded by FSU this season, of course.

Nevertheless, Florida State now stands 5-0 with Virginia Tech coming in Blacksburg next week. The five represent the most FSU has won in any season since 1958.

At the start of this one Georgia disdainfully ignored FSU defensive credentials, chose to receive after winning the toss.

On Barber's 32-yard return of that kick to the Georgia 33, the Bulldogs had a quick head of steam.

And Georgia started whacking. On third down, Hughes passed seven yards to Porterfield for the first down at midfield.

Barber's 5-yard run spurred another first down at the 40.

Barber sped out wide for nine to the 30. On third down at the 24, Hughes passed to Pat Hodgson, who fumbled when hit at the six. The ball rolled to the three with Bill McDowell recovering for FSU.

Immediately, Spooner struck off right tackle and swept 40 yards to the 43.

Spooner got one more, then Tensi hit Donnie Floyd with a short one. He tore away from tacklers, raced to the four before a Bulldog hit him - a 50-yard play.

But Spooner found no room on a run, and Tensi no receiver on two passes.

On fourth down Murdock kicked a field goal, a 23-yarder.

Jack Shinholser's decking of Hughes for a 10-yard loss busted Georgia's next turn with the ball. After a 30-yard punt, FSU had a crack from the 50.

But on third down at the 47 Tensi's pass was stolen by Swinford with a leap just in front of Biletnikoff.

Georgia couldn't move, punted well, setting FSU back on its 30.

From there the Seminoles moved a tedious, uninterrupted and fortunate route to a touchdown after five minutes of the second quarter.

After Spooner was downed for a loss of four, two Tensi passes to Biletnikoff lifted FSU to the 40. Narramore got five, and Biletnikoff caught again for five more, to the 50.

FSU bogged about there, with Ed Pritchett punting. Georgia's Doug McFalls touched the ball and McDowell claimed it for FSU at the 16.

In two runs Spooner picked up six. Then Tensi passed to Narramore for an apparent TD, but an official ruled the fullback's knee touched the ground at the one. Narramore then smashed, leaned over the right side for the touchdown. Murdock's point kick brought it to 10-0.

Georgia then wheeled 79 aggressive yards to a touchdown.

Bob Taylor's 11-yard sweep, plus some Hughes' keeper runs lifted Georgia to midfield. Barber dug for six to FSU's 45. Georgia started alternating its top two quarterbacks on almost every play, and Ridlehuber struck off 17 yards to the 28 on the keep.

George D'Allesandro pulled Ridlehuber down for a one-yard loss, but on third down Hughes hit Porterfield with a pass for 20 to the nine. Barber got three, Taylor two to the four. Then Ridlehuber, with a blocker clearing the way, whipped off the left side for six points. Bob Etter added the point kick, narrowing things to 10-7 with 3:37 left in the half.

On the ensuing kickoff Spooner tried to handle the ball at the goal line, fumbled it, picked it up, ran out to the five before being buried by a pack of Bulldogs.

On third down at the 11, Pritchett punted 43 yards with Swinford almost getting away on the return, evading three or four Seminoles before Pritchett himself made the tackle at FSU's 44. Had Pritchett not made that tackle Swinford might have gone the route, and the play would have stood. As it was, holding was called on FSU and Georgia took the penalty.

Prichett kicked again. But roughing-the-kicker was called, and FSU had a first down at the 20. A minute and 26 seconds remained. The Seminoles judiciously ran out the clock.

At this point Georgia had the better of it in first downs, eight to seven, in rushing yardage, 90 to 59. FSU had hit six of 11 passes for 83 yards, Georgia three of five for 49.

FSU decided it would receive at the start of the third quarter, and started on its 20.

Nothing doing. Pritchett punted from the 27 and Georgia got the ball at its 35.

Taylor broke for nine, Porterfield for three, Ridlehuber for six to FSU's 48. Then Taylor tore up the middle to the 39 and Leon Armbrewster dug to the 36.

A holding assessment set Georgia back to its 49. D'Allesandro led the charge that decked Hughes for a loss of six. Georgia punted on third down, backing FSU to its 14.

A clipping penalty helped keep the Tribe in the hole. Pritchett punted from the 10, to Georgia's 49.

A Ridlehuber pass to Armbrewster struck off 19 yards to the 32 but Georgia was caught clipping and started anew from its 46. Hughes, trying to throw, lost three. Then Shinholser swarmed in on Hughes for another setback, 10 to the 33. Mack Faircloth punted, 45 yards to FSU's 22.

Tensi threw to Biletnikoff who rambled on a 32-yard play to Georgia's 46. Biletnikoff caught another for six. Narramore got two, got roughed, got 15 more yards to the 21 via the penalty. Tensi passed to Floyd at the 16.

But that was all.

Holding put FSU back to the 31. Larry Green ran for two. A pass failed. Murdock's try for a 48-yard field goal was bad.

Then Ridlehuber brought the crowd to its feet with a rollout, a cutback and an 80-yard sprint for a touchdown. Only it wasn't a TD.

Holding was called and Georgia penalized to the 10. Another assessment for illegal procedure put Georgia back to the five. Hughes ran out of the hole, with Hermann pulling him down at the 22 with a jersey grab.

Faircloth punted 58 yards to FSU's 20.

Spooner hit off the right side, fumbled. McFalls recovered for Georgia at the 23 on the last play of the quarter.

Ridlehuber got five and Hughes two. On a big third-down run Barber struck to the 11. Barber got three more. Ridlehuber picked up one, to the seven. Barber found a hole off the left side, scored. He fumbled after he crossed the goal, which didn't matter.

Etter's point made it 14-10 with 12:13 to play.

FSU started at its 21 after the kick. Narramore slashed through for six. Tensi passed to Biletnikoff for 12 at the 39.

Narramore got five more. Then Spooner, on his first pass of the year, threw to Narramore for two. Narramore then smashed to a first down at the 50.

But Green was tackled by Jerry Varnado for a loss of four.

Tensi found Red Dawson with a 9-yard throw, however, to Georgia's 44. Came fourth down and five at the 44 and the Seminoles went for it.

Tensi hit Biletnikoff on the big play, 12 yards to the 32 and a first down.

Spooner discovered a hole and lit out for 12 more, to the 20. Then Tensi threw to Biletnikoff over the middle, at the five, and he slipped into the end zone for the touchdown. Murdock's kick brought FSU back in front 17-14 with 6:21 left.

Georgia wasn't through.

Starting at the 20, the Bulldogs pounded to midfield before the Tribe stopped them.

The running of Barber, Hughes and Ridlehuber led to the Georgia 41. Three more runs got Georgia just short of a first down at FSU's 49. On fourth down Georgia was offsides as Barber made a yard that would have brought the TD. Fourth and five and Georgia went for it. Hughes' pass to Hodgson appeared good enough for a moment but Hodgson dropped the ball as Winfred Bailey hit him.

FSU took over with 2:33 to go with Pritchett in there trying to kill time. With 1:32 remaining Pritchett punted. Swinford picked up the 48-yard boot at the goal, was almost tackled for a safety, got out to the two.

Three passes missed. On fourth down Faircloth kicked up to the Bulldogs' 46. Thirty-three seconds left now. Pritchett ran out the clock.

And FSU went home quietly.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   3- 0  Les Murdock, 23, field goal, 6:52 
2nd  10- 0  Lee Narramore, 0, run (Les Murdock, kick), 10:18
     10- 7  Opp, 4, run (kick), 3:37 
3rd  10- 7  Les Murdock, 47, field goal failed
4th  10-14  Opp, 7, run (kick), 12:13
     17-14  Fred Biletnikoff, 20, pass from Steve Tensi (Les Murdock, kick), 6:21 

FSU OPP First downs 14 14 Rushes-yards 31- 92 50-169 Passing 193 73 Att-Comp-Int 25-14-1 11-5-0 Total Yards 56-285 61-242 Punt Returns 1-0 2-1 Kickoff Returns 1-5 3-72 Interception Ret. 0-0 1-0 Fumble Returns 2-0 1-0 Punts 4-39.3 6-43.5 Fumbles-Lost 2-1 3-2 Penalties-Yds 4-37 8-85 Attendance 31,000 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Phil Spooner 14- 62 Lee Narramore 9- 27 Ed Pritchett 3- 2 Steve Tensi 1- 2 Howard Ehler 1- 1 Larry Green 3- -2 Receiving Fred Biletnikoff 8- 114 Don Floyd 3- 59 Lee Narramore 2- 11 Bill "Red" Dawson 1- 9 Passing Steve Tensi 24-14-1-193 Ed Pritchett 1- 0-0- 0 Punt Return Phil Spooner 1- 0 Kickoff Return Phil Spooner 1- 5 Punting Ed Pritchett 4- 157 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bill McDowell 8 10 18 . . . . . 2- 0 . . . Dick Hermann 10 6 16 . . . . . . . . . Jim Massey 10 2 12 . . . . . . . . . Frank Pennie 6 6 12 . . . . . . . . . Avery Sumner 5 6 11 . . . . . . . . . Jack Shinholser 8 2 10 . . . . . . . . . Maury Bibent 2 7 9 . . . . . . . . . Max Wettstein 5 3 8 . . . . . . . . . George D'Allesandro 5 3 8 . . . . . . . . . Howard Ehler 4 2 6 . . . . . . . . . Winfred Bailey 3 3 6 . . . . . . . . . Jack Edwards . 1 1 . . . . . . . . .


10/24/1964, BLACKSBURG, VA

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, October 25, 1964, page 3B, by Bill McGrotha.

BLACKSBURG, VA - A witch named Bob Schweickert turned Florida State's joyride into a terrifying nightmare here Saturday.

Virginia Tech, an old nemesis, won 20-11 before 22,000 screaming Homecoming fans.

Just like last year when Tech sprung a 31-23 upset in Tallahassee, the Seminoles encountered an incredible run of frustration all afternoon.

Schweickert passed 19 yards for one touchdown and ran five yards for two more. In between he punted better than a pro.

The first touchdown, after FSU grabbed a 3-0 lead on its first turn with the football, was a crusher. Sophomore Erick Johnson was wide open on a tackle-eligible play that caught FSU with its defenses down and there was an easy payoff catch on a 19-yard play. On it Tech took a 7-3 lead in the second quarter and was never headed, cruised on to a 20-3 lead before Florida State scored its TD in the closing minutes.

Tech's first touchdown and its third were paved on interceptions of Steve Tensi tosses. Its other score was cut out on a 55-yard drive.

The fired-up Gobblers played almost errorless football.

