Florida State Football - 1969 Year In Review

Florida State Football - 1969 Year In Review

Coaching Staff
Bill Peterson, Head Coach
Al Conover, Offensive Line
Bob Harbison, Defensive Chief
Dan Henning, Quarterbacks, Receivers
Bobby Jackson, Defensive Ends, Linebackers
Gene McDowell, Head Recruiter
John McGregor, Recruiting Assistant
Bud Whitehead, Running Backs
Charlie Wright, Freshman
Gary Wyant, First Assistant, Defensive Backs

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1969 FSU Football Handbook

Bill Cappleman

1969 Florida State Signees/Newcomers

From the 1969 FSU Football Handbook, page 24.

Richard Amman, 6-6, 220, DT, Cocoa Beach - Best young defensive player up from freshman team. Had fine spring practice and wound up a starter when McEachern was moved to end. Has speed, intelligence and frame to play position. Good lateral movement and toughness. Was switched from center where he played as a freshman. Outstanding potential. With experience, could be a great one.

David Barnes, 5-11, 175, DB, Maple Heights, OH

Bob Bedford, 6-3, 201, DE, Atlanta, GA - Injured during part of spring drills. Was a defensive end starter on last year's freshman team. Outstanding high school career. Should be a good one before he's through at Florida State.

Brian Bengtson, 6-3, 195, FL, Green Bay, WI - Son of Green Bay Packer Head Coach Phil Bengtson. Was quarterback in high school. Made switch during freshman year and thus lacks experience. Good hands but must improve moves. Hard worker and knows what game is all about. Showed spring improvement.

Eddie Davis, 6-3, 179, FL, Atlanta, GA - Outstanding potential. Has hands, speed, moves and natural quickness. With experience and concentration, he could help this season. Size and quickness are helpful.

Allen Dees, 6-2, 196, C, Lakeland - Fastest offensive lineman on squad. Runs 40 yards in 4.7 seconds. One of most pleasant surprises of spring. Will be in contention for starting berth. Has frame to add weight. Great quickness and fine enthusiasm. Was offensive guard on freshman team. Counted on to play this fall.

Dickie Edwards, 6-2, 200, LB, Atlanta, GA

John Essex, 6-2, 226, OT, Miami - A youngster who in time should be a fine offensive lineman. Experience is the only thing lacking.

Bill Ewing, 6-1, 203, LB, Americus, GA

Mike Glass, 6-3, 202, TE, Tampa - Younger brother of Chip Glass. Impressed coaches with his enthusiasm and work during spring and reportedly improved "a 100 percent" over 1968 when he was the starter for the frosh. Another youngster who needs physical maturity. Coachable-wants to learn and play. Lack of experience could prove handicap during sophomore season.

Guy Glisson, 6-0, 195, LB, Tampa - A converted defensive end. Out three weeks during spring with injuries. Made conversion without problems. Has desire and ability but needs work. Could be outstanding if things fall into place.

Buddy Gridley, 5-11, 195, DB, Tallahassee - Impressive in early spring work. Had made rapid progress toward top when broken arm put him on sideline. Even though he missed half of spring drills, he'll be contender for starting berth with result resting on how well he fairs in pre-season practice. Excellent strength, good speed and one of the tougher defensive backs.

Ron Herbein, 6-1, 221, DT, Largo - Another youngster who is counted on for the future. Has size but lacks experience.

Paul Magalski, 5-11, 210, FB, Garfield Heights, OH - Standout back among last year's freshmen. Just a little behind others in age and experience. Fastest running back besides Munroe. Has shown signs of outstanding ability. Another young back who has outstanding potential.

Jack Maynard, 6-0, 203, PK, Tallahassee

J.W. McKinnie, 6-2, 195, DE, Macon, GA - Has quickness similar to Wallace. Hopefully, he'll be bigger this fall. Should log playing time this season.

Roger Minor, 6-3, 198, OT, Delray Beach - In the same category as Essex. Has great strength. Must improve techniques.

John Montgomery, 6-1, 191, DB, Jacksonville - One of outstanding prospects off last year's freshman team where he was the starting quarterback. Had fine spring game when he intercepted two passes and knocked down another. Has natural talent, including speed and quickness. Played every position in secondary during spring, thus proving his athletic ability and value this fall.

Calvin Patterson, 5-10, 196, RB, Miami - Has exceptional balance and good speed. Runs to daylight and is an exciting runner. Has potential to become an above average back. Must improve blocking. Is a good receiver.

Reece Rainey, 6-0, 186, LB, Greenville, AL

Ron Ratliff, 6-0, 178, DB, West Palm Beach

Dan Roatche, 5-10, 198, C, Hatboro, PA

Jim Sawyer, 6-2, 215, OG, Santa Ana, CA - A junior college transfer, it took him most of spring to learn Florida State offense. However, he was making progress at end of drills. Excellent speed to go with size.

Bill Shaw, 6-2, 219, DE, Marietta, GA - Another true sophomore who has possibilities. Converted from tight end. Moved to offensive guard during spring and then switched to defense the final week. Outstanding size and good speed.

Craig Sowers, 6-4, 224, C, Fort Lauderdale - Has made progress because of fine determination. Another future prospect. Reminds coaches of a young Ted Mosley.

Jackie Speer, 6-3, 181, DB, Groveland - Moved from linebacker last two weeks of spring practice and adjusted remarkably well. So well, in fact, that he will become candidate for starting job. Good size and fine speed. Loves combat. Despite inexperience at position, he was secondary key during Garnet and Gold contest.

Wayne Spence, 6-3, 235, DT, Macon, GA - Played defense as a freshman. Thus, offense is new and lack of experience is biggest drawback. Very strong, he was outstanding prep wrestler. Counted on for the future.

Larry Strickland, 6-1, 206, LB, Tallahassee - A product of Tallahassee's Rickards High School. Started spring as linebacker but switched late in spring practice. Has speed to play position. Showed spring improvement despite nagging injuries. Has toughness.

Donn Szaro, 6-0, 191, DE, Saint Petersburg

Dan Whitehurst, 6-4, 207, LB, Adel, GA - Needs more weight on a 6-4 frame. If he matures physically, he could push for a starting berth. Injured during part of spring drills but came back to play well in Garnet and Gold contest. Best linebacker to come off freshman squad and has all-star potential if he makes normal progress. All-State performer at Cook County High School in Adel, Ga. Right now, he lacks consistancy - which is normal for a sophomore. One play he looks great and later on same play he may make mistake.

Ted Zaffran, 6-3, 202, TE, Orlando - A hard worker who needs to mature physically. Has better than average hands. Was another pleasant surprise during spring practice. Will be an asset as a backup man.

1969 Roster - By Name

From the 1969 FSU Football Handbook, page 42.
T                                                  PY
R No Name                  Pos     Hgt   Wgt  Cl   Ltr  Hometown (Prior School)
* 19 Phil Abraira          DB      6-0   180  Sr   **   Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale)
* 75 Richard Amman         DT      6-6   220  So        Cocoa Beach (Cocoa Beach)
     Rick Anderson         TE      6-2   210  Jr-R      Winter Haven (Winter Haven)
* 28 Robert Ashmore        DB      6-0   185  So-R      Tallahassee (Leon)
* 30 Tom Bailey            RB      6-2   212  Jr   *    Coral Gables (Coral Gables)
  16 David Barnes          DB      5-11  175  So        Maple Heights, OH (Maple Heights)
* 62 Theron Bass           LB      5-11  200  Jr   *    Live Oak (Suwannee)
  89 Bob Bedford           DE      6-3   201  So        Atlanta, GA (Grady)
  46 Brian Bengtson        FL      6-3   195  So        Green Bay, WI (Premontre)
* 80 Steve Beville         DE      6-2   205  So-R      Fernandina Beach (Fernandina Beach)
* 54 Bobby Burt            LB      6-1   210  Jr-R *    Cairo, GA (Cairo)
* 14 Bill Cappleman        QB      6-3   210  Sr-R *    Dunedin (Dunedin)
* 11 Duane Carrell         PK-P    5-10  170  So-R      Washington, DC (Woodrow Wilson)
  32 Ed Chereshkoff        SE      5-10  187  Jr-R      Hollywood (McArthur)
  42 Bill Cheshire         P       6-1   193  Sr   **   Odum, GA (Wayne County)
* 77 Jeff Curchin          OT      6-6   255  Sr-R *    Ocala (Ocala)
  32 Eddie Davis           FL      6-3   179  So        Atlanta, GA (Sequoyah)
* 47 George Davis          FL      6-0   180  So-R      Winter Haven (Winter Haven)
* 82 Rhett Dawson          SE      6-1   187  So-R      Valdosta, GA (Valdosta)
  55 Allen Dees            C       6-2   196  So        Lakeland (Lakeland)
     George Diaz           DT      6-1   218  So-R      Jacksonville (Ribault)
     Dickie Edwards        LB      6-2   200  So        Atlanta, GA (North Springs)
  61 John Essex            OT      6-2   226  So        Miami (Columbus)
     Bill Ewing            LB      6-1   203  So        Americus, GA (Americus)
* 18 Kent Gaydos           SE      6-6   209  So-R      Dallas, TX (Winter Park)
* 58 Steve Gildea          LB      6-0   197  Jr   *    Daytona Beach (Father Lopez)
* 40 Brent Gilman          FB      6-2   205  Sr   *    Long Beach, CA (Lakewood)
  84 Mike Glass            TE      6-3   202  So        Tampa (Leto)
* 49 Guy Glisson           LB      6-0   195  So        Tampa (Hillsborough)
* 35 Mike Gray             FL      6-3   201  Jr   *    Lake Mary (Seminole)
* 44 Buddy Gridley         DB      5-11  195  So        Tallahassee (Leon)
* 33 Grant Guthrie         PK      6-0   204  Sr   **   Claymont, DE (Claymont)
* 86 Randy Hall            DE      6-0   206  Jr-R *    Miami (South Dade)
     Ron Herbein           DT      6-1   221  So        Largo (Seminole)
* 51 Bill Hughes           C       6-1   225  Jr-R *    Rockledge (Cocoa Beach)
* 48 James Jarrett         FB      6-2   207  So-R      Elizabethton, TN (Elizabethton)
* 78 Wayne Johnson         OT      6-2   238  Sr-R **   Macon, GA (Willingham)
* 73 Duke Johnston         DT      6-2   247  Sr   **   Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale)
* 24 John Lanahan          DB      6-0   196  So-R      Jacksonville (Bishop Kenny)
* 72 Randy Logan           OG      6-3   230  Sr   **   Seal Beach, CA (Lakewood)
* 56 Bill Lohse            LB      6-1   221  Jr   *    Saint Petersburg (Admiral Farragut)
* 57 Ron Lowe              LB      5-11  184  Jr-R      Thomaston, GA (Lee/Northeastern Oklahoma A&M JC)
* 31 Paul Magalski         FB      5-11  210  So        Garfield Heights, OH (Chanel)
  19 Jack Maynard          PK      6-0   203  So        Tallahassee (Florida)
* 74 Robert McEachern      DT-DE   6-2   221  Jr   *    Tallahassee (Florida)
* 65 J.W. McKinnie         DE      6-2   195  So        Macon, GA (Mark Smith)
  70 Roger Minor           OT      6-3   198  So        Delray Beach (Seacrest)
* 22 Doug Mitchell         DB      6-3   198  Jr-R      Williston (Williston)
* 63 George Montgomery     OG      6-2   220  So-R      Coral Gables (Coral Gables)
* 43 John Montgomery       DB      6-1   191  So        Jacksonville (Terry Parker)
* 27 Arthur Munroe         RB      6-1   184  So-R      Quincy (Quincy)
  41 Calvin Patterson      RB      5-10  196  So        Miami (Palmetto)
* 23 Don Pederson          FL      6-0   181  Jr   *    Groveland (Groveland)
* 21 John Pell             DB      6-1   178  Sr   *    Pahokee (Pahokee/Northeastern Oklahoma A&M JC)
  30 Reece Rainey          LB      6-0   186  So        Greenville, AL (Greenville)
  42 Ron Ratliff           DB      6-0   178  So        West Palm Beach (Forest Hill)
* 60 Barry Rice            LB      6-2   207  Jr-R *    Fernandina Beach (Fernandina Beach)
* 88 Beryl Rice            DE      6-0   201  Jr-R *    Fernandina Beach (Fernandina Beach)
* 76 Bill Rimby            OT      6-4   221  So-R      Saint Petersburg (Dixie Hollins)
  68 Dan Roatche           C       5-10  198  So        Hatboro, PA (Hatboro-Horsham)
* 29 Benny Rust            DB      6-0   188  So-R      West Palm Beach (Palm Beach)
* 67 Mike Sammons          OG      6-1   206  So-R      Atlanta, GA (Brown)
  61 Jim Sawyer            OG      6-2   215  Jr        Santa Ana, CA (Santa Ana)
* 85 Bill Shaw             DE      6-2   219  So        Marietta, GA (Wheeler)
  52 Craig Sowers          C       6-4   224  So        Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale)
  17 Jackie Speer          DB      6-3   181  So        Groveland (Groveland)
  71 Wayne Spence          DT      6-3   235  So        Macon, GA (Willingham)
* 53 Jay Stokes            OG      6-4   222  So-R      Sanford (Seminole)
  59 Larry Strickland      LB      6-1   206  So        Tallahassee (Rickards)
* 66 Joe Strickler         OT      6-2   235  So-R      Avon Park (Avon Park)
     Donn Szaro            DE      6-0   191  So        Saint Petersburg (Seminole)
* 20 Danny Thomas          DB      5-10  184  Sr   *    West Palm Beach (Palm Beach)
* 81 Jim Tyson             TE      6-1   208  Jr-R *    Pahokee (Pahokee)
* 79 Frank Vohun           DT      6-2   225  Sr-R **   Brooksville (Hernando)
* 64 Stan Walker           OG      6-3   219  Sr   **   Tallahassee (Leon)
* 83 Ron Wallace           DE      6-2   187  Jr   *    Macon, GA (Willingham)
  15 Tommy Warren          QB      5-11  163  Sr   **   Coral Gables (Coral Gables)
  26 Barry Wenhold         RB      5-10  201  Jr-R      Souderton, PA (Souderton)
  12 Frank Whigham         QB      6-0   181  So-R      Sanford (Seminole)
* 69 Tom White             DT      6-0   248  Jr-R      West Palm Beach (Palm Beach)
  50 Dan Whitehurst        LB      6-4   207  So        Adel, GA (Cook County)
* 87 Ted Zaffran           TE      6-3   202  So        Orlando (Bishop Moore)

1969 Roster - By Number

From the 1969 FSU Football Handbook, page 42.
T                                                  PY
R No Name                  Pos     Hgt   Wgt  Cl   Ltr  Hometown (Prior School)
     Rick Anderson         TE      6-2   210  Jr-R      Winter Haven (Winter Haven)
     George Diaz           DT      6-1   218  So-R      Jacksonville (Ribault)
     Dickie Edwards        LB      6-2   200  So        Atlanta, GA (North Springs)
     Bill Ewing            LB      6-1   203  So        Americus, GA (Americus)
     Ron Herbein           DT      6-1   221  So        Largo (Seminole)
     Donn Szaro            DE      6-0   191  So        Saint Petersburg (Seminole)
* 11 Duane Carrell         PK-P    5-10  170  So-R      Washington, DC (Woodrow Wilson)
  12 Frank Whigham         QB      6-0   181  So-R      Sanford (Seminole)
* 14 Bill Cappleman        QB      6-3   210  Sr-R *    Dunedin (Dunedin)
  15 Tommy Warren          QB      5-11  163  Sr   **   Coral Gables (Coral Gables)
  16 David Barnes          DB      5-11  175  So        Maple Heights, OH (Maple Heights)
  17 Jackie Speer          DB      6-3   181  So        Groveland (Groveland)
* 18 Kent Gaydos           SE      6-6   209  So-R      Dallas, TX (Winter Park)
* 19 Phil Abraira          DB      6-0   180  Sr   **   Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale)
  19 Jack Maynard          PK      6-0   203  So        Tallahassee (Florida)
* 20 Danny Thomas          DB      5-10  184  Sr   *    West Palm Beach (Palm Beach)
* 21 John Pell             DB      6-1   178  Sr   *    Pahokee (Pahokee/Northeastern Oklahoma A&M JC)
* 22 Doug Mitchell         DB      6-3   198  Jr-R      Williston (Williston)
* 23 Don Pederson          FL      6-0   181  Jr   *    Groveland (Groveland)
* 24 John Lanahan          DB      6-0   196  So-R      Jacksonville (Bishop Kenny)
  26 Barry Wenhold         RB      5-10  201  Jr-R      Souderton, PA (Souderton)
* 27 Arthur Munroe         RB      6-1   184  So-R      Quincy (Quincy)
* 28 Robert Ashmore        DB      6-0   185  So-R      Tallahassee (Leon)
* 29 Benny Rust            DB      6-0   188  So-R      West Palm Beach (Palm Beach)
* 30 Tom Bailey            RB      6-2   212  Jr   *    Coral Gables (Coral Gables)
  30 Reece Rainey          LB      6-0   186  So        Greenville, AL (Greenville)
* 31 Paul Magalski         FB      5-11  210  So        Garfield Heights, OH (Chanel)
  32 Ed Chereshkoff        SE      5-10  187  Jr-R      Hollywood (McArthur)
  32 Eddie Davis           FL      6-3   179  So        Atlanta, GA (Sequoyah)
* 33 Grant Guthrie         PK      6-0   204  Sr   **   Claymont, DE (Claymont)
* 35 Mike Gray             FL      6-3   201  Jr   *    Lake Mary (Seminole)
* 40 Brent Gilman          FB      6-2   205  Sr   *    Long Beach, CA (Lakewood)
  41 Calvin Patterson      RB      5-10  196  So        Miami (Palmetto)
  42 Bill Cheshire         P       6-1   193  Sr   **   Odum, GA (Wayne County)
  42 Ron Ratliff           DB      6-0   178  So        West Palm Beach (Forest Hill)
* 43 John Montgomery       DB      6-1   191  So        Jacksonville (Terry Parker)
* 44 Buddy Gridley         DB      5-11  195  So        Tallahassee (Leon)
  46 Brian Bengtson        FL      6-3   195  So        Green Bay, WI (Premontre)
* 47 George Davis          FL      6-0   180  So-R      Winter Haven (Winter Haven)
* 48 James Jarrett         FB      6-2   207  So-R      Elizabethton, TN (Elizabethton)
* 49 Guy Glisson           LB      6-0   195  So        Tampa (Hillsborough)
  50 Dan Whitehurst        LB      6-4   207  So        Adel, GA (Cook County)
* 51 Bill Hughes           C       6-1   225  Jr-R *    Rockledge (Cocoa Beach)
  52 Craig Sowers          C       6-4   224  So        Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale)
* 53 Jay Stokes            OG      6-4   222  So-R      Sanford (Seminole)
* 54 Bobby Burt            LB      6-1   210  Jr-R *    Cairo, GA (Cairo)
  55 Allen Dees            C       6-2   196  So        Lakeland (Lakeland)
* 56 Bill Lohse            LB      6-1   221  Jr   *    Saint Petersburg (Admiral Farragut)
* 57 Ron Lowe              LB      5-11  184  Jr-R      Thomaston, GA (Lee/Northeastern Oklahoma A&M JC)
* 58 Steve Gildea          LB      6-0   197  Jr   *    Daytona Beach (Father Lopez)
  59 Larry Strickland      LB      6-1   206  So        Tallahassee (Rickards)
* 60 Barry Rice            LB      6-2   207  Jr-R *    Fernandina Beach (Fernandina Beach)
  61 John Essex            OT      6-2   226  So        Miami (Columbus)
  61 Jim Sawyer            OG      6-2   215  Jr        Santa Ana, CA (Santa Ana)
* 62 Theron Bass           LB      5-11  200  Jr   *    Live Oak (Suwannee)
* 63 George Montgomery     OG      6-2   220  So-R      Coral Gables (Coral Gables)
* 64 Stan Walker           OG      6-3   219  Sr   **   Tallahassee (Leon)
* 65 J.W. McKinnie         DE      6-2   195  So        Macon, GA (Mark Smith)
* 66 Joe Strickler         OT      6-2   235  So-R      Avon Park (Avon Park)
* 67 Mike Sammons          OG      6-1   206  So-R      Atlanta, GA (Brown)
  68 Dan Roatche           C       5-10  198  So        Hatboro, PA (Hatboro-Horsham)
* 69 Tom White             DT      6-0   248  Jr-R      West Palm Beach (Palm Beach)
  70 Roger Minor           OT      6-3   198  So        Delray Beach (Seacrest)
  71 Wayne Spence          DT      6-3   235  So        Macon, GA (Willingham)
* 72 Randy Logan           OG      6-3   230  Sr   **   Seal Beach, CA (Lakewood)
* 73 Duke Johnston         DT      6-2   247  Sr   **   Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale)
* 74 Robert McEachern      DT-DE   6-2   221  Jr   *    Tallahassee (Florida)
* 75 Richard Amman         DT      6-6   220  So        Cocoa Beach (Cocoa Beach)
* 76 Bill Rimby            OT      6-4   221  So-R      Saint Petersburg (Dixie Hollins)
* 77 Jeff Curchin          OT      6-6   255  Sr-R *    Ocala (Ocala)
* 78 Wayne Johnson         OT      6-2   238  Sr-R **   Macon, GA (Willingham)
* 79 Frank Vohun           DT      6-2   225  Sr-R **   Brooksville (Hernando)
* 80 Steve Beville         DE      6-2   205  So-R      Fernandina Beach (Fernandina Beach)
* 81 Jim Tyson             TE      6-1   208  Jr-R *    Pahokee (Pahokee)
* 82 Rhett Dawson          SE      6-1   187  So-R      Valdosta, GA (Valdosta)
* 83 Ron Wallace           DE      6-2   187  Jr   *    Macon, GA (Willingham)
  84 Mike Glass            TE      6-3   202  So        Tampa (Leto)
* 85 Bill Shaw             DE      6-2   219  So        Marietta, GA (Wheeler)
* 86 Randy Hall            DE      6-0   206  Jr-R *    Miami (South Dade)
* 87 Ted Zaffran           TE      6-3   202  So        Orlando (Bishop Moore)
* 88 Beryl Rice            DE      6-0   201  Jr-R *    Fernandina Beach (Fernandina Beach)
  89 Bob Bedford           DE      6-3   201  So        Atlanta, GA (Grady)
Lettermen from the 1970 FSU Football Handbook, page 41.