Florida State was inside Tech's 30 no less than six times. In the last quarter Tech held inside its one-yard line, and there went FSU's last big chance for a successful rally.

The Seminoles' touchdown came on a four-yard pass from Tensi to Fred Biletnikoff, who was greater than ever catching the ball on this luckless day.

Biletnikoff pulled in 11 for 182 yards. Tensi completed 21 of 39 for 288. Florida State rushed for 133 more yards, with fullback Lee Narramore knocking off 82 on 20 carries.

Tensi has now passed for 1,002 yards this season.

Biletnikoff busted an FSU record for most pass catches in a season. He now has 38.

The Seminoles had gone into this one with a 5-0 record, ranked 10th nationally by the Associated Press.

Schweickert punted eight times for a whopping 47.4 average, netted 17 yards after surviving a rush that brought numerous losses. He completed five of 11 throws for 114 yards.

FSU drove to Tech's nine in the early minutes, with Les Murdock's booting a 26-yard field goal on fourth down. A movement to Tech's 15 was terminated by a lost fumble on FSU's second drive. Before the half Tech checked another Seminole bid at its 12.

Tech, beaten by West Virginia, Virginia and Wake Forest, now has a 3-3 chart.

For the sixth straight game the Seminoles were on defense at the start. Virginia Tech won the toss and chose to receive.

Three plays, including a statue-of-liberty effort, lost two yards. Schweickert punted 50 yards, to FSU's 27.

After a dozen plays the Seminoles went in front 3-0. Tensi completed two passes to Don Floyd totaling 17 yards. Then Tensi hit Red Dawson with a 23-yarder to Tech's 28.

Narramore got three and Tensi passed to Biletnikoff for 12 to the 13. But Narramore picked up only two in two runs. Tensi found Larry Green with a short pass for two yards. On fourth down Les Murdock's kicked a field goal from the 16.

The Gobblers lost two yards in two running efforts after the kickoff. Schweickert quick-kicked 58 yards to FSU's 10.

Narramore carried four times straight up to the 30. Phil Spooner dashed off tackle for 15 more. Dawson grabbed a Tensi pass for nine yards, and Narramore bucked the middle for nine to the Tech 37. Tensi passed to Biletnikoff at the 20 on the last play of the quarter.

Then Narramore lost the ball on a faulty exchange and Tech's John Shipley recovered the fumble at the 15.

End Tommy Marvin lugged in a short Schweickert pass and converted it into a 37-yard gainer to FSU's 48. After three plays and a delay penalty Tech was still at the 48.

Schweickert's punt rolled dead on the one but the boot was canceled and holding called on the Virginians. Biletnikoff was almost away after hauling in the second punt, but got stopped at the Tribe 31 just when he appeared to be loose.

Narramore's running pulled FSU to its 46. But Tensi's first-down pass was stolen by Tech's Ken Whitley, who wheeled 21 yards to FSU's 34 before Biletnikoff nailed him.

Utz sailed wide to the 29, and Schweickert soon ran for a first at the 19. Two passes failed, with Winfred Bailey almost intercepted one.

Then, on a tackle-eligible play, Schweickert threw to Johnson at the five. The 5-11, 190-pound sophomore was all alone and moved easily across the goal for six points. Dickie Cranwell kicked a point for a 7-3 Tech lead with 7:19 left in the half.

FSU started at its 33, and Tensi quickly threw to Biletnikoff for 29 yards to Tech's 38. Narramore pounded for five. Biletnikoff caught another, for 15 at the 18. Narramore struck off four. Two passes failed. On fourth down, FSU faked a field goal, with Ed Pritchett passing to Spooner, who slipped and fell at the 12. Tech took over.

Schweickert, dropped back on the six by Dick Hermann, punted out of the hole finally. FSU started at its 37 with 46 seconds left.

The Seminoles got penalized 15 for holding on a long, futile pass attempt. Biletnikoff, on a double reverse, got only six. Spooner, on the reverse, was stopped short, too. Floyd was stopped at midfield after a short pass from Tensi - last play of the half.

At this point, Tech had just three first downs, 18 yards rushing. FSU had outgunned the home team, 234 to 74, in total yardage. Tensi had connected on 10 of 14 throws. But that scoreboard, reading 7-3 Tech, only looked like a liar.

The Seminoles began at their 19 after a third-quarter kickoff. But soon circumstances dictated FSU's first punt of the game, and Pritchett got off a neat one, a 47-yarder to Tech's 29.

Ten-yard bursts by Schweickert and Utz propelled Tech to midfield. Three passes failed. Tech punted and a clipping penalty on the runback put the Seminoles on their 15.

A Tensi-to-Floyd pass got FSU to its 30, but no further. Pritchett's 49-yard punt set Tech back to its 26.

Schweickert's 16-yard pass to Bob Churchill paced a foray to the 50, where FSU forced a halt. Schweickert punted to the 19.

An offensive-pass-interference call scorched the Seminoles. On fourth down at the 14 Pritchett punted. Tech started at its 45 following a clipping penalty.

Schweickert swept for 13 to FSU's 43. On third down, needing six, sub quarterback Bobby Owens, went wide for the first down at the 33.

On third down, needing 11, Schweickert came back in the lineup, threw to Tommy Groom at the 19. Then Schweickert went the other way with a pass to Utz, who went to the five. Schweickert rambled wide and scored untouched. A passing try for two points by Dickie Kelly, on a fake kick failed. Tech led 13-3 with 13:30 left.

Things quickly went from bad to terrible. Tensi's second-down pass was intercepted by sophomore John Raible, who danced 30 yards to the five.

After a pass failed, Schweickert swept into the end zone for a third touchdown. Cranwell added a point kick for 20-3.

Tensi and Biletnikoff got together on a 40-yard pass play, down to Tech's 34. A short Tensi pass to Floyd, and Joe Petko's five-yard run cut out a first down at the nine. Tensi then hit Biletnikoff at the two.

Spooner bucked to the one. Then Tensi passed, intended for Floyd. No good. On fourth down Narramore tried to crack the middle. He was stopped just short. Tech took over with 8:12 to play.

FSU players thought Narramore scored on the play.

Two runs by Utz brought the ball out to the five. Then Schweickert boomed a fantastic 60-yard punt, and the Seminoles were back on their 39 after a short return.

Tensi passed to Floyd for seven. Then, on fourth-and-three, he hit Biletnikoff for 27 to the 27. The passes missed. And a fourth-down throw to Biletnikoff was off the tip of his fingers. Tech again assumed command with 5:30 to go.

George D'Allesandro dumped Schweickert for a loss of 12. A penalty knocked Tech back to the 10. Schweickert kicked out to the FSU 47.

A 19-yarder, Tensi to Biletnikoff, got FSU to Tech's 34. Biletnikoff caught for nine more to the 23, then for nine again to the 14. Tensi, finding no one open, ran to the six and Tech was penalized to the four for roughing.

On second down Tensi hit Biletnikoff in the end zone for six points with 1:24 remaining. Pritchett passed to Biletnikoff for two points, making it 20-11.

After the TD catch Biletnikoff vented some frustration by throwing the ball violently to the ground. After the 2-points catch, Biletnikoff threw the ball into the midst of the booing fans.

FSU's onside kick was futile, with Schweickert claiming the ball at Tech's 47.

Schweickert ran out the clock.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   3- 0  Les Murdock, 26, field goal, 6:29 
2nd   3- 7  Opp, 19, pass (kick), 7:19 
4th   3-13  Opp, 5, run (pass failed), 13:37
      3-20  Opp, 5, run (kick), 12:04
     11-20  Fred Biletnikoff, 4, pass from Steve Tensi (Fred Biletnikoff, pass from Ed Pritchett), 1:24 

FSU OPP First downs 18 10 Rushes-yards 32-133 40- 77 Passing 290 114 Att-Comp-Int 40-22-2 11-5-0 Total Yards 72-423 51-191 Punt Returns 3-10 2-7 Kickoff Returns 5-79 3-56 Interception Ret. 0-0 2-51 Fumble Returns 0-0 1-0 Punts 3-44.3 8-47.4 Fumbles-Lost 1-1 1-0 Penalties-Yds 4-47 10-69 Attendance 22,000 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Lee Narramore 20- 82 Steve Tensi 1- 6 Fred Biletnikoff 1- 6 Joe Petko 1- 5 Phil Spooner 8- 0 Larry Green 1- -1 Receiving Fred Biletnikoff 11- 182 Don Floyd 7- 72 Bill "Red" Dawson 2- 32 Phil Spooner 1- 2 Larry Green 1- 2 Passing Steve Tensi 39-21-2-288 Ed Pritchett 1- 1-0- 2 Punt Return Phil Spooner 1- 9 Maury Bibent 1- 1 Larry Green 1- 0 Kickoff Return Fred Biletnikoff 3- 42 Phil Spooner 1- 28 Winfred Bailey 1- 9 Punting Ed Pritchett 3- 133 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jack Shinholser 10 8 18 . . . . . . . . . Dick Hermann 10 4 14 . . . . . . . . . Bill McDowell 4 5 9 . . . . . . . . . George D'Allesandro 5 2 7 . . . . . . . . . Avery Sumner 2 5 7 . . . . . . . . . Winfred Bailey 3 3 6 . . . . . . . . . Pat Conway 2 4 6 . . . . . . . . . Howard Ehler 5 . 5 . . . . . . . . . Maury Bibent 2 2 4 . . . . . . . . . David Pitts 1 3 4 . . . . . . . . . Max Wettstein 3 . 3 . . . . . . . . . Del Williams 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Tom West 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . .


10/31/1964, TALLAHASSEE, FL

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, November 1, 1964, page 3B, by Bill McGrotha.

TALLAHASSEE, FL - Florida State's football team rose up in pained anger here Saturday night and vented its week-long frustration on Southern Mississippi 34-0.

A rip-tearing defense rendered Southern almost totally harmless on offense, and the familiar passing work of Steve Tensi and Fred Biletnikoff did the rest.

Flanker back Biletnikoff, on his way to becoming Florida State's first All-American, caught 10 throws for 170 yards. Tensi tossed for two touchdowns, ran for another.

Tensi completed 13 of 17 passes for 165 yards. Spooner led FSU's running with 45 yards in 11 carries.

Biletnikoff grabbed a 42-yarder from Ed Pritchett as the Seminoles went tricking on the first play of the game. Later he gathered in a 40-yarder from sub quarterback Pritchett for his eighth touchdown of the season.

Southern made a terrible mistake of putting only one defender on him much of the first half, and he caught eight. In seven games Biletnikoff now has 48 throws.

Florida State, now 6-1 with a date at Houston next week, scored the first two times it had the football.

Tensi's screen pass to halfback Phil Spooner brought the first one, a 17-yard play. And Tensi, on one of his rare carries, got the second himself on a two-yard rollout.

The third TD was on halfback Larry Green's bright 28-yard dash, bringing a 19-0 halftime lead.

Two more came in the third quarter, on Tensi's seven-yard toss to end Red Dawson and Pritchett's bomb to Biletnikoff.

But it was much the rejuvenation of the "Seven Magnificents" - the defensive unit - as anything else that brought the Seminoles' first victory over Southern since 1956. FSU had gone to bat nine times against the Mississippians over the years, had won only twice.

Middle guard Jack Shinholser and linebacker Dick Hermann were the apparent leaders of a vigorous charge that kept Vic Purvic, Southern's scrambling quarterback, off balance all the way.

Southern, always proud of its running game, netted only five yards rushing, managed just 83 passing. The Mississippians never really threatened, got no further than FSU's 23.

Florida State passed for 283 yards, ran for 87 more, might have made things much more excruciating for Southern except for 108 yards in penalties.

Upset last week by Virginia Tech 20-11, the Seminoles adopted what amounted to a "vow of silence" in preparing for this one. A crowd of 26,142 hailed the "Redemption" on a pleasant, clear evening.

One thing was different at the start of this one.

For the first time this season Florida State received an opening kickoff, winning the toss and choosing to take the ball.

Pritchett hauled the kickoff in at the 15, wheeled 24 yards to the 39. Then FSU opened with two quarterbacks in its backfield, Tensi and Pritchett.

On the first play, Tensi stepped back, handed to Pritchett, who reared back and threw long, to Biletnikoff, who cuddled the ball for a gain of 42, down to the 19.

Spooner spun to the 16, Narramore to the nine. A two-yard buck by Narramore cut out a first down on the seven. Spooner dug to the three. But on the next play the Seminoles got taxed for holding, back to the 17.

After overshooting Biletnikoff in the end zone, Tensi, on third down, lobbed a screen pass to Spooner, who sprinted straight ahead, side stepped a couple of Southerners, cut back a bit and raced into the end zone. Les Murdock missed the point attempt and the Seminoles led 6-0.

Unable to get beyond its 20, Southern punted and FSU started anew at its 46 following a 34-yard boot.

Spooner got three and Narramore six. A nine-yard romp by Spooner on a trap play brought a first down at the Southern 36.

Again Spooner carried this time for 11. He whacked for two more to the 23. Then Tensi hit Biletnikoff on the five. Wayne Giardino, in two carries, took the ball to the two.

Whereupon Tensi startled one and all by keeping and rolling untouched into the end zone. It was the first collegiate touchdown ever for the 6-5 senior.

FSU went for two points, and Pritchett didn't make it on a running try. It stayed 12-0.

Soon Jim Massey intercepted a Purvis pass and zipped to the Mississippi 20...But a holding penalty canceled the deal, bringing Southern its initial first down.

Then Southern got a foul penalty, soon had to punt and again FSU started in good field position, at its 43.

Another 15 yard assessment messed up that bid, and Pritchett punted 46 yards to the six early in the second quarter. John Laird, despite a high snap, soon got Southern out of the hole with a 41-yard kick to FSU's 47.

Southern bowed up - stopping a draw, a pass, a double reverse - and pushing the Tribe back to the 43.

Herman Nall tucked in FSU's last punt at the Southern 26, danced up the field to present the visitors with their first penetration across the 50.

But Purvis, needing two yards for a first down, fumbled and lost four on third down, and Laird punted into the end zone.

Three Tensi passes to Biletnikoff - for seven, 14 and 11 yards - lifted FSU to Southern's 45. Biletnikoff soon grabbed another, for 14 more at the 28.

After a time out, Tensi dealt the ball to Green, who slashed off tackle cut wide and went the distance in a dazzling display that left tacklers grasping at air.

Murdock's point kick made it 19-0 with 3:11 left in the half.

Passes by sub quarterback Mike McClellan brought Southern up to its 40. There the Mississippi boys eventually had to kick. Jack Shinholser led the charge that partially blocked Laird's boot. But officials yelled "roughing the kicker," and Southern was presented with an opportunity at FSU's 46 with 28 seconds on the clock.

Two plays, and a penalty, quickly knocked Southern back to its 34, where a final desperation throw failed as the horn blew.

Southern's first two plays after the second-half kickoff lost five yards, and Laird judiciously punted on third down, 30 yards up to the Mississippi 43.

From the 39, Tensi found Don Floyd across the middle with a pass, good for 26 to the 13, and Southern got penalized to the seven for roughing after the tackle.

Joe Petko smashed to the three. Next play FSU was taxed five for backfield motion. Then Tensi, trying to throw, was dumped for a 12-yard loss, back to the 22.

So Tensi passed to Floyd at the seven. And on fourth and four he pitched to Red Dawson in the end zone for six points. Pritchett took a handoff from Tensi and ran in for two points behind a wall of blocking.

Unable to get beyond the shadow of its goalposts, Southern called on Laird's kicking toe again. Rushed hard, Laird managed a 29-yarder and FSU started at Southern's 45.

That effort was derailed when Dawson fumbled after catching a 10-yard Tensi pass at the 21. Larry Ecuyer recovered for Southern.

From there, Southern moved. Troy Kraft grabbed a pass from McClellan for 18. McClellan ran for 12, then for four, and a roughing penalty soon vaulted the Southerners all the way to FSU's 25. Whereupon, Shinholser decked Clyde Dowd for a loss of two, and Hermann caught McClellan for minus 14.

Trying to pass on fourth down, McClellan had the ball knocked from his hands by Bill McDowell. FSU took over at midfield.

Pritchett moved in at quarterback and brought a fifth touchdown in two plays. He hit Elton Revell for 10. Then he cut loose long to Biletnikoff, who caught it on the run at the five and cruised in for six points on a 40-yard play.

Murdock's point brought it to 34-0 in the dwindling moments of the third quarter.

Bill Campbell's fumble on a punt return, and a recovery by Southern at its 46, precipitated a threat by the Mississippians.

Purvis' passes, including 10 and 11-yarders to Bill Gorney, moved Southern to FSU's 23. Winfred Bailey put an end to it with his fourth interception of the season.

Pritchett's running and a foul penalty spurred FSU as far as Southern's 30. On fourth down Murdock's long field-goal kick was wide.

In the final minutes FSU moved to the Southern 25 on a pass-interference call as Tony Gero tried to hit Revel. But Gero got socked for a couple of losses, and the clock terminated proceedings.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   6- 0  Phil Spooner, 19, pass from Steve Tensi (Les Murdock, kick failed), 11:18
     12- 0  Steve Tensi, 2, run (Ed Pritchett, run failed), 4:24 
2nd  19- 0  Larry Green, 28, run (Les Murdock, kick), 3:11 
3rd  27- 0  Bill "Red" Dawson, 6, pass from Steve Tensi (Ed Pritchett, run), 9:49 
4th  34- 0  Fred Biletnikoff, 39, pass from Ed Pritchett (Les Murdock, kick), 0:27 
     34- 0  Les Murdock, 50, field goal failed, 6:41 

FSU OPP First downs 19 6 Rushes-yards 35- 87 33- 5 Passing 283 83 Att-Comp-Int 25-18-0 20-7-1 Total Yards 60-370 53-88 Punt Returns 4-20 1-26 Kickoff Returns 1-24 6-73 Interception Ret. 1-16 0-0 Fumble Returns 1-0 1-0 Punts 3-38.3 9-35.6 Fumbles-Lost 1-1 5-1 Penalties-Yds 9-108 8-92 Attendance 26,142 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Phil Spooner 11- 42 Larry Green 4- 30 Ed Pritchett 3- 18 Joe Petko 4- 16 Wayne Giardino 5- 12 Lee Narramore 3- 12 Fred Biletnikoff 1- -4 Steve Tensi 2- -12 Tony Gero 2- -27 Receiving Fred Biletnikoff 10- 170 Don Floyd 2- 43 Elton Revell 3- 36 Bill "Red" Dawson 2- 17 Phil Spooner 1- 17 Passing Steve Tensi 17-13-0-165 Ed Pritchett 6- 4-0-102 Tony Gero 2- 1-0- 16 Punt Return Bill Campbell 1- 15 Winfred Bailey 1- 5 Phil Spooner 1- 0 Elton Revell 1- 0 Kickoff Return Ed Pritchett 1- 24 Punting Ed Pritchett 3- 115 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dick Hermann 7 4 11 . . . . . . . . . George D'Allesandro 5 5 10 . . . . . . . . . Avery Sumner 3 7 10 . . . . . . . . . Bill McDowell 5 2 7 . . . . . 1- 0 1 . . Howard Lurie 5 2 7 . . . . . . . . . Jack Shinholser 2 4 6 . . . . . . . . . Howard Ehler 4 . 4 . . . . . . . . . Frank Pennie 2 2 4 . . . . . . . . . Pat Conway 2 2 4 . . . . . . . . . Bob Menendez 1 3 4 . . . . . . . . . Terry Garvin 1 3 4 . . . . . . . . . Max Wettstein 3 . 3 . . . . . . . . . Wayne McDuffie 3 . 3 . . . . . . . . . Maury Bibent 1 2 3 . . . . . . . . . Donovan Jones 2 . 2 . . . . . . . . . Charles Pennie 1 1 2 . . . . . . . . . Joe Parrish . 2 2 . . . . . . . . . David Pitts . 2 2 . . . . . . . . . Winfred Bailey 1 . 1 . . 1- 16 . . . . . . Jim Massey 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Bill Campbell 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Joe Petko 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . .


11/07/1964, HOUSTON, TX

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, November 8, 1964, page 1, by Bill McGrotha.

HOUSTON, TX - With All-American hopeful Fred Biletnikoff helplessly looking on, Florida State's football team got wrapped into a 13-13 knot by Houston here Saturday afternoon.

Florida State made a fairly well kept secret of an injury Biletnikoff nursed in the school infirmary all week long.

The gifted flanker back, No. 2 pass receiver in the land with 48 catches, has a charley horse. He was in only for FSU's first offensive play - and that was strictly a planned token gesture.

Florida State carried a 13-0 lead into the last quarter. A pass-interference call against FSU in the end zone precipitated Houston's first touchdown, and an interception paved the other.

Houston hero Bo Burris, a hot passer and runner all afternoon, missed a chance to win it when his exrta-point attempt hit the upright following the second TD.