1969 Noles in the Pros

Name                     No      Pos                Team
Fred Biletnikoff         25      WR                 Oakland  Raiders
Chip Glass               83      TE                 Cleveland  Browns
Kim Hammond              15      QB                 Boston Patriots
Dale McCullers           54      LB                 Miami Dolphins
Ron Sellers              34      WR                 Boston Patriots
Walt Sumner              29      DB                 Cleveland  Browns
Steve Tensi              13      QB                 Denver Broncos
Del Williams             61      OG                 New Orleans Saints

Noles in the Pros -  8

1969 Schedule and Results

MIAMI W 16-14
TULSA W 38-20
                Overall   Home    Away   Neutral
FSU RECORD IS    6- 3-1   4-1     2-2-1   0-0
AGAINST TOP 25   0- 2     0-0     0-2     0-0

1969 - 100 Yard Rushing Club

Name Date Opponent Att Yds Avg TDs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tom Bailey 10/25/1969 MISSISSIPPI STATE 19 131 6.89 1 Tom Bailey 11/01/1969 SOUTH CAROLINA 22 113 5.14 0 Paul Magalski 11/08/1969 VIRGINIA TECH 18 113 6.28 0 Paul Magalski 11/01/1969 SOUTH CAROLINA 12 111 9.25 2 Arthur Munroe 10/25/1969 MISSISSIPPI STATE 25 103 4.12 1

1969 - 100 Yard Receiving Club

Name Date Opponent Rec Yds Avg TDs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jim Tyson 10/25/1969 MISSISSIPPI STATE 10 167 16.70 0 Jim Tyson 10/18/1969 TULSA 8 127 15.88 2 Kent Gaydos 11/29/1969 HOUSTON 13 126 9.69 1 Don Pederson 11/15/1969 MEMPHIS STATE 4 119 29.75 2 Kent Gaydos 11/15/1969 MEMPHIS STATE 9 111 12.33 1

1969 - 300 Yard Passing Club

Name Date Opponent Att Cmp Yds Int Avg TDs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bill Cappleman 11/15/1969 MEMPHIS STATE 50 31 508 2 10.16 3 Bill Cappleman 10/18/1969 TULSA 37 19 372 3 10.05 3

1969 EOY Stats

From the 1970 FSU Football Handbook, page 60.
Overall Team Statistics TEAM STATISTICS FSU OPP -------------------------------------------------------- SCORING....................... 220 182 Points Per Game............. 22.0 18.2 TOUCHDOWNS.................... 27 25 TDs Rushing................. 8 13 TDs Passing................. 16 9 TDs Fumble Return........... 0 0 TDs Punt Return............. 1 0 TDs Interception............ 2 3 TDs Kickoff Return.......... 0 0 TDs Lateral................. 0 0 TDs Free Kick............... 0 0 PAT-ATTEMPTS.................. 22-27 19-25 Kick........................ 22-25 18-21 Pass........................ 0- 2 1- 4 Run......................... 0- 0 0- 0 FIELD GOALS-ATTEMPTS.......... 12-22 4-13 SAFETY........................ 0 0 FIRST DOWNS................... 199 153 Rushing..................... 84 82 Passing..................... 104 59 Penalty..................... 11 12 RUSHING YARDAGE............... 1049 1560 Yards gained rushing........ 1631 1941 Yards lost rushing.......... 582 381 Rushing Attempts............ 421 468 Average Per Rush............ 2.5 3.3 Average Per Game............ 104.9 156.0 PASSING YARDAGE............... 2550 1239 Att-Comp-Int................ 356-191-19 225-103-21 Efficiency.................. 117.98 86.57 Average Per Pass............ 7.2 5.5 Average Per Catch........... 13.4 12.0 Average Per Game............ 255.0 123.9 TOTAL OFFENSE................. 3599 2799 Total Plays................. 777 693 Average Per Play............ 4.6 4.0 Average Per Game............ 359.9 279.9 KICK RETURNS: #-YARDS......... 36- 705 39- 784 Average Per Return.......... 19.6 20.1 PUNT RETURNS: #-YARDS......... 31-424 21-297 Average Per Return.......... 13.7 14.1 INT RETURNS: #-YARDS.......... 21-223 19-225 Average Per Return.......... 10.6 11.8 FUMBLES-LOST.................. 42-27 36-22 PENALTIES-YARDS............... 62- 623 51- 485 Average Per Game............ 62.3 48.5 PUNTS-YARDS................... 54-1865 61-2220 Average Per Punt............ 34.5 36.4 Net punt average............ 29.0 29.4 ATTENDANCE.................... 155,090 197,423 Games-Avg Per Game.......... 5-31,018 5-39,485
 1st2nd3rd4th Total
Florida State
Overall Individual Statistics

RUSHING              G  Att Gain  Loss  Net   Avg  TD Long  Avg/G
Tom Bailey              144  665   35   630   4.4   2  34t
Arthur Munroe            83  328   44   284   3.4   3  19 
Paul Magalski            43  280    6   274   6.4   2  33t
James Jarrett            41  108   20    88   2.1   1  12 
Brent Gilman             29  104   18    86   3.0   0  16 
Don Pederson              1   16    0    16  16.0   0  16 
Frank Whigham             5   32   17    15   3.0   0  19 
Mike Gray                 1    0    3    -3  -3.0   0  -3 
Bill Cappleman           73   98  430  -332  -4.5   0  23 

Total.........      10  421 1631  582  1049   2.5   8  34t  104.9
Opponents.....      10  468 1941  381  1560   3.3  13       156.0

PASSING              G   Effic Att-Cmp-Int   Pct  Yds  TD Long  Avg/G
Bill Cappleman          116.40 344-183-18   .532 2467  14  80t
Frank Whigham            78.45   8-  5- 1   .625   39   0  12 
Arthur Munroe           382.60   2-  2- 0  1.000   28   1  22t
Tom Bailey              282.20   2-  1- 0   .500   16   1  16t

Total.........      10  117.98 356-191-19   .537 2550  16  80t  255.0
Opponents.....      10   86.57 225-103-21   .458 1239   9       123.9

RECEIVING            G  No   Yds   Avg  TD Long  Avg/G
Jim Tyson               49   720  14.7   4  51 
Kent Gaydos             37   449  12.1   3  40 
Don Pederson            21   363  17.3   5  80t
Tom Bailey              18   231  12.8   1  53t
Mike Gray               10   208  20.8   3  37t
Rhett Dawson            12   152  12.7   0  38 
Paul Magalski            9   114  12.7   0  22 
Arthur Munroe            8   110  13.8   0  25 
George Davis             8   110  13.8   0  20 
Ted Zaffran              6    42   7.0   0  11 
Brent Gilman             9    29   3.2   0   9 
James Jarrett            4    22   5.5   0  13 

Total.........      10 191  2550  13.4  16  80t  255.0
Opponents.....      10 103  1239  12.0   9       123.9

PUNT RETURNS         No  Yds   Avg TD Long
Phil Abraira         12  241  20.1  1  92t
John Pell            17  177  10.4  0  37 
Ron Lowe              1   12  12.0  0  12 
Arthur Munroe         1   -6  -6.0  0  -6 

Total.........       31  424  13.7  1  92t
Opponent......       21  297  14.1  0     

INTERCEPTIONS        No  Yds   Avg TD Long
Phil Abraira          5   54  10.8  0  35 
John Pell             3    3   1.0  0   3 
Robert Ashmore        2   44  22.0  0  31 
Danny Thomas          2   34  17.0  0  19 
Steve Gildea          2    9   4.5  0   5 
Barry Rice            2    3   1.5  0   3 
John Montgomery       1   27  27.0  1  27t
Frank Vohun           1   22  22.0  1  22t
Bobby Burt            1   13  13.0  0  13 
Bill Lohse            1    6   6.0  0   6 
Benny Rust            1    6   6.0  0   6 
Ron Lowe              1    5   5.0  0   5 

Total.........       21  223  10.6  2  35 
Opponent......       19  225  11.8  3     

KICK RETURNS         No  Yds   Avg TD Long
Arthur Munroe        11   238 21.6  0  47 
Phil Abraira          6   163 27.2  0  40 
Tom Bailey            3    75 25.0  0  27 
Mike Gray             2    60 30.0  0  42 
George Davis          3    48 16.0  0  22 
James Jarrett         3    40 13.3  0  15 
Don Pederson          4    40 10.0  0  18 
Paul Magalski         1    22 22.0  0  22 
Brent Gilman          2    19  9.5  0  11 
Randy Logan           1     0  0.0  0   0 

Total.........       36   705 19.6  0  47 
Opponent......       39   784 20.1  0     

FUMBLE RETURNS       No  Yds   Avg TD Long  For
Ron Wallace           6    0   0.0  0   .    2
Frank Vohun           4    0   0.0  0   .    0
Barry Rice            3    0   0.0  0   .    0
Tom White             3    0   0.0  0   .    0
Robert McEachern      1    0   0.0  0   .    1
Mike Gray             1    0   0.0  0   .    0
 Team                 1    0   0.0  0   .    0
Theron Bass           1    0   0.0  0   .    0
Steve Gildea          1    0   0.0  0   .    0
John Lanahan          1    0   0.0  0   .    0
Bill Lohse            0    0    .   0   .    1

Total.........       22        0.0  0        4
Opponent......       27        0.0  0     

                               |-------- PATs --------|
Name                 TD   FGs    Kick   Rush  Rcv Pass  DXP Saf Points
Grant Guthrie         0  11-20   15-17   0-0   0   0-0   0   0    48
Don Pederson          5   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0    30
Jim Tyson             4   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0    24
Tom Bailey            3   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0    18
Kent Gaydos           3   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0    18
Mike Gray             3   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0    18
Arthur Munroe         3   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0    18
Paul Magalski         2   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0    12
Duane Carrell         0   1-3     7-8    0-0   0   0-0   0   0    10
Phil Abraira          1   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0     6
James Jarrett         1   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0     6
John Montgomery       1   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0     6
Frank Vohun           1   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-0   0   0     6
Bill Cappleman        0   0-0     0-0    0-0   0   0-2   0   0     0
FSU                  27  12-23   22-25   0-0   0   0-2   0   0   220
Opponent             25   4-13   18-21   0-0   1   1-4   0   0   182
Don Pederson
Jim Tyson
Tom Bailey
Kent Gaydos
Mike Gray
Arthur Munroe
Paul Magalski
Phil Abraira
James Jarrett
John Montgomery
Frank Vohun
Bill Cappleman
R = Rushing
C = Catch
P = Pass
I = Interception
FR = Fumble Recovery/Return
PR = Punt Return/Blocked Punt
KR = Kickoff Return
L = Lateral
FK = Free Kick Return

TOTAL OFFENSE        G Plays Rush Pass Total Avg/G
Bill Cappleman          417  -332 2467  2135
Tom Bailey              146   630   16   646
Arthur Munroe            85   284   28   312
Paul Magalski            43   274    0   274
James Jarrett            41    88    0    88
Brent Gilman             29    86    0    86
Frank Whigham            13    15   39    54
Don Pederson              1    16    0    16
Mike Gray                 1    -3    0    -3

Total.........      10  777  1049 2550  3599 359.9
Opponent......      10  693  1560 1239  2799 279.9

FIELD GOALS         FGM-FGA  Pct 01-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-99 Lg
Grant Guthrie        11-20  .550  0- 1  2- 3  4- 6  3- 5  2- 5 53
Duane Carrell         1- 3  .333  0- 0  0- 1  1- 2  0- 0  0- 0 37
FG SEQUENCE Grant Guthrie Duane Carrell
(40), 35
(53), (27), (31)
37, (37)
55, 42, (42), (40), 51
55, (51)
(32), (32), 36
(31), (25)
() For made field goals

PUNTING             No  Yds   Avg Long  TB  FC I20 Blkd
Duane Carrell       32 1169  36.5  59                 
Frank Whigham       20  696  34.8  46                 
 Team                2    0   0.0   0                2

Total.........      54 1865  34.5  59                2
Opponent......      61 2220  36.4                    1

ALL PURPOSE          G Rush   Rec   PR   KR   IR   FR  Tot Avg/G
Tom Bailey              630   231    0   75    0    0  936
Jim Tyson                 0   720    0    0    0    0  720
Arthur Munroe           284   110   -6  238    0    0  626
Phil Abraira              0     0  241  163   54    0  458
Kent Gaydos               0   449    0    0    0    0  449
Don Pederson             16   363    0   40    0    0  419
Paul Magalski           274   114    0   22    0    0  410
Mike Gray                -3   208    0   60    0    0  265
John Pell                 0     0  177    0    3    0  180
George Davis              0   110    0   48    0    0  158
Rhett Dawson              0   152    0    0    0    0  152
James Jarrett            88    22    0   40    0    0  150
Brent Gilman             86    29    0   19    0    0  134
Robert Ashmore            0     0    0    0   44    0   44
Ted Zaffran               0    42    0    0    0    0   42
Danny Thomas              0     0    0    0   34    0   34
John Montgomery           0     0    0    0   27    0   27
Frank Vohun               0     0    0    0   22    0   22
Ron Lowe                  0     0   12    0    5    0   17
Frank Whigham            15     0    0    0    0    0   15
Bobby Burt                0     0    0    0   13    0   13
Steve Gildea              0     0    0    0    9    0    9
Bill Lohse                0     0    0    0    6    0    6
Benny Rust                0     0    0    0    6    0    6
Barry Rice                0     0    0    0    3    0    3
Bill Cappleman         -332     0    0    0    0    0 -332

Total.........      10 1049  2550  424  705  223    0 4951 495.1
Opponent......      10 1560  1239  297  784  225    0 4105 410.5

                        |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd
DEFENSIVE LEADERS   GP   UT   AT  Total   ForLoss     No - Yards  Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds  FF Kick Saf
Robert McEachern         69   38   107      .            .           .      .    .   1-  0   1   .   .
Ron Wallace              59   39    98      .            .           .      .    .   6-  0   2   .   .
Bill Lohse               51   36    87      .            .          1-  6   .    .    .      1   .   .
John Lanahan             26   42    68      .            .           .      .    .   1-  0   .   .   .
Barry Rice               38   26    64      .            .          2-  3   .    .   3-  0   .   .   .
Frank Vohun              36   28    64      .            .          1- 22   .    .   4-  0   .   .   .
Steve Gildea             37   23    60      .            .          2-  9   .    .   1-  0   .   .   .
Phil Abraira             35   25    60      .            .          5- 54   .    .    .      .   .   .
Ron Lowe                 22   23    45      .            .          1-  5   .    .    .      .   2   .
Theron Bass              22   20    42      .            .           .      .    .   1-  0   .   .   .
Danny Thomas             16   22    38      .            .          2- 34   .    .    .      .   .   .
John Pell                14   21    35      .            .          3-  3   .    .    .      .   .   .
Benny Rust               14   21    35      .            .          1-  6   .    .    .      .   .   .
Robert Ashmore           21   13    34      .            .          2- 44   .    .    .      .   .   .
John Montgomery          19   15    34      .            .          1- 27   .    .    .      .   .   .
Randy Hall               17   16    33      .            .           .      .    .    .      .   .   .
Bobby Burt               13   15    28      .            .          1- 13   .    .    .      .   .   .
Tom White                16    7    23      .            .           .      .    .   3-  0   .   .   .
Buddy Gridley            10   13    23      .            .           .      .    .    .      .   .   .
Beryl Rice               10    7    17      .            .           .      .    .    .      .   .   .
Bill Shaw                 7   10    17      .            .           .      .    .    .      .   .   .
Guy Glisson              10    7    17      .            .           .      .    .    .      .   .   .
Steve Beville             5    2     7      .            .           .      .    .    .      .   .   .
Richard Amman             1    4     5      .            .           .      .    .    .      .   .   .
J.W. McKinnie             1    2     3      .            .           .      .    .    .      .   .   .
Doug Mitchell             .    2     2      .            .           .      .    .    .      .   .   .
 Team                     .    .     .      .            .           .      .    .   1-  0   .   .   .
Mike Gray                 .    .     .      .            .           .      .    .   1-  0   .   .   .


09/20/1969, TALLAHASSEE, FL

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, 9/21/1969, page 1D, by Bill McGrotha

TALLAHASSEE, FL - If the playing conditions had been as they were here last night as Princeton and Rutgers played the first collegiate football game 100 years ago, there just wouldn't have been any centennial to crow about in 1969.

They would, surely, have forgotten the whole bit.

As frog-strangling rain fell from beginning to end, Florida State and Wichita State wallowed around in the slop looking for the football.

The visiting Shockers fumbled the football an incredible 17 times, with the Seminoles recovering 10 times. Meanwhile, Florida State fumbled 10 times, and Wichita State claimed seven of 'em.

The Seminoles won 24-0. If they played three times again under the same conditions it's doubtful whether Wichita State would score. The Shockers had every opportunity Saturday night.

In the first half, a startling turnout of 31,821 fans - oblivious to a disease called pnemonia - saw quarterback Bill Cappleman calmly ignore the adverse situation and complete eight of 11 passes for 125 yards as the Seminoles took a 17-0 lead.

But in the final half the quarterback managed only four completions in 16 tries for 55 yards. His receivers were dropping the ball right and left - but then, everyone else was too.