In the final minute Florida State drove to the seven, but Les Murdock's field-goal try was wide with 39 seconds left.

Murdock's toe had scratched out a 3-0 lead at halftime on a 34-yard boot. He added another field goal in the third quarter, a 25-yarder. Then the Seminoles drove for their lone touchdown, with Wayne Giardino scoring from the one.

Houston's first touchdown came on fourth down on Burris' rollout. Dick Post got the second on an 18-yard ramble around end.

Burris scrambled for 54 yards on 15 carries, hit eight of 22 passes for 131 yards. Most of his completions were deadly clutch efforts.

Biletnikoff wasn't the only key Seminole injured. No. 1 fullback Lee Narramore had a bad ankle going in, played little.

Halfback Phil Spooner was FSU's leading gainer, 74 yards in 20 carries. Giardino got 37 in 12.

Quarterback Steve Tensi zeroed in on 13 passes out of 22 attempts for 149 yards, and end Don Floyd caught eight for 108.

Overall statistics were almost as even as the score. FSU netted 274 yards running and passing. Houston 269. The Seminoles had gone in as the nations 5th-ranked team in total defense.

The Seminoles now stand 6-1-1 with NC State next week, Florida the following one. Both games will be in Tallahassee.

Houston, a touchdown underdog and owner of a 2-4 record going in, put a considerable dent in Florida State's bowl hopes as 16,000 fans turned out for Homecoming in spacious Rice Stadium on a warm, sunshiny afternoon.

In the beginning Florida State led with its defense, winning the toss and choosing to kick off with a 14-mph wind at its back.

Houston started at its 25, moved quickly, vigorously. Burris passed 15 yards to Dennis Collins on the first play.

The Cougars got five more on an offsides, then Post got loose for 12 to FSU's 43. Two whacks by Mickey Don Thompson took the Cougars on to the 32.

A holding penalty checked Houston tentatively, but Burris found Mike Spratt with a 25-yard pass to the 21.

Houston cut out a first down at the 19, but got nothing more as passes missed. On fourth down at the 24, Burris' field goal attempt was short.

Biletnikoff went in for one play, then trotted off the field as Wayne Giardino hit the line for two.

Spooner slashed off guard for nine to the 31.

Spooner got five more and Giardino four. Then Tensi hit Don Floyd with an 11-yard throw at Houston's 49.

Soon Tensi found Floyd again and the end cut out 23 yards on the throw, to the 24.

A run and a pass that was nearly intercepted gained nothing. Larry Green ripped off seven. On fourth down at the 17, FSU ignored a field-goal attempt, sent Spooner up the middle. He got just one yard. Houston took over.

But Howard Ehler and Terry Garvin collaborated to deck Post for minus seven on second down and the Cougars soon kicked out. Presley Cooper got a high snap but booted one up to the Houston 41.

The Seminoles drove to a 3-0 lead from there, getting a field goal in the first minute of the second quarter.

Tensi started it with a 6-yard pass to Wettstein. Spooner slashed for five. Tensi threw to Floyd for six, at the 24. Spooner made it a first down at the 18.

The going got tough, and on fourth down at the 17 Murdock booted a 3-pointer.

And there came Houston. A 34-yard pass, Burris to Collins was the big play in a quick movement to FSU's 24. Three runs brought a first down at the 13. Burris sneaked to the eight. But two plays later Burris fumbled and Jack Shinholser claimed it for FSU at the seven.

Pritchett soon punted out, a 44-yarder and Houston started anew at its 47.

Burris' 19-yard pass to Dick Spratt got the Cougars at FSU's 39. Two plays later, Burris, trying to throw, dug out of a trap for a 13-yard penetration to the 21.

But on third down at the 14, Avery Sumner tore in to down Post for a loss of two.

Houston got penalized for delay. Burris' fourth-down pass, deflected by Garvin, fell harmlessly to the ground.

Pritchett's punt with 1:30 left in the half gave Houston a shot with some desperate passes from its 37. Three throws fell astray and Houston kicked back. The clock caught the Seminoles on their 25.

At intermission Houston led in total yardage 161 to 98.

The Seminoles went ahead 6-0 in the early minutes of the last half.

On Houston's third offensive play after the kickoff, Burris threw from his 13 and Winfred Bailey turned up with his fifth interception of the season, wheeling the ball to the Texans' 26.

Spooner in two carries, got eight. Giardino whipped through for eight more, to the 10. But fourth down came up with FSU on the seven, and Murdock trotted in to boot one true from the 15.

Sumner's tossing of Burris for an 8-yard loss helped rupture the Cougars' next effort.

Florida State drove to a touchdown after starting on its 47 following a punt.

Spooner got seven in two runs. Tensi hit Floyd with an 11-yarder, to the 35. Giardino got six. Tensi pitched to Red Dawson for 11 at the 18. Giardino smashed to the 10 but motion was called on the play and FSU was penalized to the 22. Tensi immediately threw to Floyd for a first down on the three. Giardino whacked three times, scored from inches out on the latter try.

Murdock kicked the 35th point of the season and FSU led 13-0.

Thereupon Houston marched 80 yards to a touchdown in the early moments of the last quarter. Burris was the architect.

His 11-yard pass to Bill Dennis lifted the Cougars to their 41. Then Burris swept wide, for 19 yards to FSU's 40. Post dug to the 32.

Dennis dropped Burris' touchdown-labelled pass at the goal line. But Burris ran for a first down at the 25 to keep things going.

Jack Skog came in at quarterback for the first time, started alternating with Burris. But it was Burris who soon threw to Jim Wright in the end zone. Interference on Bob Menendez was called on the play.

That brought Houston a first down at the one. And it took four downs, including on offsides penalty against FSU, to get the ball into the end zone. Burris, on a rollout, made it in. And Burris kicked the point for 13-7.

FSU didn't sit on that 6-point margin, and it was suddenly costly. With Tensi throwing a 12-yarder to Floyd the Seminoles steamed up to their 47. Then Wright intercepted Tensi's pass, pounded 33 yards to FSU's 30 before Tensi drove him out of bounds.

Four plays brought a touchdown. Post got three, Burris five. Then Burris made it a first down at the 18. After a timeout, Burris faked a back up the middle, then pitched back to Post, who ran wide and scored.

Burris' kick for the point hit the right upright. No good. It was a 13-13 tie with 9:20 to play.

FSU tried a trick play, with Pritchett throwing to Tensi a long one. Might have been good, had not Tensi slowed down too soon. The Tribe had to punt and Houston started at its 45.

A Burris pass to Bill Gillis netted 26 to FSU's 30. But FSU brought a halt at the 27. Burris' field-goal try from that point on fourth down was short with 4:22 remaining.

Three Spooner runs brought FSU to its 38. Giardino got four. Tensi found Floyd with a 17-yard pass at Houston's 41 with 2:15 to go.

Tensi passed to Giardino at the 36, then Green at the 24. Floyd caught one at the 13, Elton Revell one at the seven. FSU called time out with 39 seconds remaining, elected to go for a field goal on second down.

Murdock's boot was off - to the right. It stayed 13-13.

Houston tried three futile passes, punted to FSU on the last play of the game. It was a high one and no chance for a return.

Ref 'Blocked' For Houston On Tying Touchdown
By Bill McGrotha.

You might say both teams were lucky to get a tie out of it.

Houston, when it scored the touchdown that knotted Florida State 13-13, had an extra blocker going for it.

The touchdown came on an 18-yard wide run by halfback Dick Post. Fullback Mickey Don Thompson staged a lovely fake on the play, banging into the middle of the line.

But the Seminoles weren't completely fooled. Linebacker Bill McDowell and defensive back Winfred Bailey were moving in to make the tackle on Post. It looked like Post as though Post might gain three yards on the play, at most.

However, an official was directly in the path of McDowell and Bailey. McDowell hit the official, bowled him over, and Bailey was screened out by this development.

Did the official go for Thompson's fake too?

Houston missed its extra-point attempt after the TD, might have won had it been good.

With 39 seconds left, the Seminoles, at Houston's seven on second down, went for a field goal and missed.

There was time to run another play or so, but the Seminoles played it safe.

"I'd do the same thing again," said Coach Bill Peterson, "You wonder a lot about such a decision, but I'd do the same thing again."

The situation was mildly reminiscent of a game at Miami three seasons ago. FSU trailed 7-6 in the last minute, drove deep into Miami territory. The Seminoles shrugged off a field-goal try on second down, ran the ball, fumbled, and Miami recovered.

"It was just another one of those things," said Peterson in summary of the game, "Houston had very good personnel.

"We ran into another fired-up opponent. They wanted to win their homecoming game badly. We failed to stop them when it was needed and they controlled the football on us.

"I'm sure Fred Biletnikoff's absence affected our play. It shouldn't have but it did. However, our boys were trying hard."

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   0- 0  Opp, 40, field goal failed
2nd   3- 0  Les Murdock, 34, field goal, 14:49
3rd   6- 0  Les Murdock, 25, field goal, 10:42
     13- 0  Wayne Giardino, 1, run (Les Murdock, kick), 4:55 
4th  13- 7  Opp, 1, run (kick), 13:36
     13-13  Opp, 18, run (kick failed), 9:23 
     13-13  Opp, 44, field goal failed, 4:22 
     13-13  Les Murdock, 24, field goal failed, 0:39 

FSU OPP First downs 11 16 Rushes-yards 37-125 41-138 Passing 149 131 Att-Comp-Int 23-13-1 23-8-1 Total Yards 60-274 64-269 Punt Returns 0-0 1-4 Kickoff Returns 2-39 3-62 Interception Ret. 1-13 1-33 Fumble Returns 1-0 0-0 Punts 4-34.8 3-29.7 Fumbles-Lost 0-0 1-1 Penalties-Yds 7-160 5-39 Attendance 16,000 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Phil Spooner 20- 74 Wayne Giardino 12- 37 Larry Green 2- 10 Lee Narramore 3- 4 Receiving Don Floyd 8- 108 Larry Green 1- 12 Bill "Red" Dawson 1- 11 Wayne Giardino 1- 6 Max Wettstein 1- 6 Elton Revell 1- 6 Passing Steve Tensi 22-13-1-149 Ed Pritchett 1- 0-0- 0 Kickoff Return Phil Spooner 2- 39 Punting Ed Pritchett 4- 139 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Winfred Bailey . . . . . 1- 13 . . . . . . Jack Shinholser . . . . . . . . 1- 0 . . .


11/14/1964, TALLAHASSEE, FL

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, November 15, 1964, page 3, by Bill McGrotha.