The Seminoles scored in the first quarter on Cappleman's 53-yard bomb to Tom Bailey and on Grant Guthrie's 40-yard field goal, in the second quarter on Arthur Monroe's 18-yard run, in the last quarter on Cappleman's 9-yard throw to Don Pederson.

As they shut out an opponent for the first time in 18 games, the Seminoles indicated more defensive potential than generally viewed. Wichita was almost helpless on the attack. The Shockers managed just 77 net yards, 29 running and 48 passing.

Best at finding the ball on this night were tackle Tom White and end Ronnie Wallace, who both recovered three Wichita fumbles for the Seminoles.

With Bailey running 20 times and gaining 93 yards, the Tribe gained 137 on the ground, had a total offense of 317 tacking on that 180 passing. But 243 of the total came in the first half as Wichita defenders, led by a fine tackle in Lynn Duncan, choked off FSU's ground game and defied Cappleman to complete passes in this mess.

Jim Tyson, the tight end, did cling to five throws for 65 yards.

Florida State had to punt five times, and fans held their breath on each. One was blocked. Duane Carrell and Frank Whigham kicked twice each. FSU's punting average was an alarming 21.0.

Fumbles, poor punts, one thing and another, Florida State turned over the ball to Wichita at the Seminoles' 13, 34, 41, 27, 30, 48, and 5. The thing that Wichita maybe did best on offense was lose fumbles where they were not so potentially costly.

The last half, particularly, saw a fantastic succession of errors by both sides. At the half Wichita had lost just three fumbles, and FSU four.

Florida State ran through a lot of scoring opportunity also - an awful lot.

The Seminoles perhaps looked sharpest on punt returns. John Pell broke three for 68 yards, Phil Abraira one for 46.

"I've been extremely impressed," said Charlie Tate after the game. "They've looked extremely good under these conditions."

Charlie Tate is coach of the University of Miami. Charlie Tate's Miami team plays Florida State in the Orange Bowl on Friday. Charlie Tate is a kind fellow when his team is not playing.

Picking up just exactly where it left off last season - weatherwise, that is - Florida State's football team managed a 24-0 triumph over offensively-futile Wichita State in a totally sloppy opening game in Campbell Stadium last night.

The Seminoles wrapped up last season playing in the rain against Louisiana State in Atlanta's Peach Bowl.

And they started this one as rain fell steadily and heavily from beginning to end.

Neither team could hang onto the football. There were 27 fumbles, 17 of which were turned over to the other side.

From the first play on, Florida State moved with confidence.

Shrugging off the rain, the Seminoles stuck with their pregame plan to throw a bomb at the start. Bill Cappleman's first throw of the season was right on target, with Kent Gaydos, the 6-6 sophomore, getting behind a defender and tucking it in for a 40-yard pickup to Wichita's 28.

Then right away, the Tribe started testing number 57, defensive tackle Lynn Duncan, running the ball his way. They found him not wanting. Tom Bailey got just four yards, a pass went incomplete. Grant Guthrie came in to try a field goal, and the snap was fumbled.

Wichita took over at the 33, got exactly nothing in three plays. Robert Renner punted 49 yards and John Pell ran it back 29 to the Seminoles 47.

Cappleman sent Bailey running Duncan's way once again. No gain. Then Cappleman faded, uncorked one deep to Bailey, who pulled it in at about the 10 and sped into the end zone - a 53-yard payoff. Guthrie added a point for 7-0.

Just after Kenny Lee returned the kickoff 20 to the 32, Butch Dusharm fumbled and Ronnie Wallace pounded in to force him to give up the ball he had fallen upon. Wallace claimed it for the Seminoles at the 28.

But, after Bailey gained the 23, Brent Gilman fumbled on a sweep and John Hoeheisel grabbed it for Wichita at the 22.

Well, Wichita finally got a first down, on a Dusharm pass to John Taylor, a 12-yarder. Then Kenny Lee fumbled and Barry Rice got it for FSU at the 40.

Bailey's runs led to the 24. It came to fourth down there, and Guthrie booted a 40-yard field goal for 10-0.

The tackling of Frank Vohun and Tom White racked Dusharm for a loss of nine, forced a Wichita punt.

From the 35, Bailey raced for 12, then ripped on the next play for five to Wichita's 47. Gilman got four, Bailey a couple and a first down. Cappleman passed to Jim Tyson at the 32. Gilman got a first down at the 30. Cappleman hit Gilman with a toss for five more, and Bailey skipped for seven to the 18.

Arthur Monroe's first varsity run for the Tribe was an effort of beauty. Picking his way to daylight, he went off right tackle and danced 18 yards to a touchdown.

Guthrie's toe made it 17-0 in the first minutes of the second quarter.

Wereupon, the Seminoles started giving Wichita abundant opportunity to see what it could do with the football.

Munroe fumbled a punt at the FSU 15, and Tom Owens was down to cover the ball for the Shockers at the 11.

Two runs gained the seven. Robert McEachern averted a possible touchdown when, knocked down by a block, he reached and grabbed the ankle of the scampering Dusharm, trying to sweep. The quarterback stumbled and fell at the six. Next play a pitch back lost one, and the Seminoles took over at the seven.

Bailey spurred a running charge out of the hole, but fumbled up at the 35, with Don Pankrantz recovering for Wichita there.

Dusharm couldn't pass, however. Vohun batted down one. Going for it on fourth and eight, Dusharm fumbled and White got the ball for FSU at the 33.

Soon Duane Carrell got off his first punt for the Seminoles. It was a 21-yarder, off the side of his foot to Wichita's 41.

A clipping call nullified a first-down Dusharm run. Shortly Danny Thomas intercepted a Dusharm pass and wheeled it 19 yards to Wichita's 39.

With 2:30 showing until the half, the Seinoles moved on short gainers. Bailey runs and a couple of short passes, to Tyson and Pederson, gained a first down at the 17. Seemingly trapped on an apparent pass attempt, Bailey squirmed loose and ran but fumbled at the 13 and Glenn Kostal got the ball for Wichita 29 seconds before intermission.

Halftime boxscore on fumbles showed Florida State with four, Wichita with three. Seminoles led in rushing yards, 116 to 17, in pass yardage, 125 to 21, with Cappleman completing eight for 11 throws.

Just after the last opened, Wichita evened the count on fumbles lost, with Dusharm yielding the ball to Wallace at the Shockers' 20. But a third-down pass escaped Gaydos' fingertips near the goal. Guthrie missed on a 35-yard try for three points.

Lee's ball-toting helped the Shockers to their 42 where Renner stuck his foot into the ball, and the punt trickled down to the 11, a 47-yard gainer.

Cappleman got tossed for a 5-yard loss on third down, back at the 13. Carrell's punt was a 28-yarder, out on the 41.

A 17-yard pass, Dursham to Pat Ryan, propelled the Kansans to the 18. Pass interference was called on Robert Ashmore as the next play unfloded, providing a first down at the seven.

On third down at the two, Lee fumbled as he tried the left side and McEachern claimed the slippery ball for FSU there.

Two Cappleman passes from the end zone missed. On third down Frank Whhigham punted, 25 yards to the 27.

And Lee fumbled, John Lanahan getting the ball for FSU at the 34. Whereupon Gilman fumbled. Hoeheisel claiming the ball back for Wichita at the 30.

Then it was Dusharm's turn to fumble. White got that one for the Seminoles at the 31.

Cappleman found Tyson with a long one, 45 yards to the Wichita 24.

All to no avail. Two passes failed. A run got nothing.

Fourth down and a fake field-goal effort saw Cappleman passing wide to Tyson, who was immediatley racked. One-yard gain. Wichita took over.

A quick-opener scamper by Lee gained 15 to the 38.

But Randy Cayce fumbled. Wallace grabbed the ball for the Seminoles at the 38.

Receivers couldn't hang on to Cappleman shots. Finally Wichita got its turn with the ball at the 33 as a last-down throw failed.

A personal-foul penalty got Wichita close to the 50 but a pitchout lost 10. Renner soon punted, and Pell whipped off a nifty 37-yard runback to the Florida State 44.

Sid Cain's interception at the FSU 48 wrecked that opportunity. But right away Pell stole a long one, fired by Dusharm, down at the 19.

After probing to the 29, FSU got set back on a holding penalty. When Carrell tried to punt on fourth down, Duncan broke through and blocked it. Steve Moore was downed on the five as the linebacker tried to run it in.

Lee got nothing. Dusharm's pass missed. Then as Dusharm pranced back to throw again McEachern ran him down at the 23, a loss of 18. Then Dusharm fumbled and it was White who again got it for the Seminoles, this time at the 27.

But the Seminoles still couldn't cut it. Whigham punted to Wichita's 42.

When Wichita, pushed back to the 34, tried to punt, linebacker Ron Lowe tore through and blocked it, with John Montgomery pouncing on the ball at the 22.

So, Cappleman got into the act, with some unknown Wichita fellow recovering it at the 22.

Steve Gildea, for one, had enough of all this foolishness. The linebacker intercepted himself a pitchout and was down to the nine before Wichita stopped him.

Cappleman straightaway fired one to Don Pederson, who made a leaping catch in the end zone for the TD.

The clock showed 3:25 left in the game as Guthrie kicked a point for 24-0.

A bit later Phil Abraira sped 46 yards with a Wichita punt, down to the Shockers' 19.

Whigham, in at quarterback, kept, ran, fumbled, lost the ball to Wichita at the 12.

That just about did it.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   7- 0  Tom Bailey, 53, pass from Bill Cappleman (Grant Guthrie, kick), 10:28
     10- 0  Grant Guthrie, 40, field goal, 6:21 
2nd  17- 0  Arthur Munroe, 18, run (Grant Guthrie, kick), 12:47
3rd  17- 0  Grant Guthrie, 35, field goal failed
4th  24- 0  Don Pederson, 9, pass from Bill Cappleman (Grant Guthrie, kick), 3:25 

FSU OPP First downs 12 8 Rushes-yards 45-128 53- 29 Passing 180 48 Att-Comp-Int 27-12-1 13-4-2 Total Yards 72-308 66-77 Punt Returns 6-120 2-11 Kickoff Returns 1-15 4-90 Interception Ret. 3-32 1-0 Fumble Returns 10-13 7-0 Punts 5-21.0 7-36.9 Fumbles-Lost 10-7 17-10 Penalties-Yds 4-45 4-36 Attendance 31,821 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Tom Bailey 20- 93 Arthur Munroe 3- 24 Brent Gilman 12- 17 Frank Whigham 1- 6 James Jarrett 4- 4 Bill Cappleman 4- -7 Team 1- -9 Receiving Jim Tyson 5- 65 Tom Bailey 1- 53 Kent Gaydos 1- 40 Don Pederson 3- 17 Brent Gilman 2- 5 Passing Bill Cappleman 27-12-1-180 Punt Return John Pell 3- 68 Phil Abraira 1- 46 Ron Lowe 1- 12 Arthur Munroe 1- -6 Kickoff Return James Jarrett 1- 15 Punting Frank Whigham 2- 56 Duane Carrell 2- 49 Team 1- 0 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steve Gildea . . . . . 1- 13 . . 1- 13 . . . John Pell . . . . . 1- 0 . . . . . . Danny Thomas . . . . . 1- 19 . . . . . . Ron Wallace . . . . . . . . 3- 0 . . . Barry Rice . . . . . . . . 1- 0 . . . Tom White . . . . . . . . 3- 0 . . . Robert McEachern . . . . . . . . 1- 0 . . . John Lanahan . . . . . . . . 1- 0 1 . . Ron Lowe . . . . . . . . . . 1 .


09/26/1969, CORAL GABLES, FL

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, 9/27/1969, page 11, by Bill McGrotha

MIAMI, FL - Fourth down and six at the Miami 47 with about five minutes left, and Bill Cappleman pitched 10 yards to sophomore Ted Zaffran to keep a 90-yard payoff push going as Florida State squeezed out a 16-14 victory here Saturday night in a titanic football thriller.

With 1:59 showing on the clock, Grant Guthrie kicked his third field goal of the night to erase the 14-13 lead Miami had gained with 9:04 remaining.

It was one of those games not to be believed unless you were among the 55,418 on hand in the Orange Bowl on this cloudy evening during which the rain held off until the last half.

Cappleman was incredible as he completed, in the face of a fierce Miami rush, 24 of 38 passes for 209 yards. He hit on his first seven tosses of the night. But more impressive than the statistics was his come-through coolness when FSU backs were to the wall.

Guthrie was something else.

The Seminoles were trailing 7-0 when he proved a big lift by kicking a school-record field goal of 53 yards. Soon after he added another 3-pointer, a 27-yarder, to make it 7-6. Then Florida State got its only touchdown, on a 10-yard Cappleman throw to Kent Gaydos, for a 13-7 halftime lead.

A second-half onsides kick by the Seminoles that Miami recovered helped precipitate a set of circumstances that left FSU in poor field position, Miami in good field position virtually throughout the last two qurters.

Finally, Miami backed FSU to its one with a punt. When FSU kicked back to the 33, Miami drove quickly to a touchdown and a 14-13 lead on David Teal's 5-yard pass to Rick Strawbridge.

It was then that Florida State uncorked one of the more fantastic series of plays in its history as it drove those 90 yards.

At least a half-dozen times in those tense seven minutes that the push consumed it looked as though the Seminoles had had it.

Guthrie's three field goals brought the career total for the senior from Delaware to 22.

Florida State played all except the opening minutes minus tight end Jim Tyson, who figures as the big key to the Seminoles' passing game. He was sidelined with rib injuries.

Bobby Best, the Miami running back, was also injured in the first quarter and was out for the remainder of the night.

It was altogether a bruising football game.

Rhett Dawson led FSU receivers with six catches for 63 yards. Gaydos grabbed five for 51 and Zaffran, subbing for Tyson, four for 30. Cappleman pegged his bullets to seven different receivers, going to whomever was open.

With a rocking running game that netted some telling outside yardage, Miami got 156 yards on the ground in this basically defensive dual. Tom Sullivan, a negro sophomore, led the charge with 64 yards in 21 carries while Vince Opalsky got 34 in five.

FSU got just 13 yards rushing as Cappleman was decked for losses of 57. Tom Bailey again was FSU's big runner, 44 yards in nine cracks.

Miami employed Lew Pytel at quarterback in the first half and David Teal in the second. Pytel hit on six of eight passes for 57 yards, Teal on eight of 15 for 73.

Frank Vohun, the defensive tackle, was perhaps the leader of a scrambling Florida State defense that time after time got the job done in the clutch. Phil Abraira, the defensive back, also figured prominently, with a fumble recovery and two pass interceptions. Vohun claimed two Miami fumbles. End Ronnie Wallace repeatedly nailed Miami backs for losses.

Miami had 64 yards in penalties, FSU 60. The Hurricanes lost three fumbles, FSU just one. Miami intercepted three Cappleman passes.

One of the early plays that helped turn the tide was Ron Lowe's blocking of a Miami field-goal attempt. It was from that point the Seminoles drove to their first field goal.

In a span of about nine playing minutes the Seminoles scored 13 points, making just one first down in that span - and that on Cappleman's touchdown toss to Gaydos.

The loss blunted Miami hopes for a big year, left the Seminoles with a 2-0 record to take to Gainesville next week.

One big play after another spurred Florida State on a 90-yard march to a 16-14 victory over Miami's frustrated football team in the Orange Bowl on Friday night.

Bill Cappleman's fantastic clutch passing took the Seminoles to the Miami 13 with just under two minutes remaining, and Grant Guthrie kicked a 31-yard field goal for the difference.

It was one of the great Florida State football efforts.

Bill Cappleman was connecting on his passses at the start - but not for much.

After winning the coin toss, Florida State opened at its 25 following the kickoff. Cappleman hit three straight quite short passes that left the Tribe at its 32.

Frank Whigham punted 34 yards to the Miami 34.

A 14-yard sweep by Vince Opalsky followed by Bobby Best's 5-yard burst got Miami to FSU's 47.

But Ronnie Wallace dashed in to strike Lew Pytel for a loss of seven when the quarterback tried to throw. That helped force a punt that John Pell returned eight yards to the 28.

Cappleman, dropping back swiftly for a quickie pass, had the ball slip out of his grasp, fell on the fumble for a 5-yard loss.

Then the Seminoles started to move. Cappleman passing to Rhett Dawson for nine, then to Tyson for 12 and a first down after a penalty set FSU back to its 28.

Bailey, on a sweep, got 13 to Miami's 47. Then Bailey rammed to the 40, and Brent Gilman made it a first down to the 35.

Trouble set in there.

On a pitchout, Tony Cline rushed in to nab Bailey for a loss of six. Cappleman passed to Kent Gaydos at the 32. But Miami's rush buried Cappleman back on the 42 as he tried a third-down pass.

Whigham's punt for 26 yards left Miami at its 15.

In 11 plays Miami moved 85 yards for a touchdown, scoring with 2:14 left in the first quarter.

A pass to Dave Kalina for ten and a 15-yard penalty for a foul lifted Miami to its 40. On a big third-down play Pytel found Kalina for 15 yards at FSU's 45.

Opalsky went wide to the 34, and Pytel kept to the 27. On a beautiful fake off the triple option, Pytel raced wide to the 13. Best swept to the other side, almost gained the three and Tom Sullivan scored from about a foot and a half out. Jim Huff kicked a point for 7-0.

The Seminoles started anew from their 21.

Bailey got eight. Cappleman passed to Dawson but the sophomore fumbled the ball at the 40, and Jack Chavet claimed it for Miami.

FSU defenders bowed up, racked Sullivan for a loss at three and Pytel for eight. Pat Barrett punted to the eight.

A foul helped FSU to the 18 and Bailey cut out a first down at the 23. James Jarrett and Arthur Munroe led on to the 42 but a delay penalty cost FSU five. Cappleman threw long and Greg Perez intercepted, returned the ball 21 to FSU's 33.

Wallace socked Pytel for minus two, but Sullivan, on the draw, raced 20 to the 20. Two runs, Sullivan and Pytel, gained the 12 but Sullivan lost three on the next play.

Fourth down, and Miami went for the field goal. Ron Lowe swept through to block Huff's effort. The ball rolled the other way with Phil Abraira finally picking it up in the chase by the Seminoles. He was tackled on the Miami 40 - and suddenly the complexion of the game turned.

The Tribe couldn't maneuver, in three downs, any further than the 36.

Grant Guthrie came in, kicked a whopping 53-yard field goal to narrow the score 7-3 with 6:49 left in the second quarter. Guthrie's boot broke the school record of 45 yards set by himself against Virginia Tech in '67.

Guthrie then got off a kick that Miami returned no further than the 13. Immediately Sullivan fumbled and Frank Vohun claimed the ball for the Seminoles at the 15.

Three runs netted just six yards, and Guthrie put through a 27-yard field goal to cut the score to 7-6.

Guthrie then laid down a low, bouncing kickoff, and the Hurricanes were stopped at the 15 on the return. Promptly, Opalsky fumbled, and again Vohun was the guy there to recover for FSU at the 13.

Jarrett lost a couple on a run. Cappleman passed to Dawson at the 10. Third down, and on an "Alley Ooop" pass, one the Seminoles had much practiced, tall (6-6) Kent Gaydos reached over a crowd of defenders and pulled in the Cappleman toss for a touchdown. A great catch. Guthrie's point kick gave FSU the lead at 13-6 with 3:38 left in the half.

Miami couldn't manage a first down on its next series after a good kick return to its 33. A punt travelled to FSU's 29.

Cappleman's passed to Don Pederson, first down at the 40. But Jim Haviland intercepted Cappleman's long toss at the Miami 23 with a minute left.

After Pytel got a first down at the 35. Ray Bellamy got loose on a reverse for 33 yards to FSU's 36, where John Lanahan made the stop.

Time ran out as Pytel completed a pass to Bellamy at the 24.

At this point Miami led in total yardage, 181 to 125. Cappleman, who hit on his first seven passes before he missed, had completed 12 of 17 for 82 yards.

FSU went with an onside kick at the start of the third quarter but Miami got the ball at its 37.

The Hurricanes moved David Teal in at quarterback for the first time. With Sullivan knocking off nine, Miami got a first down at the 48.

On second down Abraira made a leaping interception of a Teal toss at FSU's 21.

Gaydos caught a pass for nine, and Gilman got the first down at the 33. After Gilman got six more, another delay cost FSU five. Cappleman hit Ted Zaffran for 11 and a first down at the 43. But Cappleman stumbled, retreating to pass on the net play, lost 10. Bailey lost six more as a tricky third-down reverse failed. Whigham punted 36 yards to Miami's 37.

Sullivan got nine. Then a blitz caught Sullivan for a loss of seven - big play led by Wallace and Bobby Burt. Sullivan then lost another yard, Barrett punted, a 42-yarder that Pell ran back 14 to the 34.

Cappleman threw to Gaydos at the 44. Then Perez made a leaping interception of Cappleman's toss at the Miami 38 just before he sailed out of bounds.

A Teal toss to Kalina at the 50 brought a first down. But the Hurricanes got no further than FSU's 44.

Pell took a punt on the eight, ran wide toward the other sideline looking for room, got tackled, fumbled, and the ball rolled out of bounds at the one. But a personal foul was called on Miami on the play, and FSU got the ball at its 31 instead of the one.

But a personal foul against the Seminoles blunted their bid, put them back at their 21 for a fourth-down punt. Whigham got off a 45-yarder and Miami had the ball again at its 41.

As rain started to fall, Miami got to FSU's 47 on a third-down call of pass interference against Pell.

However, Abraira, intercepted Teal's pass at FSU's 40.

Cappleman got tossed for a loss of nine and the Seminoles couldn't move. Whigham punted for 43 yards and Miami was penalized for a clip on the runback, got set back to its 22 just before the third quarter ended.

Miami worked to a first down at the 35, got another at FSU's 49 on Teal's 11 yard pass to Kalina. An illegal procedure penalty rubbed out a pass to Opalsky at the 22.

Finally, Barrett punted, and Gilbert Sullivan downed it for Miami on FSU's one.

Jarrett, in two runs, gained the five. A pass missed. Whigham's punt was a 28-yarder to the 33, and Miami had its chance.

And Miami made it good.

Sullivan's wide run reached the 21. Joe Schmidt caught a Teal pass for a first down at the six. On third down at the five. Teal passed to Rick Strawbridge in the end zone for the touchdown. Huff's point gave Miami a 14-13 lead with 9:04 remaining in the game.

It was 90 yards to go following a good Miami play on the kickoff with George Davis stopped at the 10 on the runback.

Thereupon Cappleman showed what manner of man was he.

Bailey whacked for 12 and a first down. Jarrett gained four, then caught a pass for 12 at the 36. Gaydos caught a shot at the 48, another first down.

But Cappleman lost nine, back to the 39. Then he hit Dawson at the Miami 47, where it came to fourth down and six yards to go.

The Seminoles went for it, with Zaffran pulling in the crucial toss at the 37 for the first down as the clock showed 4:53.

Jarrett grabbed Cappleman's pass at the 24, and Pederson hauled in one for a first down at the 11.

But Cappleman, fading and turning to his left, was hit from his blind-side right, fumbled. A Miamian fell briefly on the ball but big Jeff Curchin wrestled it away, reclaiming it for FSU at the 20. But Cline raced through to drop Cappleman for a loss of 10 more, to the 30.

Third down, and another big pass to Dawson at the 13. Fourth down, it was with 1:59 to go.

In came Guthrie and booted a game-winning field goal of 31 yards. The score stood 16-14.

Miami appeared to be offsides on that field goal, and the Seminoles might have got another shot had it missed.

Miami got the ball at its 24 after the kickoff. Teal threw to Kalina at the 35, to Schaap at the Miami 46, but Vohun sailed through on the blitz and racked Teal for a loss of seven. A pass to Kalina regained the 44.

But it came to fourth down, and John Lanahan batted down Teal's short pass aimed toward Kalina.

The Seminoles took over with 41 seconds left, ran out that clock, and lifted Coach Bill Peterson to their shoulders.

A good night's work was over.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   0- 7  Opp, 1, run (kick), 2:14 
2nd   0- 7  Opp, 32, field goal blocked by Ron Lowe, 8:19 
      3- 7  Grant Guthrie, 53, field goal, 6:49 
      6- 7  Grant Guthrie, 27, field goal, 5:13 
     13- 7  Kent Gaydos, 10, pass from Bill Cappleman (Grant Guthrie, kick), 3:38 
4th  13-14  Opp, 5, pass (kick), 9:04 
     16-14  Grant Guthrie, 31, field goal, 1:55 

FSU OPP First downs 16 20 Rushes-yards 33- 13 47-146 Passing 209 130 Att-Comp-Int 38-24-3 23-14-2 Total Yards 71-222 70-276 Punt Returns 3-40 3-30 Kickoff Returns 3-48 2-13 Interception Ret. 2-7 3-21 Fumble Returns 3-0 1-0 Punts 6-35.7 6-37.2 Fumbles-Lost 3-1 3-3 Penalties-Yds 7-60 6-64 Attendance 55,478 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Tom Bailey 9- 44 James Jarrett 9- 15 Brent Gilman 4- 6 Arthur Munroe 2- 5 Bill Cappleman 9- -57 Receiving Rhett Dawson 6- 63 Kent Gaydos 5- 51 Ted Zaffran 4- 30 Don Pederson 3- 27 James Jarrett 3- 21 Jim Tyson 1- 13 Brent Gilman 2- 4 Passing Bill Cappleman 38-24-3-209 Punt Return John Pell 2- 22 Phil Abraira 1- 18 Kickoff Return George Davis 3- 48 Punting Frank Whigham 6- 214 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phil Abraira 8 . 8 . . 2- 7 . . 1- 0 . . . John Lanahan 6 1 7 . . . . . . . . . Ron Wallace 5 2 7 . . . . . . . . . John Pell 6 . 6 . . . . . . . . . Robert McEachern 6 . 6 . . . . . . . . . Bill Lohse 5 1 6 . . . . . . . . . Ron Lowe 3 3 6 . . . . . . . 1 . Frank Vohun 4 1 5 . . . . . 2- 0 . . . Bobby Burt 3 1 4 . . . . . . . . . Barry Rice 3 1 4 . . . . . . . . . Tom White 3 . 3 . . . . . . . . . Steve Gildea 2 . 2 . . . . . . . . . Theron Bass 2 . 2 . . . . . . . . . Bill Shaw 2 . 2 . . . . . . . . . Randy Hall 1 . 1 . . . . . . 1 . . Buddy Gridley 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Steve Beville 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Kent Gaydos 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Stan Walker 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Jeff Curchin 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . .


10/04/1969, GAINESVILLE, FL

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, 10/5/1969, page 1-C, by Bill McGrotha

GAINESVILLE, FL - Florida State got outplayed in a football game here Saturday afternoon and lost 21-6 as Florida's Gators, for the second straight year, clamped a tight muzzle on the Seminoles' offense.

Bill Cappleman thought he took the beating of his life last week in a 16-14 escape at Miami.

But it was mild chastisement compared to that administered on Florida Field. UF defenders got the FSU's quarterback 11 times for a staggering total of 91 lost yards.

Florida stole three Cappleman passes, claimed five Seminole fumbles.

The Seminoles had as much opportunity to score as they're ever apt to get in a tough encounter.

With the game only a few minutes old, the Seminoles stood with a first down at Florida's 3-yard line. Four plays later a snap for a field goal attempt rolled up Cappleman's arm for a fumble that heralded what was ahead.

Florida drove 85 yards to a touchdown late in the second quarter, John Reaves passing 10 yards to Carlos Alverez for the payoff.

The Seminoles countered immediately. Cappleman wrestled himself out of the arms of Jack Youngblood and threw a stunning pass that Don Pederson converted into a touchdown on a 22-yard play.

Whereupon Florida State had a notion to go for two points. That surprising strategy didn't work out as the pass missed, leaving it 7-6 at halftime.

In the third quarter Florida pushed its advantage to 14-6 as Reaves hit the slippery Alverez - a perhaps incomparable sophomore receiver - with a 30-yard touchdown toss. It was a sensational play, a diving catch at the goal line.

The Gators got another TD not long after, on the second play of the last quarter. Tommy Durrance going over the top from the one on the heels of a 37-yard push that followed an interception.

Florida State ended with minus-18 yards rushing, which set a record for the Gators. The previous low was minus-1 by a Tulane team in 1965.

Cappleman put the ball in the air 42 times, completed 20 for 233 yards. Jim Tyson caught five for 85. It seemed as though all afternoon Cappleman either had defenders around his neck or all his receivers were well covered. Tackle Robert Harrell and end Jack Youngblood plagued him notably.

A considerable key was Florida's strategy to shift the smaller Harrell (6-2, 204) from defensive tackle to defensive end, Youngblood (6-5, 234) from end to tackle.

Reaves, UF's hot sophomore quarterback hit just 12 of 30 tosses for 188 yards, but the pro-like Alvarez caught seven for 134. On this Saturday, at least, Reaves simply looked like a good sophomore quarterback with some promise. While Alverez looked the part of a polished and gifted veteran.

The Gators displayed two, most hard-nosed running backs, both sophomores. Tommy Durrance bulled for 98 yards in 25 runs, Mike Rich 46 in 13.

Running sparingly, perhaps too sparingly, Florida State was led on the ground by Brent Gilman, 33 in 8, and Tom Bailey, 23 in 13.

A record crowd of 63,957 had Florida Field popping at the seams on this rainy, dreary day. Rain fell quite briskly at the start of the game, then stopped, stayed away pretty well until the last quarter.

A 2-point favorite, surprising Florida now stands 3-0 with high national rank seemingly assured for awhile. The Gators play Tulane in Tampa next Saturday while Florida State, now 2-1, takes a hard and painful look at itself through an open date before playing at Tulsa two weeks hence.

Offensive-line trouble that figured at the start of the season is quite apparent now. FSU's defense played well enough Saturday, and maybe better than that, but it was left with too many holes in the dike. Safety Phil Abraira was a quick-tackling stickout.

The FSU defense, however, like Houston and Mississippi State earlier, found itself unable to get to Reaves.

From the start Florida went after the Seminoles with great vigor. The Gators drew 116 yards in penalties stemming from their aggressive play, contrasted with 63 walked off against the Seminoles.

The Seminoles emerged with just one Florida fumble, one interception, but, nevertheless, one thing and another, they had offensive starts at such advantageous positions at their 44, 41, 43 and Florida's 44, 48 and 42.

Muffing one opportunity after another, Florida State's football team absorbed a sound beating from Florida 21-6 on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

A combination of exceedingly aggressive Florida defensive play and stunningly inept FSU offensive play was the difference.

That, and a brilliant pass receiver named Carlos Alverez.

The Cuban-born Alverez pulled in touchdown catches of 10 and 30 yards from John Reaves.

This unusual game started with the first turns of good fortune going Florida State's way.

The Seminoles won the coin toss, chose to receive, of course, as a steady drizzle fell. Phil Abraira hauled back the kick return 24 yards to the 29, was fouled on the tackle, and the Seminoles had a start at their 44 after the penalty.

Two runs by Tom Bailey, one by Brent Gilman, left the Tribe with fourth down and about an inch at Florida's 46. Gambling immediately, FSU went for it, made it on Gilman's plunge.

Then Gilman found a hole at left tacle and burst to the Gator 33. Two runs by Bailey gained the 29, and Cappleman's first pass was complete to Jim Tyson for a first down at the 17.

Bailey slashed to the 12 and, on a quick opener, Gilman dived to a first down at the three.

Bailey slammed to the one, Gilman rammed across for an apparent touchdown but illegal procedure was called on FSU, an offsetting foul on Florida, canceling the play.

Gilman got nothing on his next run, lost a foot or two on a following try outside tackle.

On fourth down Grant Guthrie entered for a field-goal try, but Cappleman fumbled the wet ball as it was snapped and the Seminoles simply never got the kick off. A Gator knocked the ball away and recovered the fumble at the 13.

A 19-yard run by Mike Rich got the Gators out of that hole. John Reaves' 10-yard pass to Paul Maliska lifted Florida to its 48, whereupon Reaves found Maliska with another shot for 10 at FSU's 42. Rich's 8-yard run and a 5-yard penalty against FSU led to the FSU 29.

Tommy Durrance immediately pounded to the 24. Garry Walker to the 21. But a pass missed. Richard Franco's 37-yard kick for a field goal was short.

So, it was the Seminoles' turn again at their own 20.

Cappleman completed a 4-yard pass to Rhett Dawson and unaccountably accepted that gain though Florida had been guilty of illegal procedure. FSU simply took the play over the penalty.

Anyhow, Cappleman pitched to Tyson, who fumbled, with a Gator apparently recovering. But there was a quick whistle on the play, with the ball ruled dead at the 32 - an FSU first down. Bailey knocked off 11 on a run, but lost five trying to throw a pass on the following play. A delay penalty cost FSU five more.

Finally Frank Whigham punted, a 33-yarder to the 35.

The Seminoles broke up a pair of Reaves passes. On one Abraira had a shot at an interception and Guy Metheny a big catch, had either grabbed the ball the likelihood is it would have been a touchdown - one way or the other. But Reaves kept things going with a throw to Carlos Alverez for a first down at FSU's 46 just before the first quarter ended.

Reaves soon found Alverez again, at the 31. Abraira broke up another shot that had "touchdown" labelled on it. Despite an offside that moved the Gators to the 26, they ran out of downs as Reaves missed on two more throws.

FSU took over, but on third down at the 32 Cappleman fumbled as he was hit hard by end Bob Coleman. Robert Harrell covered the ball for Florida at the FSU 28.

Rich got five before a clipping penalty set the ball back to the 38. Reaves gained to the 25 with a pass to Tommy Durrance, but a fourth-down toss went astry.

Cappleman's 15-yard pass to Tyson lifted FSU to the 42. Soon Tyson pulled in another at Florida's 44. However, an official claimed the Seminoles had an illegal receiver downfield, and that set back the Tribe to its 29. Harrell got through again - as he was to many times during the afternoon - and decked Cappleman for a loss of 10. Whigham punted a 45-yarder to Florida's 37.

The Gators couldn't move. Reaves replied with a 27-yard punt and Abraira ran it back for six. A personal-foul call against UF on the return put the Seminoles in business at Florida's 44.

Again Harrell got through to nail Cappleman for 12. That flatly crimped that bid, and eventually Whigham punted 34 yards to Florida's 15.

From there the Gators moved all the way. The running of Durrance and Rich got the Gators to their 38. Reaves went for a bomb and Danny Thomas was guilty of interfering as Alverez went for the ball. The penalty put the Gators at FSU's 31. Second down and Reaves found Alverez with a toss at the 11. Garry Walker got a yard to the 10. Then Alverez streaked diagonally across the end zone and was all alone as he pulled in Reaves' touchdown pitch. Richard Franco kicked the point for 7-0 with 3:18 left until halftime.

And the Seminoles came right back.

Florida went with a short kickoff that Gilman returned to the 35.

Bailey ran for eight but it came to fourth down and about a foot at the 45. Arthur Monroe made it on a plunge.

Three passes by Cappleman missed, but on the third one defender Jack Youngblood was guilty of fouling and the Seminoles got a first down at Florida's 40.

Cappleman passed to Munroe at the 27, and Florida was offsides, moving it to the 22.

Again Cappleman went back to pass. Youngblood got a good hold on him as he rushed, but somehow the quarterback squirmed loose, and threw to Don Pederson who pulled the ball in at the 18 and crashed into the end zone for the touchdown.

Surprising just about everybody in the stands, the Seminoles lined up to go for two points. Tall Kent Gaydos was the target, but Cappleman's pass was too high even for him, leaving it 7-6.

Fifty seconds of action remained in the half. Florida got up to its 40 and, on the last play, Reaves threw long.

Abraira intercepted, cut across field but was run down at the Florida 35 as the horn sounded.

The Gators got in position at their 43 when FSU booted a short kickoff at them to open the second half.

But they probed no further than the 50, and Reaves punted into the end zone.

A pass to Gaydos for 21, followed by a 7-yarder to Dawson had the Tribe at the 50, but they bogged there. Whigham punted a 46-yarder and the Gators were holed up at their eight following a clip on the runback.

Third down at the 13, and Reaves punted, Abraira returning it 12 to the Florida 41.

Cappleman's 15-yarder to Dawson netted the 25, and an offsides moved the Seminoles on to the 20.

On a play that might have been the turning point, Bailey rammed up the middle - but without the football. The handoff was faulty, and UF's David Ghesquiere claimed the fumble at the 16.

The Gators got nothing and Reaves punted to Pell who ran it back 14 yards to the Florida 42.

After two passes missed, with Cappleman shook up on the second miss, Whigham came in at quarterback. The Seminoles elected to punt on third down. The ball took a reverse bounce, and it was a 21-yarder to the 21.

Florida moved to a 14-6 lead from that point.

On third-and-seven at the 24, Reaves passed 15 yards to Durrance for the first down. A run and a short pass gained the 47. It was third-and-two with Reaves finding Alverez and the receiver nearly breaking as he picked up 28 yards to FSU's 25 before Bobby Burt finally nailed him.

Florda got penalized back to their 30. Then Reaves faded, waited and threw deep over the middle. Alverez made a fantastic diving catch as he angled across the field for the touchdown. Franco's second point-after made it 14-6.

Munroe tucked the kickoff in just inside the end zone, danced out, whipped to his right, handed off to Mike Gray going the other way, and the reserve tight end raced up to the 43 before a last defender collared him.

That fine turnabout quickly went for naught. Ghesquiere intercepted Cappleman's toss and steamed 13 yards to FSU's 37.

Durrance carried four straight times, down to the 22. Then Reaves passed to Alverez at the 12. Durrance whacked to the seven, then the four as the quarter ended.

Rich made it a first down at the one, and FSU was penalized another half-yard for a foul. Durrance went over the top of the middle for the touchdown that, with Franco's point, made it 21-6.

The Gators again had a short kickoff, with FSU left at its 47 on the heels of Gray's short return.

FSU employed four downs to get a first down at the 42, successfully gambling again. And that faded when Cappleman, hit again, lost the ball once more. Coleman recovered for Florida at the FSU 49.

Whereupon Ron Wallace whipped in to Reaves, forcing a fumble that he reclaimed for FSU at the Florida 48.

Cappleman again found himself pressured too much, lost to the FSU 46. On fourth down Whigham punted, Tannen returned it 24 - but a handkerchief had fallen and Florida penalized for roughing the kicker. That made it fourth down and a little bit at Florida's 40. An offside against the Gators gained the first down.

Cappleman passed to Dawson at the 26, then to Tyson at the nine for a first down. On second down there Ted Hager intercepted Cappleman's shot intended for Gaydos in the end zone.

The clock showed 9:46 remaining but there wasn't much left.

A Reaves punt left the Seminoles at their 40. Cappleman passes to Pederson and Gaydos led across midfield. On fourth and 11 he hit Gaydos for a first down at the 29 with 5:36 remaining. Swarmed again, Cappleman fumbled, and Youngblood got it for the Gators at the 44.

Florida punted soon after and the Seminoles tried to get something going from their 26, then the 17 after Munroe lost nine. Cappleman found Tyson at the 50 with a long one then lost 13 on the next play. Cappleman found Munroe with a bullet at the 50 but offensive pass-interference was called. Back at the 22 now, Cappleman threw, Mike Palahach intercepted for Florida.

But the Gators, with Jack Eckdahl in at quarterback couldn't make anything out of it.