TALLAHASSEE, FL - Freddie was ready, and Florida State cut out an easy, emphatic 28-6 football victory over fumbling NC State here Saturday night.

Back in action after nursing a charley horse on the bench at Houston last week, Fred Biletnikoff bolstered his All-America stock with touchdown catches of 37 and 11 yards.

The Seminoles now have a 7-1-1 chart, and win, lose or draw here next Saturday against Florida they are assured of their finest season since the unbeaten campaign of 1950 when they were playing in a lesser league.

Two scouts from the Gator Bowl huddled with Athletic Director Vaughn Mancha and Coach Bill Peterson after the game, and it is at least possible the Seminoles will draw a bid from the Jacksonville people before the climatic finale with Florida.

No overnight invitation was indicated, however. And it is also possible the Gator Bowl may insist on a victory over Florida before making its move.

The margin of triumph over NC State's probably Atlantic Coast Conference champions might well have been doubled last night had Peterson elected to keep his front-line troops in action. FSU led 21-0 at the half and there was multiple substitution in the last two quarters.

In addition to Biletnikoff and throwing partner Steve Tensi, FSU had a considerable hero on tackle Frank Pennie. He claimed two NC State fumbles, and FSU turned each into a touchdown.

"I thought the big thing," said Peterson, "was the mistakes NC State made and the way we capitalized on them. However, we played well enough to win. They were tough and stayed in there."

Earl Edwards, the NC State coach, said it was "a long evening."

He wondered about FSU playing some starters near the end. "It looked like they were trying to get some national rank," he said, "We just gave FSU too good a start. They have a good team. They pass well. You can't win, though, if you give the ball away all the time."

Pennie hopped on one at the NC State 25, another at the 27.

Phil Spooner slipped in FSU's first touchdown from two yards out an the Seminoles' first offensive venture. Wayne Giardino rammed home another from the one, and it was soon followed by Tensi's 37-yard payoff strike to Biletnikoff.

In the third quarter Florida State pushed things to 28-0 as Tensi tossed 11 yards to Freddie.

Biletnikoff finished the evening with seven catches for 100 yards, moved his statistical yardstick for the year to 55 grabs for 906 yards and 10 touchdowns. Tensi hit on 13 of 25 throws for 175 yards, insuring his stature among the nation's individual attack leaders.

NC State, seldom across midfield, got its score in the fourth quarter following a fumble recovery. Ron Skosnik connected with Wendell Coleman on a 45-yard pass play for the score.

The Wolfpack, now 5-4 for the year but 5-1 in the ACC, managed only six yards rushing against FSU's once again rugged defenders. There was a pickup of 110 yards in the air for the visitors, but only five first downs all night.

Skosnik's punting, nine times for a 44.7 average was a factor in keeping things as close as it was.

Giardino emerged as FSU's rushing leader, gaining 59 yards on 18 runs. Spooner netted 44 in 13 tries.

Donnie Floyd, with five catches for 63 yards, figured prominently in FSU's air game.

The Seminoles ground out 359 yards of total offense.

It didn't take long for the Seminoles to get something going in this one.

NC State lost a fumble on the first offensive play of the night when Pete Falzarano dropped the ball on a sweep. Frank Pennie claimed it for the Tribe at the visitors' 25.

Six plays, all on the ground, brought a quick touchdown. Spooner started it, picking up six yards on a fake reverse, then ramming off guard for five more.

Giardino whacked for two, then went wide for nine to the three. One more plunge got a yard. Then Spooner put his head down and slammed the right side for six points.

Murdock added the point for 7-0.

Running plays lifted the Wolfpack to its 45. FSU forced a halt, throwing the Raleigh boys back to the 40, and Skosnik punted a 45-yarder to the 15.

The Seminoles had trouble getting untracked from poor field position for a spell, with Skosnik soon booting a 40-yarder to the 16.

A roughing-the-kicker call helped the Tribe out of the hole, providing a bit of room at the 30.

Giardino picked up eight. Tensi passed to Floyd for five, soon found Floyd again with a 17-yarder at the NC State 38. Spooner got three and Tensi again hit Floyd, for 19 this time, at the 16, on the last play of the quarter.

After Spooner pounded to the 12 trouble came. Tensi was tossed for an 11-yard loss. Then a Tensi pass to Spooner lost eight more. Back to the 31 now, and Murdock came in for a field-goal try. It was wide.

Never mind. Moments later Winfred Bailey gathered in a Skosnik punt and picked his way for 35 yards to the Wolfpack 30.

A 14-yard toss, Tensi to Floyd, quickly put FSU on the 15. Giardino did the rest, running for six, six again, two, and taking the ball into the end zone from the one. Murdock's kick made it 14-0 with 7:57 left in the half.

Dave Dearment wheeled the kickoff up to the Wolfpack 37, but that was just about the visitors' last big crack.

Skosnik fumbled on the next play, and Pennie was there again to cover the ball, at the 37.

Promptly Tensi stepped back, threw long to Biletnikoff, who gathered it in at the eight and scored untouched. Murdock's toe made it 21-0.

NC State was still having trouble cutting out first downs, punted again, to FSU's 35.

Tensi found Biletnikoff for 14 yards, for 15, for 11 in swift succession and FSU was knocking at the Wolfpack 26. NC State stiffened. Then Ray Barlow intercepted a Tensi pass and skipped to the Wolfpack 41.

With Skosnik throwing, the Wolfpack got across the 50 for the first time, but no further than FSU's 40. The Tribe held for downs, with a Red Dawson tackle socking Skosnik for a 6-yard loss shortly before intermission.

At this point FSU led in first downs, 14 to three, in total yardage, 209 to 47. Tensi had completed 10 of 18, and Biletnikoff had caught five.

On the running of Giardino and Spooner the Seminoles stormed to NC State's 39 after the second half kickoff. There they finally had to call Pritchett in to punt.

Bill James called for a fair catch, bobbled it and the omni-present Pennie jumped on a loose ball once more for FSU at the 17.

Giordino in two runs, moved the sticks to the 11.

Then Tensi socked Biletnikoff with a pass at the goal line for a touchdown. Murdock added the point, 28-0.

NC State soon fumbled another punt, but managed to recover it. On sub quarterback Charley Noggle's passing, the Wolfpack got to FSU's 42 before stalling. Eventually Skosnik angled a 39-yard punt out on FSU's seven.

Pritchett directed a vigorous march that knocked off 68 yards to NC State's 25 before expiring. It was strictly an operation of reserve personnel, with Pritchett's running and passing a feature. Larry Green and Joe Petko contributed some nifty runs, Elton Revell and Buddy Blankenship some key pass receptions.

FSU was pushed back to the 34 and Murdock tried what would have been a 50-yard field goal had it succeeded. It was short.

Punt fumbling got contagious. Revell bobbled one and Jenkins recovered for NC State at the Seminoles' 45.

Skosnik immediately threw to halfback Coleman, who rambled on into the end zone for a touchdown with 10:52 left in the game. It was only Coleman's second reception of the season - both for touchdowns.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   7- 0  Phil Spooner, 2, run (Les Murdock, kick), 12:26
      7- 0  Les Murdock, 48, field goal failed, 12:54
2nd  14- 0  Wayne Giardino, 1, run (Les Murdock, kick), 7:57 
     21- 0  Fred Biletnikoff, 38, pass from Steve Tensi (Les Murdock, kick), 6:29 
3rd  28- 0  Fred Biletnikoff, 12, pass from Steve Tensi (Les Murdock, kick), 9:25 
4th  28- 0  Les Murdock, 51, field goal failed, 13:25
     28- 6  Opp, 45, pass (pass failed), 10:52

FSU OPP First downs 22 5 Rushes-yards 51-149 29- 6 Passing 197 110 Att-Comp-Int 32-15-2 19-10-1 Total Yards 83-346 48-116 Punt Returns 6-57 4-21 Kickoff Returns 2-53 3-57 Interception Ret. 1-0 2-32 Fumble Returns 3-0 1-0 Punts 6-31.5 9-44.7 Fumbles-Lost 1-1 5-3 Penalties-Yds 3-15 3-35 Attendance 24,250 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Wayne Giardino 18- 59 Phil Spooner 13- 44 Larry Green 10- 27 Ed Pritchett 4- 27 Maury Bibent 1- 9 Steve Tensi 1- -11 Tony Gero 2- -19 Receiving Fred Biletnikoff 7- 100 Don Floyd 5- 63 Elton Revell 1- 12 Phil Spooner 1- -8 Passing Steve Tensi 25-13-2-175 Ed Pritchett 6- 2-0- 22 Tony Gero 1- 0-0- 0 Punt Return Winfred Bailey 3- 35 Bill Campbell 2- 22 Maury Bibent 1- 0 Kickoff Return Larry Green 1- 27 Elton Revell 1- 26 Punting Ed Pritchett 4- 122 John Hosack 2- 67 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frank Pennie . . . . . . . . 3- 0 1 . . Winfred Bailey . . . . . 1- 0 . . . . . .


11/21/1964, TALLAHASSEE, FL

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, November 22, 1964, page 1B, by Bill McGrotha.

TALLAHASSEE, FL - The girls' school did it!...Oh, did it ever do it!

What it was was like absolutely and positively and emphatically and decisively.

Florida State University, clearly the best football team on the field on this sunny Saturday afternoon, whipped what was supposed to be the University of Florida's best team ever. The score was 16-7.

The classic passing combination of Steve Tensi and Fred Biletnikoff busted Florida wide open with a 55-yard touchdown collaboration in the second quarter.

Then Les Murdock kicked three field goals, a 24-yarder, a 34-yarder and a 40-yarder.

The Seminoles were ahead 13-0 when Florida got its lonesome TD with 9:03 to play on the bright work of Jack Harper, who caught a 35-yard pass from Steve Spurrier, then crashed in from six yards out on the next play.

After that Florida tried an onside kick. FSU's Larry Williamson claimed it at Florida's 48, and the Seminoles drove in from there for Murdock's decisive 40-yarder.


The trio of 3-pointers was a school single-game record, boosted Murdock's field-goal total for the season to a school-record total of nine.

Immediately after the game Florida State accepted a bid to the Gator Bowl. If Georgia Tech beats Georgia next Saturday in Athens the Yellow Jackets will be the opponent for the Jan. 2 classic in Jacksonville.

A packed crowd of 43,000 whooped it up before, after and during. Pre-game catcalls from the crowd brought a mild jest from Florida Coach Ray Graves who smiled and said: "I think FSU may be overemphasizing football."