And the clock soon ran out on a bad day in Gainesville for Florida State.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   0- 0  Grant Guthrie, 18, field goal blocked
      0- 0  Opp, 37, field goal failed
2nd   0- 7  Opp, 10, pass (kick), 3:18 
      6- 7  Don Pederson, 22, pass from Bill Cappleman (Bill Cappleman, pass failed), 0:55 
3rd   6-14  Opp, 30, pass (kick), 3:30 
4th   6-21  Opp, 1, run (kick), 14:50

FSU OPP First downs 20 18 Rushes-yards 38--18 46-153 Passing 223 188 Att-Comp-Int 42-20-3 31-12-1 Total Yards 80-205 77-341 Punt Returns 5-37 2-34 Kickoff Returns 4-83 2-34 Interception Ret. 1-35 3-13 Fumble Returns 1-0 5-0 Punts 5-35.6 6-36.0 Fumbles-Lost 7-5 2-1 Penalties-Yds 6-63 12-116 Attendance 63,957 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Brent Gilman 8- 35 Tom Bailey 13- 23 James Jarrett 5- 15 Arthur Munroe 1- 0 Bill Cappleman 11- -91 Receiving Jim Tyson 5- 85 Kent Gaydos 3- 48 Don Pederson 3- 36 Rhett Dawson 4- 35 Arthur Munroe 2- 14 Brent Gilman 3- 5 Passing Bill Cappleman 42-20-3-223 Punt Return John Pell 2- 19 Phil Abraira 3- 18 Kickoff Return Mike Gray 1- 42 Phil Abraira 1- 24 Arthur Munroe 1- 9 Brent Gilman 1- 8 Punting Frank Whigham 5- 178 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phil Abraira . . . . . 1- 35 . . . . . . Ron Wallace . . . . . . . . 1- 0 . . .


10/18/1969, TULSA, OK

From the Tallahassee Democrat, 10/19/1969, page 1-D, by Bill McGrotha

TULSA, OK - Behind 7-0 early, Florida State slammed 21 points on the board in the second quarter and fiddled away much of the rest of the time as Tulsa's football team fell 38-20 here on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Bill Cappleman threw scoring passes of 14, 51 and 73 yards in that vigorous second-quarter action, with Jim Tyson pulling in the shorter two and Don Pederson the longer one.

Pulling such stunts as passing from their end zone on fourth-and-18, the Golden Hurricanes struggled desperately to make their first home game a victory after three losses on the road.

That end-zone toss by punter Casey McKinney to split end Jim Butler gained 50 yards, by the way. Tulsa scored quickly midway in the first period after a 34-yard punt return by David Moss provided a shot from the FSU 13. Faking a field-goal try from the five on fourth down, John Dobbs reared up and threw a screen pass to Ken Duncan for an easy payoff and a 7-0 lead.

The Seminoles retaliated quickly. Arthur Monroe wheeled the ensuing kickoff 47 yards, and soon Tom Bailey tied it 7-7 with an 11-yard smash in clutch 4th-and-one circumstances.

Tulsa hopped on a Cappleman fumble at the FSU 11 early in the second half. Josh Ashton, an all-day-long workhorse, scored from the one.

With regular kicker Grant Guthrie sidelined by a pulled leg muscle, sophomore Duane Carrell booted a 37-yard field goal early in the last period for a 31-14 lead.

Tulsa came back with an 80-yard drive, Ashton scoring from the two. In the last minutes FSU capped a short drive with Munroe scoring from the seven.

A crowd of 16,500 saw FSU's offense sputter much of the time.

As FSU boosted its record to 3-1, Cappleman hit on 19 of 37 passes for 372 yards. Tulsa intercepted three. Tyson pulled in eight for 127. Bailey led the running charge, 67 yards in 15 carries, while Munroe picked up 50 in 16 cracks.

Though Tulsa's Rick Arrington hit on a long one or two, the Seminoles pretty well checked his throwing. The one-time Georgia quarterback completed 14 of 35 for 150 yards. Butler grabbed seven for 138.

Ashton carried 29 times for Tulsa, netted 71 yards.

The Seminoles intercepted four of Arrington's shots.

Overall, Florida State ran up 513 yards of offense to Tulsa's 258 in this first meeting between the two.

Linebacker's Bill Lohse and Ron Lowe, plus ends Randy Hall and Ronnie Wallace, were keys for the Seminoles on defense, along with tackle Robert McEachern.

Morning clouds that threatened to bring rain to a Florida State game for the fifth straight time, rolled away a couple of hours before the kickoff, and the action was in the sunshine in altogether pleasant circumstances.

With its passing game on something of a stop-and-go basis, Florida State's football team went hard in the second quarter here Saturday and pulled out a 38-20 victory over Tulsa.

The Golden Hurricanes, anxious and aggressive after losing three straight on the road gave the Seminoles little room to relax until Duane Carrell kicked the first field goal of his varsity life in the last quarter to make it 31-14.

Bill Cappleman threw three touchdown passes and got pretty good protection most of the way from an offensive line that previously had been quite vulnerable.

Tulsa went with defense at the start, choosing to kick off after winning the coin toss, taking a 14-miles-per-hour wind to its back.

Art Munroe hauled the boot from deep in the end zone to the 24, where Bill Cappleman immediately rolled slightly to his left, threw long to Mike Gray - a 35-yard pickup to Tulsa's 41. Two plays later that bright start was ruptured when Harold Williams intercepted a pass over the middle, at the 22.

Tulsa came out throwing, Rick Arrington pitching to Jim Butler for seven. A pass missed, and Josh Ashton got caught on a run. A punt put FSU back on its 34.

Two Cappleman missed passes were sandwiched around Munroe's 6-yard run. The Seminoles punted back to Tulsa's 25.

A fat opportunity came right away. Bill Lohse swiped an Arrington pass, struggled for six yards on the runback, and drew a personal foul that put the ball on the 14.

Munroe got nothing on two runs, losing one and gaining one. Jim Tyson caught a 7-yarder at the seven. Fourth down, and FSU went for the field goal.

Grant Guthrie's 23-yard attempt was wide, and the kicker who nursed a pulled muscle going into the game limped off the field.

With Ashton running and Arrington hitting two short passes, Tulsa probed up to its 40, then punted to FSU's 18. And the Tribe remained at the 18 after three plays.

Frank Whigham's punt was a 29-yarder that David Moss wheeled 34 back to the 13. Ashton, in three carries, gained the five.

Tulsa lined up for a field-goal try, but it was a fake all the way as John Dobbs, the holder, reared up and threw a screen to tall flanker Ken Duncan, who scored easily. Larry Cookus added a point for a 7-0 Tulsa lead.

Munroe tucked in the kickoff at the 10, and cut wide to dance 47 yards to the Tulsa 43 on the runback. Tom Bailey entered the action and, in two runs, picked up 18 yards to spur a movement to the 20. A bit later Bailey pulled in a screen pass for nine to the 11, where it came to fourth-and-one.

FSU went for it, with Bailey going off the left side, stumbling, then surging and finally falling into the end zone for the touchdown. Duane Carrell, on his first point-after try, connected to tie it 7-7.

The kickoff by Randy Hall was a short, bouncing one, and Greg Goularte gave Tulsa a shot from its 37 after a 14-yard return.

With Ron Lowe busting up Arrington's screen pass to Ashton that might have gone for much, the Seminoles forced a punt that travelled to their 18. Jarrett ran to the 27 as the quarter ended.

With the wind going for him as the teams changed sides, Cappleman didn't hesitate. After faking a handoff, he faded quickly and threw deep to Don Pederson, all alone at the Tulsa 35. He had smooth cruising on in - a 73-yard touchdown play that, with Carrell's kick, put the Seminoles ahead 14-7.

After an exchange of kicks, Tulsa found field position at the 50 following a punt on the heels of a blitz that caught Cappleman at this 14.

Tulsa got no further than the 44, and Casey McKinney's punt into the wind died at the 30. On second down Cappleman threw long to Rhett Dawson, who made a dazzling running catch for a 36-yard gainer to Tulsa's 33. On fourth-and-five at the 28 Cappleman tossed to Tyson for the first down at the 20. Pederson had a Cappleman shot bounce off his left shoulder at the goal.

Carrell, on fourth down, tried for a 36-yard field goal. It was wide.

Ronnie Wallace tore through to nail Arrington for an 8-yard loss, putting Tulsa back at its 12, where it came to fourth-and-18. Back in the end zone to punt, McKinney passed intead - long to Jim Butler, who cruised wide for 50 yards before Robert McEachern pulled him down at FSU's 38.

But on third down at the 34, Robert Ashmore intercepted a deflected pass and steamed 31 yards to the FSU 49.

Cappleman struck quickly again, throwing to Tyson, who pulled loose from one tackler, cut toward the middle, got loose from another defender, and smashed on into the end zone, a 51-yard payoff. FSU jumped in front 21-7.

Tulsa got a start at its 40 after the return. Arrington tried a screen pass - and Lowe zipped in to intercept it at the 33, gaining the 25 before he was tackled.

Cappleman pased to Tyson at the 16. After James Jarrett rammed for a first down at the 14, Cappleman found Tyson loose from another defender and got in the end zone for the touchdown and a 28-7 FSU advantage.

Ashton almost went the route on the kick return, racing 50 yards to FSU's 43. Arrington's psses led to the FSU 21 with 55 seconds remaining in the half, but the Hurricanes ran out of downs there.

FSU had time for a single play, Jarrett running for 10, before the whistle.

At this intermission point Cappleman had completed 10 of 18 throws for a whopping 245 yards.

Trouble came soon after the second-half kickoff that saw the Seminoles start from scrimmage at the 20. First play, a handoff, Cappleman to Jarrett, was fumbled. David Nowaskey recovered for Tulsa at the FSU 11.

Ashton caried six straight times, finally scored off right tackle from a half-yard out. A point by Cookus narrowed FSU's lead to 28-14.

Led by Munroe's running, the Seminoles struggled up to their 41.

Then Ken Shoemaker picked off a Cappleman pass, and Tulsa was in business at its own 41.

A 15-yard pass, Arrington to Joe Pistoia, gained FSU's 41. But John Lanahan, on a blitz, whacked Arrington for minus 12. Tulsa got back to FSU's 41 on a foul call against Lowe on a punt. The Seminoles started anew at their 20 after another Tulsa punt.

Monroe swept for 19 yards, but Cappleman missed on three straight passes. Whigham kicked to Tulsa's 28.

Then FSU got the ball at its 27 following another Tulsa kick. Cappleman, after six straight second-half misses, hit Gray for 15. Bailey ran twice for nine, to the Tulsa 49. But on third-and-one the Seminoles got penalized for delay.

That brought about another punting swap.

Tyson pulled in a 19-yard toss at Tulsa's 49 after John Pell returned a punt 19 yards to the 32 just before the third quarter ended.

A third down pass to Tyson for eight kept things going at the 37. Bailey gained 10 in two carries.

Monroe passed to Tyson for six. Jarrett gained one. Cappleman's throw to Tyson in the end zone was a bit too far. Fourth down, and Carrell kicked a 37-yard field goal for 31-14.

Soon the Seminoles moved again. A screen pass to Bailey netted 30 yards to Tulsa's 38. A Dawson catch for 18 put FSU at the 17. Bailey slammed to the nine.

Thereupon Williams intercepted Cappleman's end-zone shot, ending that. And Tulsa moved 80 yards to score in seven plays.

Butler pulled in a long one from Arrington, 46 yards to FSU's 44. Goularte burst through the middle, 18 to the 16. Soon Ashton got nine to the five, scored from the two on third down. Randy Hall broke up Arrington's passing try for two points, leaving it 31-20.

With a bit over six minutes left Tulsa tried an onside kick, but Randy Logan got the ball for the Seminoles at FSU's 49.

FSU couldn't do any good from there, punted. Tulsa got backed to its 10, kicked out and FSU had a crack from the Hurricanes' 36 after a short runback by Pell.

A 10-yard pass to Gaydos brought a first down at the 22. Two runs by Munroe were the big licks in another first-down movement, to the eight. On second down, Munroe popped up the middle for the touchdown.

Carrell's point kick made it 38-20 with 1:09 to go.

Danny Thomas turned up with an interception, placing the Seminoles at Tulsa's 49 with 36 seconds to go.

And Whigham got to see a little action at quarterback in the sason's fourth game. But there was no further damage.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   0- 0  Grant Guthrie, 23, field goal failed, 9:50 
      0- 7  Opp, 5, pass (kick), 4:06 
      7- 7  Tom Bailey, 11, run (Duane Carrell, kick), 0:46 
2nd  14- 7  Don Pederson, 73, pass from Bill Cappleman (Duane Carrell, kick), 14:51
     14- 7  Duane Carrell, 37, field goal failed, 7:26 
     21- 7  Jim Tyson, 51, pass from Bill Cappleman (Duane Carrell, kick), 4:25 
     28- 7  Jim Tyson, 14, pass from Bill Cappleman (Duane Carrell, kick), 2:45 
3rd  28-14  Opp, 1, run (kick), 12:04
4th  31-14  Duane Carrell, 37, field goal, 12:49
     31-20  Opp, 2, run (pass failed), 6:35 
     38-20  Arthur Munroe, 7, run (Duane Carrell, kick), 1:09 

FSU OPP First downs 21 12 Rushes-yards 42-135 37- 53 Passing 378 205 Att-Comp-Int 39-20-3 37-16-4 Total Yards 81-513 74-258 Punt Returns 4-36 1-34 Kickoff Returns 4-98 5-112 Interception Ret. 4-57 3-3 Fumble Returns 0-0 1-0 Punts 6-34.3 10-38.5 Fumbles-Lost 1-1 0-0 Penalties-Yds 3-25 1-14 Attendance 16,500 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Tom Bailey 15- 67 Arthur Munroe 16- 50 James Jarrett 7- 28 Frank Whigham 1- 7 Bill Cappleman 3- -17 Receiving Jim Tyson 8- 127 Don Pederson 2- 87 Rhett Dawson 2- 54 Mike Gray 2- 50 Kent Gaydos 1- 11 Arthur Munroe 1- 8 Passing Bill Cappleman 37-19-3-372 Tom Bailey 3- 0-0- 40 Arthur Munroe 1- 1-0- 6 James Jarrett 1- 0-0- 1 Frank Whigham 1- 0-0- 0 Punt Return John Pell 4- 36 Kickoff Return Arthur Munroe 3- 98 Randy Logan 1- 0 Punting Frank Whigham 6- 206 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ron Wallace 7 8 15 . . . 1 . . . . . Bill Lohse 4 5 9 . . 1- 6 . . . . . . John Lanahan 3 4 7 . . . . . . . . . Frank Vohun 4 2 6 . . . 1 . . . . . Ron Lowe 3 2 5 . . 1- 5 . . . . . . John Pell 1 4 5 . . . . . . . . . Benny Rust 2 2 4 . . . . . . . . . John Montgomery . 3 3 . . . . . . . . . Guy Glisson 2 1 3 . . . . . . . . . Robert McEachern 2 1 3 . . . . . . . . . Steve Beville 3 . 3 . . . . . . . . . Robert Ashmore . 2 2 . . 1- 31 . . . . . . Danny Thomas 2 . 2 . . 1- 15 . . . . . . Phil Abraira 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Barry Rice . 1 1 . . . . . . . . . Tom White 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Richard Amman 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Randy Hall 1 . 1 . . . 2 . . . . . Bill Hughes 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . J.W. McKinnie . . . . . . 1 . . . . .


10/25/1969, TALLAHASSEE, FL

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, 10/26/1969, page 1-D, by Bill McGrotha

TALLAHASSEE, FL - All night long Jim Tyson caught big-play passes from Bill Cappleman to keep Florida State alive, but in the end it was Art Munroe's surprise halfback toss to Mike Gray that lifted the Seminoles to an exceedingly difficult 20-17 victory here Saturday night over a Mississippi State team that might have deserved a better fate.

It looked like a Florida State runaway in the early going, but a pair of critical offensive mistakes and an incredible run of penalties against FSU altered the circumstances in a hurry.

Florida State was assessed 128 yards for infractions, the Bulldogs just 31.

The Bulldogs lost Jim Reed, their No. 2 quarterback, with an injury in the last minutes of the third quarter, and had to go with David Smith at the position.

Normally, Smith is deployed as a split end, where his speed makes him an extremely dangerous pass-catcher. Reed started at quarterback because Tommy Pharr, the All-SEC quarterback last season, was decked a couple of games back with a shoulder injury.

But Smith directed the Bulldogs to a field goal that stretched the visitors' lead to 17-13 with eight minutes left in the game.

Florida State jumped ahead 7-0 in a hurry, Tom Bailey capping an opening 62-yard drive with a 34-yard scoring burst.

The Bulldogs tied it 7-7 after an interception gave them a shot from FSU's 48. Reed threw 16 yards to Smith for the payoff.

Right back bounced the Seminoles, marching 81 yards, scoring on Munroe's run from the one. But Duane Carrell's point kick missed, and for a long while that looked critical.

Backed up after a short Mississippi field-goal try bounced out of the end zone to the one, Florida State punted out of the hole and Terry Smithart wheeled the boot 45 yards to the four. Steve Shaley scored from the one, and Chuck Jordan's point kick provided a 14-13 lead that held up until the last six minutes.

After Florida State missed a third-quarter field-goal try of 22 yards, the Bulldogs picked up a 36-yarder from Jordan in the last period.

Then the Seminoles went to work, moving 70 yards to Munroe's touchdown toss to Gray with 5:42 to go.

In that drive Tyson caught a telling 32-yard pass on third and six, Ted Zaffran a critical 6-yarder on fourth-and-four at the Mississippi State 28.

Tyson pulled in 10 passes for 167 yards as Cappleman hit on 17 of 30 for 236.

Of the 10 passes Tyson caught, nine were for first downs; the only one that wasn't for a first down was his first reception of the game.

And Tyson caught exactly half of those 10 in clutch third-down situations. Another was first and 25.

Teammates presented Tyson with the game ball. "He played a great football game," said Coach Bill Peterson.

The Seminoles started Munroe and Bailey in the same backfield for the first time. Operating at the fullback slot he manned last season, Bailey ripped for 131 yards in 19 carries. The Seminoles ran up 484 yards of offense, including 226 running.

A crowd of 33,011 fans sat on the edge of their seats in pleasant weather as Florida State pushed its record to 4-1 and left Mississippi State with a 3-3 chart.

The Seminoles double-covered Sammy Milner and Smith, the two dangerous receivers, but Mississippi State was unable to capitalize significantly with its running game. Milner caught five passes for 55 yards, Smith just two for 29.

The game's biggest play may have been just before halftime. The Bulldogs were knocking inside FSU's five. On fourth and one, Mississippi State ignored a field-goal try. Smithart took the ball on a wide run - and got clobbered for a 2-yard loss by defensive back John Lanahan.

Trailing 17-13 in the middle of the last quarter, Florida State moved 70 yards here Saturday night to a payoff on Art Munroe's 22-yard toss to Mike Gray and cut down a battling Mississippi State football team 20-17.

It was the toughest kind of loss for the Bulldogs, the toughest kind of triumph for the Seminoles.

Tight end Jim Tyson caught one clutch pass after another from Bill Cappleman during the tense evening.

Florida State was quick to get something going in this one.

The Tribe won the toss, chose to receive, had a start at their 38 after a 27-yard kickoff return by Phil Abraira.

Bill Cappleman missed with a long pass, then hit Jim Tyson with an 8-yarder. Tom Bailey swung wide to the Bulldogs' 45. On a quick pitchout, Bailey swept to the left for 10 to the 35. Art Munroe got just a yard on a trap-counter maneuver.

Then, on a quick pitch to the right, Bailey got some blocking as he moved wide, cut back inside, pulled loose from a couple of grapplers, and dashed 34 yards to the touchdown.

Duane Carrell capped the 6-play, 62-yards movement with a point-after kick for 7-0.

Opening at its 33, Mississippi State failed on three straight passes as the Seminoles went with double-coverage on both wide receivers. Robert Ashmore and John Montgomery busted up a long one to Sammy Milner.

Conn Canale punted, and John Pell raced with the ball 33 yards to the Bulldogs' 35. But a flag was dropped, holding was called, and FSU set back to its 23.

On two pounding runs, Bailey ripped out successive first downs, up to the 44. Munroe then raced into Mississippi State territory, but fumbled when hit with Bill Crick - a Jacksonville boy - claiming the ball for the visitors at the 38.

Mississippi State tried the running game, got just seven yards, to its 45, in three tries. Canale punted 45 yards, out of bounds at FSU's 10.

Munroe spun for 15, then for 10. After a clip pushed FSU back to its 23, Cappleman threw to Tyson for a 25-yard gain to the 48, then got a first down with a short toss to George Davis at the Mississippi State 45. A holding penalty knocked the Seminoles back into their territory.

Then Crick intercepted a Cappleman shot, ran it back 22 yards to FSU's 48.

Joe Reed found Milner with a 13-yard pass at the 33. On third down, Reed hit Jimmy Patridge with a 17-yarder at the 18. After Don Dudley got two, Reed hit David Smith over the middle with a quick right-on-the-button toss for the touchdown. Chuck Jordan's kick tied it 7-7.

Whereupon the Seminoles moved 81 yards to regain the lead early in the second quarter.

Cappleman's 6-yarder to Bailey got a first down at the 34. The quarterbcak found Munroe with another pass, and a personal-foul assessment propelled FSU to the Mississippi State 39. Tyson pulled in a 15-yarder at the 24.

Munroe slashed to the 16, then the 13, drew another personal foul that put the ball on the seven.

Cappleman kept, swept to the two. On second down, Munroe scored from the one.

But Carrell's point kick was wide, and it stayed 13-7.

Mississippi State started at their 48. On third down, Reed nailed Smith with a 13-yard pass at FSU's 37. A flare pass to Steve Whaley resulted in a 9-yard loss but the Seminoles were ruled fouling, and the ball placed at the 31.

Fourth down at the 29, and Jordan tried a 46-yard field goal. The kick was short, bouncing in the end zone - and then bouncing back across the goal, dead on the one.

Bailey probed to the five, but the Seminoles couldn't get any further out of that tough hole. Carrell's punt was a hefty 45-yarder, but Smith broke away on a runback of 46 yards, to the four.

A second-down call of pass interference provided a first down at the one, and Whaley cracked across for the touchdown. Jordan added the point for a 14-13 Mississippi State advantage.

With Tyson catching an 11-yard toss, FSU worked the ball to its 45, finally had to punt. Carrell laid a 52-yarder on the Bulldogs' four.

But Mississippi State got out of that hole. Three runs got a first down at the 15.

Then Reed slipped to the right as a defensive end overpursed, providing an open field. The quarterback skipped for 30 yards to the 45.

Milner pulled down a pass at FSU's 43, then grabbed a 26-yarder at the 17. Pass interference brought a first down at the 13. On third down, a pass to Terry Smithart gained the four. And now it was fourth down and about a foot to go.

Mississippi State sent Smithart wide to the left on a run, and brilliant defensive work by John Lanahan collared him for a 2-yard loss.

About a minute remained in the half as the Seminoles took over at the six. A 15-yard Cappleman run, coupled with passes to Tyson and Don Pederson, brought the Seminoles to midfield, where the clock caught 'em.

At this point, Bailey, with more than 80 yards in the first quarter, had 101 yards on the ground, FSU's offensive total of 290 yards was almost double Mississippi State's 154 total. Cappleman had hit on 10 of 15 passes, Reed on 10 of 13.

The Seminoles presented Mississippi State with fine field position at the start of the third quarter. A short kickoff was downed and held by a Bulldog, on the visitors' 41.

But a pass missed, and Ron Wallace whipped in to deck Whaley for a 6-yard loss. Reed threw long - and linebacker Barry Rice raced over and intercepted it at the FSU 37.

Cappleman tossed to Tyson at the 48, but the quarterback was caught by blitzing Jim Nelson for a loss of eight on the next play. Bailey got 10 back on a run, but it soon came punting time. Carrell popped a 30-yarder to the 20.

A pass missed, and Mike Gray lost three on a reverse. Third and 13, and Munroe, on a sweep, got the extra yardage needed, to the 39. Munroe got four and Bailey three. Third and three, and Cappleman hit Tyson cutting across for a 22-yard pickup to Mississippi State's 32. Bailey swept for 10, and another first down.

Bailey got four, Munroe four, Cappleman faded on third-and-two, found no one open, ran to the 11 for the first down.

Munroe, in two carries, reached the five. Cappleman's pass into the end zone was broken up. Carrell tried a 22-yard field goal, and it was wide.

Mississippi State took over at its 20 with about four minutes remaining in the quarter. Reed ran for three, was injured on the tackle and got helped off the field. Smith, the split end, moved in for Reed at quarterback.

Smith promptly threw for 20 yards to Whaley at the 43. But a punt was forced, and FSU got the ball at its 21.

Munroe lost five on a draw play, but Cappleman, on third-and-15, found Pederson with a throw, 20 to the 36. Mississippi State jumped offsides, moving the sticks to the 41. Bailey, trying to go wide, was racked for a loss of five as the quarter ended.

Cappleman missed on a toss, then got socked for a loss of nine by big tackle Jack Thomas. Carrell's punt took a luckless reverse bounce of 10 yards, giving the Bulldogs the ball at their 47.

Smith couldn't connect three passes. Canale's 45-yard punt was returned to the 18 by Pell.

Cappleman's 8-yarder to Tyson gained the 29. Munroe, on the draw, reached the 37. But the Seminoles couldn't cut out the first down. Carrell's punt was a 47-yarder to Mississippi State's 17.

Smith rolled out, threw long to Milner - and pass interference was called on Lanahan. It was a 39-yard assessment to FSU's 44.

Whaley, in three runs, ripped off seven, three and 14 yards, to the twenty. But it came to fourth down at the 17, and Jordan booted a 34-yard field goal for a 17-13 Bulldog advantage with a bit over eight minnutes left.

Munroe's 21-yard kick runback gave FSU a start at its 30.

Third and six, with Cappleman reaching Tyson again with a big toss, 32 yards to the Mississippi State 34. Well, it came to fourth and four at the 28, and Cappleman tossed to Ted Zaffran for the first down at the 22.

Promptly, Munroe took a handoff, rolled right and passed to Gray, who pulled the ball in at the goal line and was in easily for the touchdown. Carrell kicked the point for 20-17 with 5:42 remaining.

But it didn't quite do it.

Smith completed passes to Milner and Dudley for six and 14 yards, up to Mississippi State's 44. A piling-on call as Milner struggled to get away from tacklers on a screen pass lifted the Bulldogs to FSU's 48. Dudley smashed to a first down at FSU's 40.

Wallace streaked in to slap Smith for a loss of seven. Bennie Rust broke up a pass to Milner that might have been a big one. On fourth and 17, with 3:14 remaining, Mississippi State elected to punt. Canale's effort traveled to the 11.

It came to third-and-five. Cappleman again went to Tyson, for 20 to the 36, keeping the ball in bounds in Seminole hands. On fourth and 11 at their 36, the clock showing 22 seconds left, Frank Whigham came in to punt.

Mississippi State got one last chance from its 35.

Smith ran for 14, then across midfield to FSU's 45 on the last play.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   7- 0  Tom Bailey, 34, run (Duane Carrell, kick), 12:59
      7- 7  Opp, 16, pass (kick), 1:58 
2nd  13- 7  Arthur Munroe, 1, run (Duane Carrell, kick failed), 13:12
     13- 7  Opp, 46, field goal failed, 10:28
     13-14  Opp, 1, run (kick), 8:17 
3rd  13-14  Duane Carrell, 22, field goal failed, 4:12 
4th  13-17  Opp, 34, field goal, 8:05 
     20-17  Mike Gray, 22, pass from Arthur Munroe (Duane Carrell, kick), 5:42 

FSU OPP First downs 28 17 Rushes-yards 55-226 32-105 Passing 258 144 Att-Comp-Int 31-18-1 28-16-1 Total Yards 86-484 60-249 Punt Returns 2-25 2-52 Kickoff Returns 4-74 3-66 Interception Ret. 1-0 1-22 Fumble Returns 0-0 1-0 Punts 6-39.8 6-41.2 Fumbles-Lost 1-1 0-0 Penalties-Yds 10-128 4-31 Attendance 33,011 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Tom Bailey 19- 131 Arthur Munroe 25- 103 Mike Gray 1- -3 Bill Cappleman 9- -4 Receiving Jim Tyson 10- 167 Mike Gray 2- 29 Don Pederson 2- 27 Arthur Munroe 1- 12 George Davis 1- 9 Tom Bailey 1- 8 Ted Zaffran 1- 6 Passing Bill Cappleman 30-17-1-236 Arthur Munroe 1- 1-0- 22 Punt Return John Pell 2- 25 Kickoff Return Phil Abraira 2- 40 Arthur Munroe 1- 21 Mike Gray 1- 13 Punting Duane Carrell 5- 197 Frank Whigham 1- 42 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Barry Rice . . . . . 1- 0 . . . . . .


11/01/1969, TALLAHASSEE, FL

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, 11/2/1969, page 1-D, by Bill McGrotha

TALLAHASSEE, FL - Florida State got down to some nitty-gritty play before 34,519 exuberant Homecoming folks here Saturday afternoon, hogged the football, and wallowed in the luxury of a 34-9 whomping of South Carolina.

The Seminoles mainly gave the Gamecocks a lot more fullback than they could handle - two of them.

Paul Magalski, running star of last year's freshman team, saw his first ball-toting action of the season, and left people with the jaws agape.

The 210-pounder out of Garfield Heights, Ohio, scored FSU's first touchdown on a strong 33-yard run, went on to gain 111 yards in a dozen carries. Magalski saw his first action on a kickoff-return unit in the Tulsa game. Had Brent Gilman not come down with a knee injury, Magalski likely would have been redshirted this season.

Spelling Tom Bailey at fullback, Magalski - and other FSU runners - got big help from an offensive line that consistently moved South Carolina defenders out of the way.

Bailey, who operated some at left half, was something else.

Besides picking up 113 yards in 22 runs, he emerged as the game's leading receiver with seven grabs for 75 yards. Moreover, he threw a 16-yard touchdown pass to Mike Gray.

The defense gave Paul Dietzel's team not much, twice in the last half chocked off threats down close - once when South Carolina had a first down at the seven, then again at the 15.

Big thing was the Seminoles simply didn't let the Gamecocks have the football after the first quarter. FSU ran 84 plays in this game, the Gamecocks just 67.

Pushing their record to 5-1 and thereby assuring themselves of a non-losing season in Bill Peterson's 100th game as their coach, the Seminoles also propelled themselves into probable top-20 classification and bowl contention. The Gamecocks flew back to Columbia shortly after the game, taking along a 5-2 record. Peterson, whose FSU record reads 54-36-10, now is 4-0 against Dietzel, his old mentor and still firm friend.

Rain messed up things just a little in the first half, but the sun came out for the final portion.

South Carolina took an early 3-0 lead on Billy DuPre's 32-yard field goal.

The Seminoles opened with some triple-option running tricks, but couldn't get untracked until the defense threw Carolina runners for losses on three straight second-quarter plays, and forced a punt that gave the offense a chance from the Gamecocks 42.

From that point on South Carolina ran just four plays from scrimmage while the Seminoles were putting 20 points on the board.

Magalski's fine run put the Seminoles ahead 7-3. Ronnie Wallace pounced on a fumble on the ensuing kick return, providing opportunity at the Carolina 27, and Grant Guthrie got a 42-yard field goal out of that.

The following kickoff, an unintentional short one, was recovered by the Seminoles' Phil Abraira at the Carolina 40, and Guthrie got a 40-yard field goal out of that.

After a Carolina punt, the Seminoles drove 95 yards to a 20-3 lead with Bailey whipping the scoring pass to Gray.

Then came the defense again. On the first series of the last half, John Montgomery intercepted a pass and scampered 27 yards to a touchdown. It was the first points FSU has scored in the third quarter this season.

After South Carolina got a touchdown on Randy Yoakum's 20-yard toss to Doug Hamrick, the Seminoles, behind the eternally reliable Bill Cappleman, marched 89 yards to a final TD that Magalski got from two yards out.

FSU ran up 477 yards of offense, including 256 running, to South Carolina's 287, of which 203 came on passes.

Cappleman completed 17 of 29 passes for 203 yards, had none intercepted. The Seminoles picked off three Gamecock passes. Each side claimed one fumble from the other.

Warren Muir, the tough fullback, managed 63 yards for Carolina on 13 runs as the Gamecocks netted just 84 on the ground. Fred Ziegler, the visitors' whiz receiver, caught just two but got 70 yards out of them.

FSU defenders not only did a good job hemming up those two, but also contained elusive quarterback Tommy Suggs, who ended up with minus 22 yards running and just 77 passing on seven completions in 14 tries. Yoakum, who came in after Suggs went to the sidelines with an injury, hit 10 of 17 tosses for 126 yards, ran for 17 more.

Florida State "put it all together" in the second quarter yesterday afternoon, tearing loose for 20 points, and romped to a surprisingly easy Homecoming victory over South Carolina.

The score was 34-9 as the Seminoles startled the Gamecocks with a fierce running game that featured Tom Bailey and a previously-unheard-from sophomore named Paul Magalski.

Bailey got 113 yards in 22 runs, Magalski 111 in 12. Most of the time Magalski got his yardage subbing at fullback for Bailey, though the latter was in the lineup at left half a small portion of the time.

Florida State moved strong from the beginning, starting at its 25 after winning the coin toss and receiving. Tom Bailey, on the first play, took a pitchout and sailed 19 yards. Arthur Monroe, on two runs, got eight to the South Carolina 48, and Bailey cracked to a first down at the 44.

The Tribe got five on an offsides call. Throwing into a strong wind for the first time, Bill Cappleman completed a 3-yarder to Kent Gaydos.

Second and two at the 39, and the Seminoles were guilty of a costly mistake - too much time.

Munroe got three, back to the 38, but a Cappleman completion to Jim Tyson gained naught.

Into that wind, Grant Guthrie was called upon for a 55-yard attempt for a field goal. It was short, but the strictly secondary objective worked; what it amounted to was a punt to the 13.

Warren Muir banged three times, for a first down at the 23. Muir led on to the 33, where Tommy Suggs slipped to his left and hit Muir with a long toss, 38 yards to the Florida State 29.

Muir got three more, but a pass missed and Randy Hall whipped through to cut Suggs down for a loss of 14, back to the 40.

So, with the wind going for it, South Carolina sent Billy DuPre in for a 57-yard attempt at a field goal, and what that amounted to was a punt that gave the Tribe the ball at the 20 after the boot hit near the bottom of the goalpost.

Rain started about this time, and drifted in and out for the remainder of the first half, before the sun chased it all away.

The Seminoles couldn't move from the 20, and Duane Carrell's punt into that wind gave the Gamecocks a shot from FSU's 43.

Suggs' pass to Doug Hamrick keyed one first down and the running of Tommy Simmons another at the 21.

But the visitors came up short at the 16, and DuPre, on fourth down, kicked a 32-yard field goal for 3-0.

It was the first time in seven games this season the Gamecocks had scored a first-quarter point.

The Seminoles tried a reverse on the kickoff return, with Munroe dealing the ball to Don Pederson, but it fooled no one and the runback was for a mere four yards to the 16.

FSU worked the ball to its 24, where Carrell punted well enough, but the ball took a reverse bounce as a Gamecock fumbled it, and netted a mere 28 yards to the Carolina 48.

Suggs' 8-yard pass to Tom Trevillian got a first down at FSU's 42 on the first play of the second quarter.

Then Suggs, back to pass, fumbled when hit. Carolina tackle Dave DeCamilla pounced on the rolling ball at the 50 as FSU's Frank Vohun pounced on him. An official dropped a flag, called a personal foul, gave the Gamecocks the ball at FSU's 36.

Soon, the Gamecocks faked a field goal on fourth down with Suggs hitting Fred Ziegler at the 32 for an apparent first down. But illegal procedure was called on Carolina, rubbing that one out. Bill Parker punted to Phil Abraira, and he was creamed by a defender before he could catch the ball. Interference was the call, and FSU had a start from its 31.

Three runs gained the 43. Then Cappleman hit George Davis for 20 at the Carolina 37. Bailey ripped off seven, then four for a first down at the 26. Paul Magalski ran for three, but Cappleman lost four. Bailey, on a sweep, got back to the 25.

Guthrie tried a 42-yard field goal boot. It was wide.

Then came what must have been the turning point. On three staright runs, the Gamecocks lost yardage on each, back to their 10 with Vohun, Wallace and Robert McEachern the key defenders.

The punt was a 32-yarder which gave FSU a crack from the Carolina 42.

Bailey rammed for five, Munroe for three.

That brought it to third-and-one, and Cappleman dealt the ball to Magalski, who spun off the left side, broke three tackles, and went all the way on a strong and dazzling run.

Guthrie kicked the point after that sudden 33-yard payoff and it was 7-3.

Randy Hall boomed a kickoff into the end zone. Dick Harris wheeled it out to the 27 but fumbled when hit and Ron Wallace claimed the ball for the Seminoles.

After Bailey got a couple, two passes missed. Guthrie put through a 42-yard field goal for 10-3.

Then Hall flubbed a kickoff, almost missing it, but it bounced to the Carolina 40 - and an alert Abraira was down to jump on the football for Florida State.

Bailey got five, and Munroe matched that. But the Seminoles penatrated no further than the 22, and Guthrie slapped home a 40-yard field goal for 13-3.

Guthrie booted the next kickoff, and it was short, with Bo Davies running it back 12 to the 40.

With Hamrick catching a couple of Suggs passes, the Gamecocks got to FSU's 42 before it came to punting time. Parker kicked one to the five.

On third-and-10, Cappleman passed from the end zone to Tyson at the 19. Gaydos was tripped-up by a defender on what might have been a scoring bomb. Third-and-10 again, and Cappleman hit Mike Gray for 19 at the 38, then soon found Pederson with a shot at the Carolina 47 with 1:05 left in the half.

Cappleman kept, ran wide and out of bounds, to the 39.

Then came Magalski once more, bursting for 23 on another run off left tackle, down to the 16.

Bailey took a handoff, retreated, shook off a tackler, and threw from about the 30 to Gray in the end zone for six points. Guthrie's point made it 20-3 with 36 seconds showing on the clock.

Carrell tried his toe on kickoffs to open the second half, put one in the end zone, where it stayed.

On the second play from scrimmage, John Montgomery picked off a Suggs pass, cut across the field, and scooted down the sidelines on a sparkling run for a 27-yard touchdown.

With Guthrie's point, that ran the score to 27-3 and, for all practical purposes, the Seminoles were home free.

Carrell kicked off into the end zone again, but Harris got loose on the runback, 48 yards to the Carolina 46.

The Gamecocks drove on to FSU's 43, but John Pell intercepted Suggs' long toss at the three to stop that.

Four straight hard-nosed runs by Bailey got FSU out of the hole, up to the 28, but the Seminoles had to punt from their 34. Carrell lofted a 42-yarder.

Carolina soon punted back then got a chance when James Jarrett fumbled on a counter-trap play, with Jimmy Poston recovering for the Gamecocks at FSU's 26.

Third down, and Randy Yoakum, who had come in for Suggs at quarterback, found Hamrick all alone and hit him with a 20-yard scoring pass. Yoakum tried to pass for two points, but Barry Rice batted down the ball, leaving it 27-9.

Magalski dug for 22 yards on the kickoff runback, to FSU's 39, but a holding penalty stymied the Seminoles as they drove to the Carolina 44. On third-and-30 Cappleman whipped a screen pass to Bailey, who got 25 to Carolina's 37. Guthrie's long field goal try was short, but Carolina was put in a hole at the seven.

The Gamecocks gave it a big try. On fourth-and-two at the 15, Yoakum ran for first down yardage, then uncorked a 42-yard bomb to Ziegler at FSU's 42.

On fourth-and-8 at the 40 Muir dug through on the draw for 21 yards to the 19.