Florida State had never beaten Florida, gaining only a 3-3 tie in six tries, all at Gainesville. Since 1947 when Florida State College for Women became Florida State University its athletes have endured "girl school" taunts.

During the week Florida players wore stickers on their helmets in practice reading "Never, FSU, Never." The thrust may have added considerable fuel to FSU's already blazing fire.

Florida State sprung an unusual offensive formation, with Red Dawson shifting from end to fullback. It was designed to disrupt the work of the "monster" in Florida's defense. The device may have had telling psychological impact. It appeared to confuse Florida for a time.

If Florida had planned to put a concentrated and continuous rush on Tensi, as it had most other passers this season, execution verged on a total failure. Tensi had more than enough time to throw on almost every attempt. He was thrown for a loss just once.


Against the top-rated pass defense in the country, Tensi struck for 190 aerial yards.

Pending a study of game films, an inevitable conclusion was that middle guard Jack Shinholser was a considerable Seminole hero. Time after time Shinholser cracked Florida's offensive line, kept steady pressure on UF's center and quarterback.

Florida State's magnificent defensive line cut Florida's vaunted running game into little pieces, limiting the Gators to a net of 57 yards rushing.

Heralded Larry Dupree got just 20 yards in nine runs as Florida State choked off one UF effort after another.

The Seminoles fumbled away the ball to Florida at the FSU 19 on the second play from scrimmage. Florida fumbled twice in penetration to FSU's one, and the Seminoles claimed the last one.

Florida State was all of the first quarter getting out of that hole, had to call on the punting toe of John Hosack three times before the period ended. And the sophomore, subbing for the injured Ed Pritchett, responded big to the pressure, had a 32.5 average for four boots.

A significant tipoff to FSU's superiority was the fact that the Seminoles were obliged to punt only once more after getting out of that first-quarter hole.

FSU's aggressive defense helped force five Florida fumbles, and the Seminoles claimed four of them. The Tribe intercepted two passes. FSU lost two fumbles and had one pass intercepted.

Save for that early shot paved by the fumble and Florida's scoring drive, the Seminoles permitted no deep exploration into their territory.


Lonesome end Charles Casey gave the Tribe trouble, but mainly in the last quarter with the Seminoles rather comfortably ahead. He caught nine passes for 129 yards as Florida hit 12 of 24 throws for 178 yards. Spurrier completed nine of 20, and Tom Shannon, who started, three of four.

Tensi connected on 11 of 22 throws for 190 yards. Biletnikoff a decoy much of the way and well covered by Florida, caught only two, for 78 yards. End Don Floyd latched on to seven, however, for 85.

FSU's two primary running backs, Wayne Giardino and Phil Spooner, each gained more on the ground than the entire Florida team. Giardino had 72 yards in 19 carries, Spooner 71 in 21.

Spurrier was obliged to punt seven times, for a 34.2 average, and save for one to FSU's 10, none did great damage. And Spurrier ended up with minus 17 yards rushing, was almost completely hemmed up on his option rollouts.

The outcome, ending six years of FSU frustration against the Gators, left Florida with a 5-3 record. FSU ended its regular season with a 8-1-1 chart, a showing exceeded only by an unbeaten 1950 season which came at a time when the Tribe was playing in a lesser league.

Florida State ground out 15 first downs, Florida nine. The Seminoles netted 142 yards running, outdid Florida in total offense, 332 to 235.

The game was remarkably free of rules infractions. There wasn't a single roughing penalty. Florida got taxed a total of 24 yards, FSU just 10.


In the beginning Florida cut out a quick advantage.

The Seminoles won the toss, received. On the second play from scrimmage Giardino fumbled and Pat Purcell recovered for Florida on FSU's 19.

Shannon fumbled but re-claimed it for a yard loss. Then Shannon threw to Gary Thomas at the 11 and Dupree cracked the middle for a first down at the eight.

Two more whacks by Dupree and Florida was on the one with third down. Whereupon Shannon again fumbled, and George D'Allesandro covered the ball for FSU at the two.

Spooner's running worked the ball to the 12, just short of a first down, and Hosack punted up to the Florida State 45.

Alan Poe slashed for eight yards and Jack Harper made it a first down at the 34. But Shinholser smashed Spurrier for a yard loss. Two passes missed and Spurrier punted into the end zone.

Three runs pushed FSU to its 29, and Hosack punted 36 yards to Florida's 35.

After Harper got nothing on a run, Florida went into action without huddling and Spurrier found Casey with a 22-yard pass at FSU's 43.

But Poe was decked for minus two. Spurrier gained nothing on a run. A pass failed. Spurrier punted to the 10.


Spooner got four. Tensi, living dangerously, tossed to Floyd for six at the 20. And finally, in the last minutes of the quarter, FSU forged a first down on Giardino's 3-yard stomp. But soon Hosack's third punt of the quarter was necessary. He got a high snap, managed to get off a boot to Florida's 48.

John Feiber pounded for 11 yards to FSU's 41, and Dupree led on to the 37 as the second quarter started. There a backfield-in-motion called stymied the Gators and Spurrier punted to the 17.

Tensi uncorked one to Floyd for nine but Giardino lost 10. Then Tensi threw long and Allen Trammell intercepted at Florida's 47...About as good as a punt.

But Trammel got only two on a run and Feiber just three. Trying to sweep on third down Spurrier fumbled and Howard Ehler topped the ball for FSU at the Seminoles' 45. It was FSU's first favorable field position of the day.

Promptly Tensi dropped back, got plenty of protection and time, threw long, long to Biletnikoff who had outrun Trammell. It was an easy catch at about the 13 and Biletnikoff cruised on in for six points on the 55-yard play. Murdock kicked the point for 7-0.

Florida got to its 37 on Shannon's 10-yard pass to Casey, but a holding call soon set the Gators back to the 31. Shannon passed again to Casey, who fumbled at midfield. Maury Bibent recovered for the Seminoles at the FSU 42.


Two Spooner runs lifted FSU to Florida's 45. Giardino was suddenly loose on a 19-yard ramble up the middle to the 26. But Giardino then lost a yard. Two passes fell incomplete. Murdock's long field goal try was wide to the right with 5:01 left in the half.

Florida couldn't move, punted to FSU's 34.

A Tensi to Red Dawson pass gained 22 to Florida's 40. Giardino slammed to the 30. Spooner lost a couple but Tensi rolled for a first down at the 28 with 24 seconds to go. Then he lost 10. Then he passed to Dawson for a short gain on the final play of the half.

At intermission FSU led in first downs, 6 to 5, in total yardage, 151 to 119. FSU had hit five of 12 passes, Florida four of nine.

Marquis Baezler wheeled the kickoff out for Florida, got up to his 34, fumbled and Ehler grabbed the ball for FSU.

Spooner, on a draw, dug to the 34. Spooner got two, Giardino four. Tensi threw to Floyd for a first down at the 13. Spooner got to the six but it was erased by a backfield-in-motion call. Tensi found Floyd with an 11-yard pass at the seven.

Spooner was stopped at the six. On fourth down Murdock booted a field goal from a slightly wide angle - an official 24-yarder. And FSU led 10-0.

On a key third-down play Dick Hermann nailed Dupree on a sweep, and Florida punted to FSU's 40.


Tensi sailed one to Biletnikoff and it might have been a 60-yard touchdown. All alone, Biletnikoff caught it at Florida's 37, stumbled and slipped out of bounds. It was a 23-yard gain. But the Seminoles bogged down, and Murdock's field-goal try was wide.

Still stalled, Florida punted, a 32-yarder by Spurrier to FSU's 49.

Giardino sprinted for five. Spooner struck for 15 to the 31. Giardino, in three carries got to the 21, but fumbled on his last run and Jim Burkhart recovered for Florida.

Casey dropped a pass on FSU's 40 after getting behind an FSU defender. Might have scored on a 66-yard play had he held on. Then Shinholser whammed Spurrier for a loss of four. Then Spurrier punted to the FSU 43.

A Tensi-to-Floyd pass picked up 18 to Florida's 37 on the first play of the final quarter. Giardino slashed through for 14 to the 23, dug on to the 15 in two more runs.

On fourth down Murdock kicked a field goal from the 24 for a 13-0 lead.

And suddenly Florida struck.

Casey started it with a 10-yard catch from Spurrier. Then Casey caught another, for 14 yards at FSU's 47. Febier ran for six.


Then Spurrier hit Harper with a long one and Maury Bibent pulled him down on the six after a 35-yard gain. On the next play Harper bulled into the end zone on a strong, determined off-tackle run. Jimmy Hall added a point to narrow things to 13-7 with 9:03 to play.

Florida tried an onside kick, Guard Larry Williamson, in action for the ailing Dale MacKenzie, covered it for FSU on the Florida 48.

Promptly the Seminoles moved in for a 3-pointer that virtually locked it up.

Tensi's 26-yard pass to Floyd at the 22 started the important movement. But the Tribe got stopped at the 21. Murdock socked home a 40-yarder on fourth down for a 16-7 lead with 6:42 left.

Florida came back throwing and Winfred Bailey intercepted a desperate Spurrier pitch at the FSU 34.

Tensi passed 11 yards to Floyd, but the Seminoles got no further than midfield, had to punt.

Florida, starting with 3:30 left, pushed quickly to FSU's 41 on two Spurrier passes to Casey. But Bill McDowell intercepted one, raced to Florida's 32. The clock showed 1:42.

FSU stuck to the ground, and Florida held for three downs at the 24.

With less than a minute left, Florida got nowhere. Spurrier got slapped for a 6-yard loss by Frank Pennie, back to the 13. Gary Thomas caught a short pass at the 14, and that ended it.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

2nd   7- 0  Fred Biletnikoff, 55, pass from Steve Tensi (Les Murdock, kick), 10:57
      7- 0  Les Murdock, 44, field goal failed, 5:01 
3rd  10- 0  Les Murdock, 24, field goal, 10:37
     10- 0  Les Murdock, 54, field goal failed, 6:30 
4th  13- 0  Les Murdock, 34, field goal, 12:03
     13- 7  Opp, 6, run (kick), 9:03 
     16- 7  Les Murdock, 40, field goal, 6:42 

FSU OPP First downs 15 9 Rushes-yards 45-142 36- 57 Passing 190 187 Att-Comp-Int 22-11-1 24-12-2 Total Yards 67-332 60-244 Punt Returns 2-1 3-10 Kickoff Returns 2-20 3-62 Interception Ret. 2-32 1-0 Fumble Returns 4-0 2-0 Punts 4-32.5 7-34.3 Fumbles-Lost 2-2 5-4 Penalties-Yds 4-24 2-10 Attendance 43,000 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Wayne Giardino 19- 72 Phil Spooner 21- 71 Joe Petko 3- 7 Larry Green 2- 3 Steve Tensi 3- -11 Receiving Don Floyd 7- 85 Fred Biletnikoff 2- 78 Bill "Red" Dawson 2- 27 Passing Steve Tensi 22-11-1-190 Punt Return Phil Spooner 2- 1 Kickoff Return Phil Spooner 1- 17 Larry Williamson 1- 3 Punting John Hosack 4- 130 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bill McDowell . . . . . 1- 32 . . . . . . Winfred Bailey . . . . . 1- 0 . . . . . . George D'Allesandro . . . . . . . . 2- 0 . . . Howard Ehler . . . . . . . . 2- 0 . . . Maury Bibent . . . . . . . . 1- 0 . . .