Yoakum hit Tom Trevillian with a first-down pass at the seven. But Muir got just one, Holland one and a pass missed. On fourth down Wallace slapped Yoakum for a loss back to the 11, and FSU took over in the first minutes of the last quarter.

It was a quarter in which the Gamecocks got the ball for just 2:54 of playing time.

Cappleman directed an 89-yard scoring drive from the 11 in 14 plays.

Bailey's running and catching lead to the FSU 43, and Magalski got a first down at Carolina's 46.

Munroe got five, and a Cappleman-Bailey pass seven. Bailey's 8-yard run sparked a first down at the 22. A Cappleman pass to Gaydos for 12 soon put the ball on the two, where Magalski went in on a wide and determined run. Guthrie's point brought it to 34-9 with eight minutes remaining.

On Yoakum passes, Carolina maneuvered to a first down at FSU's 15. Again the Seminoles held with Benny Rust breaking up an end zone pass on fourth down.

Florida State probed to Carolina's 36. Frank Whigham came in at quarterback. Harris intercepted his pass at the seven with 14 seconds.

The happy Homecoming game ended as Steve Gildea picked of a Yoakum pitch at midfield and ran the ball to the 24. It's doubtful if he could have made it all the way even had South Carolina defenders not stopped him, for a drove of kids were already swarming onto that end of the field.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   0- 0  Grant Guthrie, 55, field goal failed, 10:45
      0- 0  Opp, 57, field goal failed, 7:17 
      0- 3  Opp, 32, field goal, 2:32 
      0- 3  Grant Guthrie, 42, field goal failed, 10:04
2nd   7- 3  Paul Magalski, 33, run (Grant Guthrie, kick), 7:26 
     10- 3  Grant Guthrie, 42, field goal, 6:29 
     13- 3  Grant Guthrie, 40, field goal, 4:17 
     20- 3  Mike Gray, 16, pass from Tom Bailey (Grant Guthrie, kick), 0:34 
3rd  27- 3  John Montgomery, 27, interception return (Grant Guthrie, kick), 14:33
     27- 9  Opp, 20, pass (pass failed), 7:27 
     27- 9  Grant Guthrie, 51, field goal failed, 4:41 
4th  34- 9  Paul Magalski, 2, run (Grant Guthrie, kick), 8:00 

FSU OPP First downs 25 14 Rushes-yards 53-258 36- 84 Passing 219 203 Att-Comp-Int 31-18-1 31-17-3 Total Yards 84-477 67-287 Punt Returns 1-3 1-13 Kickoff Returns 3-46 5-111 Interception Ret. 3-32 1-0 Fumble Returns 1-0 1-0 Punts 3-33.0 4-36.8 Fumbles-Lost 1-1 2-1 Penalties-Yds 6-60 4-40 Attendance 35,519 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Tom Bailey 22- 113 Paul Magalski 12- 111 Arthur Munroe 10- 35 Bill Cappleman 6- 4 James Jarrett 2- 0 Frank Whigham 1- -5 Receiving Tom Bailey 7- 79 Kent Gaydos 4- 38 Mike Gray 2- 35 Don Pederson 2- 27 George Davis 1- 20 Jim Tyson 2- 20 Passing Bill Cappleman 29-17-0-203 Tom Bailey 1- 1-0- 16 Frank Whigham 1- 0-1- 0 Punt Return Phil Abraira 1- 3 Kickoff Return Paul Magalski 1- 22 Arthur Munroe 1- 20 Don Pederson 1- 4 Punting Duane Carrell 3- 99 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John Montgomery . . . . . 1- 27 . . . . . . Steve Gildea . . . . . 1- 5 . . . . . . John Pell . . . . . 1- 0 . . . . . . Ron Wallace . . . . . . . . 1- 0 . . .


11/08/1969, BLACKSBURG, VA

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, 11/9/1969, page 1-D, by Bill McGrotha

BLACKSBURG, VA - Gripped by a frigid, stinging wind that blew at a 20 to 30 miles per hour rate all afternoon long, Florida State receivers dropped a record number of Bill Cappleman's passes as the Seminoles struggled from behind and pulled out a 10-10 tie with Virginia Tech here Saturday on Grant Guthrie's 51-yard field goal in the final quarter.

Guthrie's shot came with 8:18 left in the game.

The situation was altogether a taxing one for the Seminoles, who were without ace runner Tom Bailey, left behind in Tallahassee with the flu.

It was a typical hard-hitting wrestle between these two, with defenders from both sides exacting mistakes out of the other, and that wind a telling factor throughout.

Now 5-1-1 for the season, Florida State got on the board first when Cappleman tossed a 9-yard touchdown pass to Jim Tyson on the Seminoles' third offensive sortie of the game.

Opportunity had come at the Tech 32 following a 14-yard punt into that wind by Jack Simcsak, normally one of the nation's best at his specialty. Simcsak was averaging better than 42 yards per boot going into this one. His average for seven punts Saturday was 33.

Tech tied it later in the quarter on Ken Edwards' 2-yard smash. Tim Bosiack's 38-yard punt return to the FSU 15 paved that one.

The Gobblers went in front 10-7 late in the third quarter as Simcsak kicked a 31-yard field goal. That capped a 57-yard drive on the heels of a recovery of a Seminole fumble at the FSU 43.

FSU started from its 46 after a 26-yard punt by Simcsak when it set the stage for Guthrie's booming boot that tied it.

About 25,000 fans braved the fierce weather, bundled in overcoats and huddled close together for what little warmth was to be had.

Cappleman completed just 12 of 28 passes for 122 yards, with Tyson pulling in five for 35, Paul Magalski four for 48. For the second straight week, sophomore Magalski went over the 100 mark in rushing, gaining 113 yards in 18 trips with the ball.

Tech defenders repeatedly trapped Cappleman, and the Seminoles ended with a net of just 215 yards on offense. The Virginians ran for 186 yards with Terry Smoot cutting out 87 in 28 runs and Edwards 59 in 19.

The Gobblers got only 44 throwing, as Bob German hit on just five of 15.

FSU picked off three Tech pases, claimed two Gobbler fumbles, while losing on pass and three fumbles to its foe.

Tech now sands 2-5-1 after losing its first five, none by more than a touchdown.

Florida State had spectacular defensive tackle play from Robert McEachern, and superior linebacking work from Bill Lohse.

A pressbox accounting gave McEachern 13 tackles, Lohse seven.

Tech succeeded in controlling the football, running 81 plays to just 62 for the Seminoles. Not often does a foe succeed in getting off more plays than the Seminoles.

Duane Carrell averaged 33.6 on his eight punts for the Seminoles.

Florida State was taxed 52 yards in penalties, Tech 34. Coach Bill Peterson thought the game may have been the best officiated one in the series.

Neither side found much of a key to the other's defense. Despite Magalski, the Seminoles couldn't establish a consisent running game, and Cappleman's passes simply weren't getting caught.

Tech couldn't get anything going overhead either.

Tech had a 14-yard scoring pass, German to Perry Tiberio, rubbed out by an illegal pocedure penalty in the second quarter. Next play tackle Frank Vohun and linebacker Barry Rice caught German for a 9-yard loss, and Simcsak's bid for a 44-yard field goal was wide.

Simcsak later missed a 55-yarder. Similarly, Guthrie missed a 55-yarder early in the game. Both had the wind going for them on all their efforts.

It was the second 50-plus field goal for Guthrie, who connected on a school-record one of 53 yards against Miami.

With a numbing wind sweeping across the field throughout the afternoon, Florida State's football team found its passing game almost totally ineffective and struggled to a 10-10 tie with Virginia Tech here Saturday afternoon.

Grant Guthrie's 51-yard field goal, helped along by the wind at his back, brought the Seminoles from behind to the deadlock with 8:18 remaining.

It was a bruising defensive struggle, and under the circumstances, an outcome not to be sneezed at.

At the start, Florida State elected to kick off after winning the toss - an unusual, but quite prudent procedure in view of the strong wind that the Seminoles put at their back with the choice.

Randy Hall's boot went to the three, and Tech began at the 25 after the return.

An 11-yard run by Ken Edwards spurred the Gobblers to their 44. But Terry Smoot fumbled when hit hard by Bill Lohse, and Frank Vohun recovered for Florida State at the Tech 45.

But timing wasn't just right as Arthur Munroe whirled to catch a Bill Cappleman pass, and the halfback dropped the ball. Paul Magalski, in two runs gained the 38.

Grant Guthrie's 55-yard try for a field goal was short.

With Robert McEachern leading the defensive charge Tech got just four yards in three runs. Jack Simcsak's punt into the wind was a 26-yarder to the 50.

Again a first play misfired as Munroe bumped into Cappleman as the quarterback faded to pass, resulting in a 4-yard loss. Cappleman completed his first pass, to Jim Tyson for six, then picked up one on a run. Duane Carrell's punt set Tech back on the 13.

Three runs netted just five yards, and Simcsak's punt was caught by that wind, got just 14 yards to the 32.

After a Cappleman pass was dropped, Munroe dug for five. Magalski slammed to the 20, and picked up a half-the-distance-to-the-goal penalty, for a personal foul, to the 10.

But Munroe had no chance on the screen pass, lost eight. And a clipping call pushed the Seminoles all the way back to where they started, the 32.

Cappleman flipped a pass to Magalski over the middle, and the fullback struck for 21 to the 11, then cut out a first down at the nine on a run.

Tyson slipped into the end zone and caught Cappleman's touchdown throw just before going out of bounds. Guthrie added a point for 7-0.

Carrell's kickoff, into the end zone, was run up to the 24. Again three runs got little, and Simcsak got off a startling 51-yard punt into that wind.

Phil Abraira fielded it, but fumbled when he was tackled and Vince Russo claimed the ball for Tech at Florida State's 34.

Illegal procedure cost the Gobblers five. On third down Abraira intercepted Bob German's pass at the 17.

With Magalski's running the key, the Seminoles worked the ball up to the 37 before Carrell punted.

Tim Bosiak gathered the boot in, sidestepped a Seminole who was down fast, then raced down the sidelines, behind a wall of blockers, 38 yards to FSU's 15.

Bosiak had appeared - at least to more than one FSU defender - to be signaling for a fair catch. One defensive man was in position to nail him in his tracks, and seemed to hold up.

Promptly German threw to Dee Crigger, who made a falling catch at the four. On second down at the two, Edwards scored with a dive off the left side. Simcsak's point tied it 7-7 in the last moments of the first quarter.

The Seminoles moved from their 32 to the 46 after the kickoff. But Cappleman was racked for losses of six and nine, bringing on another punt, 27 yards - the wind against the Seminoles now - to the Tech 42.

John Pell had the ball apparently cradled in his arms for an interception on a German toss, but it popped out. Smoot, on two runs, knocked off 12, then 14 yards, and Edwards led on to a first down at the 15.

But Ron Wallace and McEachern got to German for a loss of two. The quarterback threw into the end zone to Perry Tiberio on an apparent 14-yard touchdwn play, but Tech was in motion and the play was nullified. Finally Simcsak attempted a 44-yard field goal. It was wide to the right.

On the draw, Magalski got nine to the 29. Then apparently tackled for a loss of two, Magalski broke free and skipped for 22 to the Tech 49.

Cappleman, back to pass, was pressed and ran with the ball, all the way to the 39, fumbled. Mike Widger recovered for the Gobblers at the 36.

Smoot's running lifted Tech to Florida State's 48. German kept giving the tailback the ball, keeping a time or two for himself, and Tech swept on to a first down at the 27.

But a pitchout by German was fumbled and Wallace raced back to recover for Florida State at the 38.

Cappleman passed to Don Pederson at the Tech 45, but holding was called and the Seminoles set back to their 24.

Magalski got 13 in two runs. Tyson dropped a pass at the 50. Carrell punted to Tech's 34 with 1:13 left in the half.

Tech ran three plays, for little, and Simcsak punted 51 yards on the final play before intermission.

Tech chose to receive the third-quarter kickoff, and got the wind to its back.

Florida State had its choice of which side to defend, and elected to give Tech that wind advantage - so the Seminoles themselves would have it in the last quarter. The move surprised Tech, as Coach Jerry Claiborne indicated later. Tech had hoped to have the last-quarter wind advantage.

Hall's kickoff to the 15 was returned to the 25.

Edwards broke a tackle and bounced from the 25 to the 36. Smoot and German runs took Tech on to FSU's 45,a yard short of a first down.

Third-and-one, and German's pass was broken up by Robert Ashmore. Fourth-and-one, and Tech gambled.

Mr. Smoot met Mr. Lohse, and not an inch did Tech get out of that venture. Florida State took over.

FSU moved to a first down at Tech's 45 in three plays. After Cappleman lost six, five was regained on an offsides against the Gobblers. Then a blitz caught Munroe for a loss of four.

And then Lennie Smith intercepted a Cappleman pass and ran it back 27 yards to FSU's 48.

Lohse got to Smoot again, for a loss of two, and Tech couldn't move. Simcsak went for a field goal from 55-yard range. It was short.

The Seminoles got not much from the 20, and Carrell punted to the Tech 42.

Moments later Ashmore intercepted a Smoot pass and returned it 13 yards to FSU's 42.

Cappleman's pass to Tyson got a first down at Tech's 36. But Cappleman, trapped again, lost the football and Larry Creekmore got it for Tech at the Gobbler's 43.

On third-and-13 Tech sprung Wayne Humphries to the left on an end-around play - 29 yards to FSU's 30. Had he not tripped over a teammate he just might have gone all the way. On third-and-nine German passed 18 yards to Tiberio at the 11.

On third-and-five at the six Wallace nailed Edwards for a loss of eight to the 14. Simcsak entered, kicked a 31-yard field goal for a 10-7 Tech advantage with 20 seconds left in the quarter.

Magalski wheeled to the 38 on the kick runback, but the Seminoles came up short at the 46. Carrell punted to the 22.

Tech soon kicked back, a 32-yarder to FSU's 46.

But Cappleman lost 10 on the first play. He then ran for 12 to the 48. On third-and-10 he found Tyson with a clutch toss at Tech's 38. Pass interference provided a first down at the 34 on the next play. Cappleman's fumble was then reclaimed by Stan Walker, for no gain.

The Seminoles got no further.

In came Guthrie and booted a 51-yard field goal that tied it 10-10 with 8:18 showing on the scoreboard clock.

Here the Seminoles utilized Guthrie on a kickoff after Hall had booted twice and Carrell once earlier in the game. Guthrie put the ball into the end zone.

Tech got stopped after the kick, Simcsak punted 39 yards to FSU's 38.

A call for offensive pass interference knocked the Seminoles back to the 29, soon bringing another punt - one that got a good bounce, 37 yards to Tech's 30.

Tech probed, on German's passes to FSU's 41. But two fumbles, both recovered by Tech, stopped the penetration. Simcsak punted to FSU's 18 with 1:01 remaining.

Tyson dropped a ball at the 42. And it came to punting time again, Carrell getting off a 47-yarder to Tech's 32 with 30 seconds to go.

German, back in the shotgun formation, had his second toss intercepted by Abraira at the FSU 46.

The Seminoles had a last chance with 12 seconds showing. One bomb was broken up. Cappleman was dropped for an 11-yard loss. On the last play, a screen pass to Magalski, gained midfield - and that was all.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   0- 0  Grant Guthrie, 55, field goal failed
      7- 0  Jim Tyson, 9, pass from Bill Cappleman (Grant Guthrie, kick), 6:00 
      7- 7  Opp, 2, run (kick), 0:04 
2nd   7- 7  Opp, 44, field goal failed, 8:40 
3rd   7- 7  Opp, 63, field goal failed, 7:41 
      7-10  Opp, 31, field goal, 0:20 
4th  10-10  Grant Guthrie, 51, field goal, 8:18 

FSU OPP First downs 11 14 Rushes-yards 34- 93 65-186 Passing 122 44 Att-Comp-Int 28-12-1 16-5-3 Total Yards 62-215 81-230 Punt Returns 2-36 3-46 Kickoff Returns 1-24 3-56 Interception Ret. 3-25 1-27 Fumble Returns 2-0 3-0 Punts 8-33.6 7-33.0 Fumbles-Lost 4-3 4-2 Penalties-Yds 3-52 6-34 Attendance 25,000 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Paul Magalski 18- 113 Arthur Munroe 4- 1 Bill Cappleman 12- -21 Receiving Paul Magalski 4- 45 Jim Tyson 5- 35 Arthur Munroe 1- 23 Don Pederson 1- 10 Brent Gilman 1- 9 Passing Bill Cappleman 28-12-1-122 Punt Return Phil Abraira 1- 31 John Pell 1- 5 Kickoff Return Arthur Munroe 1- 24 Punting Duane Carrell 8- 269 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Robert McEachern 13 . 13 . . . . . . 1 . . Barry Rice 11 . 11 . . . . . . . . . Bill Lohse 7 . 7 . . . . . . . 1 . Ron Wallace 5 1 6 . . . . . 1- 0 . . . Benny Rust 5 1 6 . . . . . . . . . Phil Abraira 5 . 5 . . 2- 12 . . . . . . Robert Ashmore 5 . 5 . . 1- 13 . . . . . . Frank Vohun 4 . 4 . . . . . 1- 0 . . . Steve Gildea 4 . 4 . . . . . . . . . John Pell 3 . 3 . . . . . . . . . John Lanahan 3 . 3 . . . . . . . . . John Montgomery 3 . 3 . . . . . . . . . Buddy Gridley 1 1 2 . . . . . . . . . Theron Bass . 2 2 . . . . . . . . . Bobby Burt 2 . 2 . . . . . . . . . Danny Thomas 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Bill Hughes 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Don Pederson 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . .


11/15/1969, TALLAHASSEE, FL

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, 11/16/1969, page 1-D, by Bill McGrotha

TALLAHASSEE, FL, November 15, 1969 - Florida State ran up a school record 627 yards of offense, and Bill Cappleman passed for a school record 508, but it was all for naught as Grant Guthrie missed a 36-yard try for a field goal with 21 seconds left and the Seminoles fell to Memphis State 28-26 here Saturday night.

Guthrie, whose 51-yard field goal only last week tied Virginia Tech 10-10, had connected earlier in the evening on a pair of 32-yarders.

This one would have been a 31-yard effort, save for a too much time penalty that shifted the ball from the 14 to the 19.

It was a game of breaks, many penalties and total excitement.

Trailing 28-20 with 7:42 remaining, the Seminoles rode Cappleman's arm to a touchdown as the clock showed 3:24 to go. On an "Alley Oop" pass into the end zone to Kent Gaydos, the 6-6 receiver pulled it in for a touchdown. It was a 6-yard payoff on fourth down.

But a 2-point play, a pass to Gaydos, was broken up.

FSU got the ball back with 1:41 remaining, and Cappleman - running himself for 23 to the 30 - smartly directed a push from FSU's 19 to the Tigers' 14.

The Seminoles, now 5-2-1 for the season, got on the board first, marching 97 yards from the opening kick to a 3-0 lead on Guthrie's first field goal.

Paul Marks skipped 60 yards with an interception of a Cappleman pass for Memphis' first TD, and the Tigers soon got another on an 80-yard drive following another interception after FSU stood third and one at the Memphis one. Dan Pierce passed 30 yards to Frank Blackwell for that one.

Then Cappleman struck twice in the fading minutes of the half, uncorking a bomb to Don Pederson for a score on an 80-yard play, passing 17 yards, again to Pederson, 35 seconds before intermission for a 17-14 halftime advantage.

Memphis drove 74 yards from the third quarter kickoff. Jay McCoy, who had sprung for a 42 yards run on that drive, tallied from the two.

A 10-yard pass, Pierce to Blackwell, got Memphis State in front 28-20 a few minutes after Guthrie had booted his second 3-pointer to narrow things to 21-20.

Cappleman threw 50 times, completed 31. With Tom Bailey running 16 times for 79 and Arthur Munroe 19 for 60, FSU netted 119 on the ground.

McCoy knocked off a whopping 121 yards in 16 carries.