01/02/1965, Gator Bowl, Jacksonville, Fl

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, January 3, 1965, page 3B, by Bill McGrotha.

JACKSONVILLE, FL - For the biggest crowd in Gator Bowl history, Steve Tensi and Fred Biletnikoff threw just about the biggest farewell party in any bowl's history.

And Florida State clobbered Oklahoma here Saturday afternoon 36-19.

Tensi threw five touchdown passes and Biletnikoff caught four as a sellout 50,408 rubbed their eyes and blew their horns.

The incredible Biletnikoff caught 13 passes for 192 yards. No one in bowl history ever caught that many. The equally dazzling Tensi completed 23 of 36 for 303 yards.

FSU racked a hatful of Gator Bowl records - including most points scored by one team and most first downs (29). All of the figures involved in Biletnikoff's catching totals were Gator Bowl records. So were all of Tensi's figures.

This 20th Annual Gator Bowl was, altogether, an amazing spectacle on a warm, sunshiny day that followed clouds of confusion on Thursday and Friday.

It's a moot question whether Florida State was hurt more by the loss of kicking specialist Les Murdock (held out because of the possibility of ineligibility) or Oklahoma by the absence of Fullback Jim Grisham, Tackle Ralph Neely, Halfback Lance Rentzel and End Wes Skidget. All four signed pro contracts prematurely and were ruled out of the game on Friday.

Each of the Oklahoma players lost were offensive specialists, and it was on defense that the Sooners had most of the difficulty Saturday.

FSU had constant trouble with its kickoffs, as well as extra point attempts. The Seminoles made not one extra point.

Despite the overpowering passing attack, it was defense that struck the first blow for FSU. Howard Ehler intercepted a Sooner pass and skipped 69 yards for a touchdown that brought an early 6-0 FSU lead.

Oklahoma came back quickly for a 7-6 lead following a 26-yard punt that gave the Sooners a start on the FSU 38. Jon Kennedy scored from the one.

That, incidentally, was the only time FSU punted all afternoon.

The Seminoles were behind no longer than it took to move the ball in on the next series. They reeled 90 yards with Tensi throwing 15 to Biletnikoff for the payoff early in the second quarter.

By halftime it was 24-7 with Tensi pitching 14 and 10 yards to Biletnikoff for following touchdowns.

At this point FSU followers were making so much fuss with their horn blowing that the public-address announcer indicated they were drowning out national television play-by-play. He requested that they cease, and they slowed down some.

Oklahoma cut the score to 24-13 with 4:30 left in the third quarter, scoring after recovering a fumble on the FSU 2-yard line. Tommy Pannell got that one from a yard out.

FSU immediately went 70 yards for a fifth TD, Don Floyd taking a 10-yard scoring pass from Tensi.

Oklahoma trimmed the score to 30-19 on the most sensational bit of the day, a 95-yard pass play with Ronnie Fletcher, a 5-9, 157-pound substitute quarterback, on the throwing end and Ben Hart, a 6-2 Negro speedster, catching.

Hart was dandy, finishing with six catches for 165 yards.

Oklahoma had to abandon whatever plans it had for running - and managed only 74 yards. The Sooners hit on 10 of 22 passes for 209 yards.

FSU got a final touchdown with 4:40 to play when Tensi tossed seven yards to Biletnikoff to climax an 80-yard push.

Tensi and Biletnikoff collaborated for one other touchdown, a 24-yard play rubbed out by an illegal motion call.

In addition to 303 yards via air, the Seminoles got 217 on the ground. Phil Spooner was the leader, getting 125 yards in 27 runs. Wayne Giardino picked up 82 in seven, including a 52-yarder that paved the final touchdown.

Floyd, out briefly just before halftime with the wind knocked out of him, caught five Tensi throws for 52 yards.

FSU defenders - led by Frank Pennie, Disk Hermann, Bill McDowell, and Jack Shinholser - had their brightest moment at game's end when they waged a successful stand against four Oklahoma runs inside the two.

Tensi and Biletnikoff were acclaimed by pressbox vote Most Valuable Players for FSU, and Oklahoma Linebacker Carl McAdams was judged the Sooners' best.

Immediately after the game seven Seminoles signed pro contracts. Tensi, Floyd, Center Jack Edwards and Murdock were penned by the San Diego Chargers. The Oakland Raiders signed Biletnikoff and Hermann. Tackle Avery Sumner went with the Detroit Lions.

Biletnikoff made the biggest cash haul. The speculation is that the contract calls for about $100,000 on a 2-year, no-cut basis.

At the start, Oklahoma won the coin toss and chose to kick off, taking the wind at its back.

On the third down, after two runs gained six to the 36, Tensi threw his first pass - and Rodney Crosswhite cut in to intercept a toss that was deflected by two or three players. Crosswhite ran it back for short yardage to the FSU 40.

Two runs got six. On third down at the 34, Oklahoma went into the air, too. Ehler zipped in to intercept Page's throw into the flats and the Tavares junior raced 69 yards down the sidelines for a touchdown.

Terry Garvin kept him going with a clearing block about half way.

Phil Spooner's extra point try missed after a delay penalty put the Tribe five yards further out.

Jack Shinholser's kickoff was returned seven yards to the Oklahoma 27.

Six runs lifted the Sooners to the 47. There they had to punt, and it was a good one, to FSU's seven.

FSU worked the ball up to its 12, then kicked back. John Hosack's boot was relatively short, up to the FSU 38.

Oklahoma pounded in from there, on 11 straight runs. Jon Kennedy and Larry Brown did the big work. From the one, on third down, Kennedy hit the left side for the touchdown. Butch Metcalf added the point for 7-6 with 1:53 left in the quarter.

Florida State immediately drove 90 yards to go ahead 12-7.

From the 10, Spooner spun wide for 18 to the 28. After a holding penalty pushed the Seminoles back to the 13, Spooner dashed in again, for eight. Then Tensi hit Biletnikoff for the first time, a first down at the 41.

On the last play of the quarter, Spooner romped for nine to the 50. Again Spooner was turned loose, wide to the 37. Two short passes to Floyd were the big implements in paving a first down at the 23.

On the draw, Spooner shot through to the 15. Floyd caught one at the two but an official ruled him out of bounds, voiding it.

No matter, Biletnikoff got free, hauled in a Tensi toss at the two, scooted untouched into the end zone for six points. But Tensi's passing try for two points was intercepted by Carl McAdams.

FSU kicked off twice, the first out of bounds and Oklahoma started from its 44. Mike Ringer whipped around end for 21 quick yards, to FSU's 35. But two plays later Brown fumbled and George D'Allesandro grabbed it at the 37.

Tensi threw long, long - 65 yards in the air - and it just escaped Biletnikoff around the Oklahoma 20. A 16-yard pass to Floyd soon was good for a first down at the Oklahoma 44. However, two plays later Floyd caught a 13-yarder at the 29. A Tensi screen to Giardino carried to the 19. Spooner struck to the 14. Then Tensi whipped another to Biletnikoff in the end zone for a third TD.

A passing try for two points again failed.

Oklahoma tried again, getting another good start after a kickoff, at its 40. Two third-down pass completions, Page to Hart for 13 and 16 yards, spurred the Sooners to the 29. But, on another third down, Shinholser shot through to drop Page for a seven-yard loss back on the 36. Page punted out of bounds at the 11 with 2:59 left in the half.

Tensi immediately threw to Blankenship, at the 23, then hit Biletnikoff at the 39. On a third straight passing play, Tensi scooted one to Biletnikoff who scooted away from a tackler, raced to the Oklahoma 22 for a 39-yard gain. Biletnikoff grabbed another at the 14. Larry Green smashed on a tackle slant for a first down at the seven.

But Tensi overshot Biletnikoff in the end zone, Spooner gained only two, then lost five on a reverse. Fourth down now, and Tensi simply threw 10 yards to Biletnikoff in the end zone for the score.

Tensi overthrew Spooner in a passing bid for two. It was 24-7 with 37 seconds left in the half.

On two pass grabs by Hart, Oklahoma got as far as FSU's 30 before time ran out.

An intermission count showed Tensi with 13 completions in 21 tries for 182 yards, Biletnikoff with seven catches for 122.

Joe Petko raced to FSU's 37 with the second-half kickoff. Giardino slashed for 11 yards to the 48. Spooner dug to Oklahoma's 45. But Tensi's first pass of the half, aimed toward Floyd (now back in action), was intercepted by Rick McCurdy at the 34.

But the Sooners got only four yards in three plays, punted to FSU's 26.

A Tensi-Biletnikoff collaboration for 10 yards sparked a quick move to the FSU 44, and Spooner kicked off eight to the Oklahoma 48. Green got three. Tensi's long pass to Floyd was barely broken up at the three. But Biletnikoff caught a 12-yarder at the 33.

Then McAdams intercepted a Tensi pitch and galloped 26 yards to the 50.

Oklahoma lost five on a penalty, then Bill McDowell slung Page down for a 6-yard loss. The Sooners punted. Biletnikoff gathered it in at the 11, retreated for running room, fumbled and Oklahoma's Jerry Goldsby recovered at the two.

On third down, Tommy Pannell went wide to the left and scored from the one. Butch Metcalf kicked the point for 24-14. However, FSU was offside on the play and Oklahoma chose to accept the penalty and go for two points.

Brown missed Hart on an option pass into the end zone. So that sent it back to 24-13 with 4:26 left in the quarter.

Biletnikoff returned the kickoff to FSU's 30 but a clipping penalty dictated a start from the 18. So the Tribe drove 82 yards to a payoff that came on the last play of the quarter.

Spooner picked up 13 in two runs. Giardino hit for three. An official ruled that Spooner's fumble on the next play, with an apparent Oklahoma recovery, came after the whistle had blown. Tensi passed to Biletnikoff at the 50.

Spooner, on a draw, slipped away from a tackler, raced for 16 to the 34. Tensi passed to Red Dawson at the 18, then to Giardino, on a screen, for five more.

Promptly, Tensi passed over the middle to Floyd for 13 yards and touchdown No. 5. Again a passing try for two failed, leaving it 30-13.

Frank Pennie's dumping of Page for a loss of eight on a double-reverse effort stymied Oklahoma's next effort.

FSU had a crack from its 45 after a punt.

A 14-yard pass to Biletnikoff, coupled with a roughing penalty, placed FSU on the Oklahoma 24. Tensi tossed to Biletnikoff for an apparent touchdown but a flag was down early. Illegal motion was called and FSU penalized to its 29. Tensi's next pass was intercepted by Crosswhite at the three.

On third down, Fletcher came in, reared back and threw long to Hart, who gathered the ball in at midfield and raced for an easy touchdown on a 95-yard play. The clock showed 11:22 to play.

With 10:17 to go, Oklahoma got another chance when Spooner fumbled after catching a Tensi pass. Bill Hill recovered for Oklahoma at the FSU 43.

But Page was racked by McDowell for minus nine back on the Oklahoma 48, and Fletcher's two desperate passes failed. Page punted into the end zone.

FSU drove 80 yards to score with 4:40 left.

Big lick was Giardino's 52-yard dash from FSU's 34 to Oklahoma's 14. It was a sweep with Giardino outmaneuvering tacklers before Crosswhite finally brought him down.

Spooner got to the seven in two runs. On fourth down, Tensi passed to Biletnikoff for a TD. Spooner missed on an extra-points kick. It was 36-19.

Then Oklahoma moved from its 40 to final frustration on the FSU one-yard line.

Passes got the Sooners across midfield, and passes kept them going. A big one was Gordon Brown's 15-yard catch at the 13. Two passes missed but Page found G Brown again at the two. A first down.

Three runs got Oklahoma on closer than a half yard. On the last play of the game, on fourth down, Dick Hermann met Larry Brown as he tried the right side, and Mr. Brown got nothing.

From the Tallahassee Democrat
With the 20th Annual Gator Bowl over and Florida State having completed what may be its greatest performance ever, All-America Flanker Back Fred Biletnikoff signed with the Oakland Raiders of the American Football League.

Oakland Coach Al Davis, smiling happily along with Biletnikoff's attorney, Babe Starry of Tallahassee, inked what is believed to be a $100,000 contract and the most lucrative ever accorded an FSU player.

Biletnikoff signed in front of the ABC television cameras with well wishers pushing and shoving to get a glimpse at Florida State's first All-American.

With the game three-quarters gone, a worried Davis made his way down from the press box to a little cubbyhole behind the FSU bench. There he sat and heaved and sighed every time the hard-hitting Oklahoma defenders pounced on his boy.

Davis had said before the game that he expected to sign Biletnikoff.

Before Fred signed in front of the cameras, Detroit Lions' Scout Lou Creekmur tapped Biletnikoff saying, "No chance for Detroit, Fred?"

"No sir, I've decided to sign with Oakland," Fred replied over his shoulder as he was being beckoned from every side.

Later in the dressing room Creekmur commented on Biletnikoff's choice to play for the Raiders.

"He signed with Oakland and that's all I can say." And abruptly turned on his heels and walked away.

Biletnikoff and Quarterback Steve Tensi, who put on the greatest passing spectacle ever witnessed in the Gator Bowl, were the last to reach the delirious FSU dressing quarters under the east stands. It took them approximately 30 minutes as fans, young and old, clambered and pushed to get an autograph and offer their congratulations.

Said one rabid father decked out with all the FSU paraphernalia, "I want my boys to get their autograph." He shoved them into the crowd of wild fans around the two heroes.

After the official signing on the east side of the field. Davis, Starry and Biletnikoff made their way to the other sideline on the west for a post-game interview with ABC Commentator George Ratterman, the former Cleveland Brown.

It was short and quick, the usual TV questions and answers that always follow with the game's outstanding player.

As Biletnikoff departed Ratterman said:

"The boy is the greatest college receiver I've ever seen. He and Tensi put on one of the greatest passing performances that I believe I've ever seen college or professional."

Biletnikoff and Tensi were met by Fred's Mother at the gate a short distance from the FSU locker room.

Tensi got there first, helmet in hand and kissed Mrs. Biletnikoff, "We did it, Mom, you know it's the last time Freddie and I will be together," he said.

Biletnikoff, by now the one target of photographers and pounding Seminole supporters, finally got to his Mother.

"How'd you like it, Ma?" Fred said.

"It was fine," said Mrs. Biletnikoff as she pulled him close.

Five minutes and 59 shoves later, she said, "It was Fred's decision as to who he would sign with. It's a long way from home (Erie, Pa) but we're happy if that's what he wanted to do."

In the FSU dressing room, there was another happy American Football League coach.

"Biletnikoff has tremendous pro potential," San Diego Charger Head Coach Sid Gillman said after he had corralled four FSU players.

"No I wouldn't want to compare him with our Lance Alworth. Fred's a college senior and Lance's a three-year veteran. I'm sure Biletnikoff will have a fine career."

Davis, in the meantime, was getting the signature of FSU linebacker Dick Hermann on the dotted line.

He reflected on his busy day.

"I can't say how happy we are to get Fred. Gee, was I proud of him out there today. I think beyond a doubt that he is the best college receiver in the land."

After the interview with Ratterman, Davis had hollered to Biletnikoff. "We'll take care of you, Fred." He clarified this statement.

"A boy that signs with any professional team has reservations about the organization he will be responsible to. There's a certain amount of pride involved as to what the boy thinks of the club management and likewise what the management thinks of the boy.

"I just wanted to assure Fred that we're with him all the way."

From the Tallahassee Democrat
The Florida State University Seminoles broke a dozen or so Gator Bowl records Saturday afternoon in a convincing 36-19 victory over the Oklahoma University Sooners.

One record was broken even before the game started when 50,408 people filed into the Gator Bowl on a sunshiny, spring-like afternoon. This was the largest crowd ever to watch a game here.

All 50,408 - plus a national TV audience - got their money's worth in a game that had everything, but mainly it had Steve Tensi and Fred Biletnikoff, who were named co-winners of the FSU most valuable player trophy.

Tensi broke four passing records and Biletnikoff broke four receiving records. Several team records were also broken. Tensi threw for 5 TDs, four of them to All-American Biletnikoff.

More than 12,000 FSU fans from the Big Bend followed the team here but before the day was over the Seminoles had thousands more of "live" fans from all over Florida and undoubtedly many more via TV.

This marked the first time ever that FSU, playing outside of Tallahassee, had a predominantly partisan crowd. The ovations the team got when it came on the field was reminiscent of the FSU-Florida game last November in Tallahassee.

One impressed fellow was heard to comment "FSU really isn't a girls school anymore, is it?"

The game itself was a football fan's dream. The number of points scored by FSU was a Gator Bowl record. The combined total of both teams, in points and yards gained, set records. And FSU's Seven Magnificents put the icing on the cake with a magnificent goal line stand at the game's end.

There was just never a dull moment.

There were so many Tallahassee people here that it looked like old home week before the game. Jacksonville's Roosevelt Hotel lobby Saturday morning resembled the Floridian Hotel during a political rally, except that everybody here was on the same side.

Traffic wasn't too much of a problem. Most FSU fans were here early and brought lunches. The Tom Raker family gets the prize for the most enterprise - they brought a trailer and camped out within walking distance of the Gator Bowl.

FSU assistant Coach Bob Harbison and wife Jane almost needed a trailer. They got settled in a second-floor hotel room and had to move out when Miss America decided she wanted their room. But the Harbisons were comfortably settled elsewhere in the hotel.

The public-address announcer got the biggest laugh of the day when he told the fans to drive carefully when leaving the stadium "and you'll get there sooner." The crowd reaction reminded him that he had said the wrong word. Oklahoma is nicknamed the Sooners - and he said "I guess I said the wrong word."

Having national TV coverage is not without its problems. Stadium vendors sold long, loud horns, but at halftime they begged the fans not to blow them because "they're ruining the TV coverage."

The introduction of players, preceding the game, caused the game to start 20 minutes late. And the TV time outs - called strictly to work in commercials - added to the extra length of the game.

But nobody cared. And darned few left before the final whistle. All in all, it was quite a day, a very satisfying day for FSU.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   6- 0  Howard Ehler, 69, interception return (Phil Spooner, kick failed), 11:40
      6- 7  Opp, 1, run (kick), 1:53 
2nd  12- 7  Fred Biletnikoff, 15, pass from Steve Tensi (Steve Tensi, pass intercepted), 12:16
     18- 7  Fred Biletnikoff, 14, pass from Steve Tensi (Steve Tensi, pass failed), 6:28 
     24- 7  Fred Biletnikoff, 9, pass from Steve Tensi (Steve Tensi, pass failed), 0:37 
3rd  24-13  Opp, 2, run (pass failed), 4:26 
     30-13  Don Floyd, 14, pass from Steve Tensi (Steve Tensi, pass failed), 0:00 
4th  30-19  Opp, 95, pass (pass failed), 11:22
     36-19  Fred Biletnikoff, 6, pass from Steve Tensi (Phil Spooner, kick failed), 4:40 

FSU OPP First downs 29 13 Rushes-yards 36-217 42- 74 Passing 303 209 Att-Comp-Int 36-23-4 22-10-1 Total Yards 72-520 64-283 Punt Returns 2-4 1-6 Kickoff Returns 5-69 6-82 Interception Ret. 1-69 4-35 Fumble Returns 1-0 2-0 Punts 1-26.0 6-37.8 Fumbles-Lost 4-2 3-1 Penalties-Yds 8-52 3-35 Attendance 50,408 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Phil Spooner 27- 125 Wayne Giardino 7- 82 Larry Green 2- 10 Receiving Fred Biletnikoff 13- 192 Don Floyd 5- 52 Phil Spooner 1- 17 Bill "Red" Dawson 1- 16 Wayne Giardino 2- 14 Buddy Blankenship 1- 12 Passing Steve Tensi 36-23-4-303 Punt Return Fred Biletnikoff 2- 4 Kickoff Return Fred Biletnikoff 2- 31 Joe Petko 1- 22 Phil Spooner 1- 16 Wayne Giardino 1- 0 Punting John Hosack 1- 26 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Howard Ehler . . . . . 1- 69 . . . . . . George D'Allesandro . . . . . . . . 1- 0 . . .