The Tigers, now 7-2 with only Louisville left, pretty well assured themselves of a Missouri Valley Conference title, for this one was designated as a league game, and probably a bid to somebody's bowl.

Memphis State had a first half touchdown called back for clipping after blocking a punt and running it in.

Next play Rick Thurow ran 29 yards to an apparent touchdown, only to have it cancelled for holding.

FSU had one rubbed out for holding as Munroe went in from the two with the Seminoles trailing at that point 21-17. Whereupon the Tribe settled for a field goal that put them within a point.

Memphis drew 111 yards in penalties, Florida State 85.

The Tigers managed only 274 yards of offense, just 71 passing.

FSU lost two fumbles and two passes to the Tigers, while recovering one fumble and getting one interception off Memphis.

It was the most points yielded by the Seminoles this season.

The 6-6 Gaydos caught nine passes for 111 yards. Pederson grabbed four for 119, Jim Tyson five for 86.

A crowd of 28,542, sitting in near freezing weather, got plenty of exercise, bouncing out of those seats.

By the slim margin of a field goal missed with 21 seconds left Florida State's football team fell 28-26 here Saturday night to Memphis State in perhaps as exciting a football game ever played in Campbell Stadium.

With the ball on the 14 with 21 seconds left, Florida State got penalized five yards for too much time.

And Grant Guthrie, who earlier had kicked a pair of 32-yarders, saw this 36-yard effort stray wide to the left.

Behind 14-3 early, Florida State led 17-14 at halftime, but was never again in front after Memphis drove 74 yards from the second half kickoff to a touchdown.

At the start Florida State received after winning the pregame coin toss for the seventh time in eight games. A bad start it was. But it turned out okay.

Charlie Babb's kick went to the two. The Seminoles were playing him a little short, and Arthur Munroe had to retreat to get it, with momentum carrying him back into the end zone. Munroe got back out to the three before he was tackled.

An offsides against the Tigers cost them five. Tom Bailey picked up two. The ball popped into the air as Munroe carried, but guard Randy Logan retained the ball for FSU by covering it at the 12. Third and one, and Bailey took a pitchout and sailed for 11. A personal foul cost Memphis another 15, to the 38.

Third and nine at the 39, and Bill Cappleman passed to Munroe for 25 at the Memphis 36. Cappleman then fired one to Bailey over the middle at the 25.

Illegal procedure set FSU back five yards. A Cappleman-Bailey pass got 10 to the 20. Munroe gained naught. A Cappleman throw to Kent Gaydos was ruled a yard short of a first down at the 16. Fourth down, and Grant Guthrie booted a 32-yard field goal for 3-0.

Stan Davis wheeled the kickoff 25 yards, up to the 30. Dan Pierce uncorked a bomb. Off target. Scooter Gowen got just a yard. Back to pass, Pierce fumbled when tagged but reclaimed the ball for a 9-yard loss back to the 22. Durwood Gordon's punt was a 25-yarder that gave FSU a crack from the Tigers' 47.

A pass to Bailey gained the 40. But on third down linebacker Paul Marks picked off Cappleman's quick slant pass and raced 60 yards, eluding one tackler at about the 10. Pete Weeks kicked the point after touchdown for 7-3.

James Jarrett got to the 31 on a 12-yard kickoff runback. Cappleman threw long to Mike Gray, who made a nifty catch for a 32-yard pick-up to the Memphis 36.

On a fourth-down-and-one-foot bid at the 27, Munroe took off for eight to the 19. After Cappleman lost 11 when rushed on a pass, Cappleman hit Munroe with a throw at the 17, then found Gaydos with a first-down toss at the eight.

Bailey, on a pitchout, cut back inside for running room, reached the five. Jarrett slammed to the one. Third down, and Cappleman surprised with a pass. David Berrong intercepted in the end zone, in front of the intended receiver.

Memphis drove 80 yards in 10 plays and went ahead 14-3.

Third down, needing five, and Gowen got 10 on a pitchout, 15 more on a personal-foul assessment, to FSU's 47. On a fourth-down-and-one gamble as the second quarter opened Pierce dug to the 36 to keep things going.

Then it came to third and four at the 30, and the FSU defenses pulled in too close. Pierce flipped a pass to Frank Blackwell and the big end had easy cruising for a 30-yard touchdown. Weeks swung his toe for 14-3.

FSU began anew at its 33 following Munroe's 26-yard kick runback. Cappleman's 13-yarder to George Davis gained the 48. Munroe struck on a 12-yard run, then got six more to the Memphis 34. Cappleman hit Davis with a pass at the 21. Bailey pounded to the 17.

But Paul Magalski fumbled a pitchout, and Bob Parker got it for the Tigers at the 23.

Three runs lifted Memphis to the 29. Gordon punted 41 yards to FSU's 30.

The Seminoles wound up about a foot short of a first down at the 39. Duane Carrell punted it. Marks blocked it, Parker picked it up - and rambled for an apparent touchdown. But a flag was down, and clipping called at the 14. That put Memphis back at the 29.

Rick Thurow faked to a back diving up the middle, whipped outside and went all the way. But wait - another flag was down!

Memphis State was called for holding, set back to the 44. Pierce came in for Thurow, hit Blackwell with a pass at the 26. The Tigers got not much further. On fourth down Weeks' 44-yard try for a field goal hit the crossbar, bounced back, fell harmlessly to the ground.

Florida State took charge at its 20 with 4:58 showing until halftime.

First play, and Cappleman threw an 80-yard scoring bomb to Don Pederson. The ball traveled 50 yards in the air, with Pederson tucking it in at the Tigers' 30 and racing on in. Guthrie's kick narrowed it to 14-10.

Florida State defenders stopped Memphis on a pair of runs that netted just two yards to the Tigers' 35. Third down, and Davis threw a long halfback pass. FSU's Benny Rust intercepted at the 31, got to the 37 before being nailed.

Bailey got four before Munroe rambled for 13 to the Memphis 46. Cappleman pegged Gaydos with a 22-yard at the 25 but guard Stan Walker was too quick downfield on a following pass, a handkerchief dropped, and the Tribe was penalized back to the 40 for that illegal receiver.

On third and 25, after two passes missed, Cappleman connected with Jim Tyson at the 24, leaving it fourth and nine with 1:13 showing on the clock.

The Seminoles called timeout, went for it, made it on Cappleman's toss to Gaydos at the 12.

Illegal procedure cost FSU five, back to the 17. Then Cappleman hit Pederson cutting across the end zone for the touchdown. Guthrie's point gave FSU a 17-14 lead with 35 seconds remaining in the half.

Memphis State ran a couple of times before the horn sounded.

At this point FSU led in first downs 14-4, pass yardage 291-47, total offense 356-90 but was doggone lucky to be in front. Cappleman had struck on 16 of 25 throws.

But the Tigers showed plenty of offense after taking the third-quarter kick and starting at their 26.

On third and five, McCoy broke on a triple-option handoff, 42 yards to FSU's 28.

Pierce got seven to the 19 to set up a third-and-one play. It was a pass to Blackwell, who evaded a tackler and skipped to the five. A foul call put the ball on the three. On second down McCoy broke a tackle and scored from two yards out. Week's point made it 21-17.

Munroe broke for 16 yards and soon had FSU at its 48. Cappleman passed to Gaydos at the Memphis 41, soon hit Gaydos again at the 30 - but the play was rubbed out by a holding call.

Back now on the FSU 43, Cappleman passed to Gaydos at the Memphis 44. Fourth down, and Carrell punted to the 11.

Memphis worked the ball to its 30, where Steve Gildea racked Pierce on a sweep.Memphis punted 28 yards to FSU's 42.

Munroe got tossed for a 12-yard loss on a sweep, and shortly Carrell punted again, 24 yards to the Memphis 37.

Gowen's 16-yard run led to FSU's 45. But McCoy fumbled on the next play and Theron Bass got it for FSU at the 44.

Cappleman nailed Tyson with a 26-yarder at the Memphis 30. Munroe got three.

Again Cappleman found Gaydos, this time for 19 to the eight. But Bailey's halfback pass on first down was broken up, Munroe got just three on a run, to the five. Bailey fumbled but teammate George Montgomery plucked the ball out of the air, and the guard took it to the two, where it was now fourth down.

Munroe smashed off the right side and an official signaled "touchdown," but another dropped a flag .

Holding was called on the Seminoles, the play nullified. With the ball back at the 16, Guthrie booted a 32-yard field goal for 21-20.

FSU's kickoff was short, and returned 15 to the Memphis 44. Larry Byrd was nailed for a 3-yard loss by Buddy Gridley on the last play of the quarter. Then Bass and Wallace caught Gowen for a loss of five after McCoy had picked up six.

That forced a punt. Rush signaled for a fair catch, got pushed before the ball came to him.

A 15-yard assessment gave FSU the ball at its 43.

Cappleman was nailed for an 18-yard loss right away. Munroe ran for three. Cappleman passed 20 yards to Davis at the FSU 48.

Now it was fourth and five with more than 12 minutes left. And the Seminoles went for it.

Capppleman made it, throwing 14 yards to Davis at the Memphis 38. The Tigers couldn't believe that, called timeout.

Bailey lost a couple but Cappleman passed to Tyson at the 28.

Bailey whammed to a first down at the 24.

Then FSU was taxed for holding on a pass play, back to the 47. Whereupon, Cappleman threw to Tyson - incomplete - but interference was ruled, and FSU had a first down at the 32.

Bailey got the 32. But Munroe fumbled on second down and Fred Almon recovered for Memphis at the 32 with 10 minutes left.

In five plays Memphis knocked off 68 yards for a touchdown.

Pierce burst for 18 on the first play. McCoy, on an option handoff, raced off tackle, 40 yards to the 10. Then McCoy got just a yard, and Pierce was tossed for a loss of one.

Pierce faded, and threw to Blackwell, who got behind a defender who appeared to tip the ball. Blackwell caught it for six points, and Weeks brought it to 28-20 with a kick as the clock showed 7:42 remaining.

The Seminoles began at their 23, got a first down on a pass to Bailey at the 33. Then Cappleman was decked for a loss of 12. Bailey caught one for nine at the 30. Cappleman socked one to Pederson for the first down at the 44.

Bailey ripped to the Memphis 49, was seemingly hurt and timeout called. After a couple of minutes Bailey got up, stayed in, took the ball on the next play - and struck up the middle for 21 to the 27. Munroe caught a pass for a first down at the 12.

Munroe got six to the six. But he got nothing on a following run. Cappleman's end zone pass was broken up. Fourth down again. And Cappleman threw to Gaydos - high on the "Alley Oop" - and the 6-6 receiver reached over defenders and grabbed it for a touchdown.

The Seminoles went for two and it was "Alley Oop" again. But defenders rose in front of Gaydos and struck it down leaving it 28-26 with 3:24 to go.

FSU held at the Memphis 36 following the kick. With the Tigers punting to the Seminoles' 19 as the clock read 1:41.

Gaydos caught for a first down at the 34 at 1:28. Tyson pulled in one for another at the FSU 47 at 1:02. Two more passes missed.

Third and 10, and Cappleman was suddenly running from a trap, knocking off 23 yards to the Memphis 30 before going out of bounds with 36 seconds showing.

Third down again, and Cappleman hit Tyson at the 14, with the tight end stepping out of bounds with 21 seconds left.

FSU went for the field goal, took too much time, got penalized back to the 19.

Guthrie's boot was wide to the left.

That was it.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   3- 0  Grant Guthrie, 32, field goal, 9:48 
      3- 7  Opp, 60, interception return (kick), 7:17 
2nd   3-14  Opp, 30, pass (kick), 13:27
      3-14  Opp, 44, field goal failed, 4:58 
     10-14  Don Pederson, 80, pass from Bill Cappleman (Grant Guthrie, kick), 4:47 
     17-14  Don Pederson, 17, pass from Bill Cappleman (Grant Guthrie, kick), 0:35 
3rd  17-21  Opp, 1, run (kick), 11:32
     20-21  Grant Guthrie, 32, field goal, 0:07 
4th  20-28  Opp, 10, pass (kick), 7:42 
     26-28  Kent Gaydos, 6, pass from Bill Cappleman (Bill Cappleman, pass failed), 3:24 
     26-28  Grant Guthrie, 36, field goal failed, 0:16 

FSU OPP First downs 28 11 Rushes-yards 42-118 46-203 Passing 508 71 Att-Comp-Int 51-31-2 6-4-1 Total Yards 93-626 52-274 Punt Returns 0-0 1-24 Kickoff Returns 5-70 6-109 Interception Ret. 1-6 2-60 Fumble Returns 1-0 2-0 Punts 3-19.0 5-33.4 Fumbles-Lost 5-2 3-1 Penalties-Yds 11-111 7-85 Attendance 28,532 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Tom Bailey 16- 79 Arthur Munroe 19- 60 James Jarrett 2- 3 Paul Magalski 1- -6 Bill Cappleman 4- -18 Receiving Don Pederson 4- 119 Kent Gaydos 9- 111 Jim Tyson 5- 86 George Davis 4- 60 Arthur Munroe 3- 53 Tom Bailey 5- 46 Mike Gray 1- 33 Passing Bill Cappleman 50-31-2-508 Tom Bailey 1- 0-0- 0 Kickoff Return Arthur Munroe 3- 47 James Jarrett 1- 12 Brent Gilman 1- 11 Punting Duane Carrell 2- 57 Team 1- 0 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Benny Rust . . . . . 1- 6 . . . . . . Theron Bass . . . . . . . . 1- 0 . . .


11/22/1969, TALLAHASSEE, FL

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, 11/23/1969, page 1-D, by Bill McGrotha

TALLAHASSEE, FL - Defensive tackle Frank Vohun rumbled 23 yards with a pass interception and defensive back Phil Abraira scampered 92 on a punt return for a pair of touchdowns that keyed Florida State to a 33-22 football victory oer N.C. State here yesterday afternoon.

Florida State's offense moved smartly to touchdowns the first two times it got the ball, but it hobbled the rest of the afternoon by injuries to halfbacks Arthur Munroe and James Jarrett, its own mistakes and an alert Wolfpack defense.

Biggest factor of all was FSU's own defense.

Ahead 13-3 early, the Seminoles were breathing a little hard after Gary Yount scooted 24 yards to a TD on an interception of a Bill Cappleman pass, cutting the score to 13-10.

Then Vohun, a 225-pound senior, came up with his career high point 2:26 before intermission. Moments later linebacker Barry Rice set up the Seminoles at the Wolfpack 34 with another interception, and Grant Guthrie's 31-yard field goal brought things to 23-10 just 41 seconds before the half.

After Abraira's splendid sprint made it 30-10 in the third quarter, it was mostly dullville the rest of the way.

A crowd of 25,343 - it looked smaller - watched on a pleasant, sunny afternoon as Florida State pushed its record to 6-2-1 with a date at Houston still to go. Many more saw the show via ABC television's regional airing.

N.C. State takes a 3-5-1 record into its nationally televised tussel with unbeaten Penn State next week.

Outdone 119 yards to 54 in the second and third quarters, Florida State's offense bagged just 243 yards running and passing, one less than N.C. State netted.

After Munroe went out in the game-opening series with a hip-pointer, Jarrett filled in. And Jarrett departed before the half with a shoulder injury, forcing a shift of fullback Tom Bailey to left half.

Dwight Moody, starting quarterback of N.C. State, was sidelined with a dislocated elbow late in the second quarter.

FSU's running game netted just 78 yards, 89 less than N.C. State's. Bailey, with 44 in 18 carries, was the leader for the Seminoles. Leon Masson ripped off 79 in 12 cracks for the Wolfpack, Charlie Bowers 44 in 16.

Cappleman, though he completed just 13 of 26 throws for 149 yards, bettered two of his own season records as his attempts for the year reached 307 and his completions 165.

He also threw the 40th touchdown pass of his playing time, a 4-yarder to Jim Tyson that capped a 70-yard opening drive. He directed a 67-yard scoring march the next time the Seminoles go the ball, with Jarrett getting the TD from the one.

Guthrie's 25-yard field goal in the last quarter wrapped up FSU's scoring.

N.C. State got on the boards with Mike Charron's 35-yard field goal, Yount's run with the interception, Butch Altman's 10-yard jaunt with a pitchout, and Bowers' 7-yard smash in the final minute.

Tyson pulled in six passes for 69 yards.

N.C. State got just 77 via air, with Mason pulling in three for 62.

Duane Carrell's punting was nigh spectacular for the Seminoles. He booted five for a 46.4 average.

Three lost fumbles, two interceptions and 59 yards in penalties plagued the Tribe. N.C. State was hit with 25 in penalties, lost just one fumble, had two passes picked off. The Seminoles had a narrow edge in ball-control, 71 plays to 66.

Abraira's punt return was one to remember.

He fumbled the ball just after catching it at the eight. It hit an N.C. State defender on the shoulder pads, and bounced right back into Abraira's searching arms at the 11. He picked his way down the sidelines with some fancy stepping, delayed for key blocks by Robert McEachern and Danny Thomas.

Tackle McEachern and end Ronnie Wallace were again big fellows on defense for the Seminoles.

Sharp blocking by N.C. State's offensive line gave FSU some problems, but the defense was notably prominent in the clutch. The Wolfpack's pass defense was quite a bit better than average. Cappleman's touchdown pass was only the third yielded by the Raleigh team all season.

Fifty-five points went up on the scoreboard, but defense was much the name of the game here Saturday afternoon as Florida State pushed its record to 6-2-1 with a 33-22 trimming of N.C. State.

The Seminoles led 13-3 after a quarter, and the Wolfpack never came closer than 13-10.

Despite a good start, moving to a touchdown on the first two series of plays, Florida State's offense was again plagued by multiple mistakes, as well as a cool and capable Wolfpack defense.

At the start, N. C. State chose to go on defense. The Wolfpack won the toss, took the wind to its back, kicked to the Seminoles.

And in 12 plays following the kickoff return to the 30 by Arthur Munroe, the Seminoles wheeled 70 yards to a touchdown.

Bill Cappleman went to Don Pederson with a bomb on the first play; almost intercepted. Third down, needing 10, and Cappleman nailed Jim Tyson at the 50.

Tom Bailey rammed to the 42, and Munroe got a first down at the 38. A 13-yard throw to Pederson moved the sticks again, to the 23.

With Munroe leaving the game on a hip injury, James Jarrett entered and knocked off five yards. Bailey struck to the 12. Jarrett got five and Bailey three to the four.

Third and two, and Florida State put Paul Magalski into the game, moving Bailey over from fullback to left half. As N.C. State braced for a power run from one of those big fellows, Cappleman flipped a little pass to Tyson for the touchdown. Grant Guthrie added a point for 7-0.

It was the first TD pass thrown on the Wolfpack in six games, only the third of this season.

Butch Altman dug 24 yards to the 32 with Duane Carrell's kickoff.

Charlie Bowers' 14-yard run soon had the Wolfpack at midfield. Bowers got nine more. Dwight Moody five to the 36. It came to fourth-and-one at the 27, and N.C. State lined up for a field-goal try, changed its mind after an FSU timeout, went for the yardage, got it, with Moody keeping for five to the 22. Two more runs gained the 16. But Moody, keeping, dropped the ball, covered the fumble himself for a loss to the 18. Whereupon Gary Yount was true on a 35-yard field goal, making it 7-3.

Bailey brought the kickoff back 27 to the 33.

Jarrett ripped for 11. Third and seven, and Cappleman hit Kent Gaydos with a toss at the Wolfpack 42. An 11-yarder to Tyson got another first down at the 26. Bailey was stopped cold on a sweep, but N.C. State drew a penalty to the 13 for piling on.

Jarrett gained four, then slipped and lost four. Cappleman aimed one into the end zone, with Jim Smith breaking it up but the defender was judged holding Gaydos, the intended receiver, on the play. The interference call gave FSU a first down at the one.

On second down Jarrett scored his first varsity touchdown from a foot out. Guthrie swung his toe, with a good kick, but it was nullified by a holding call. Back at 35-yard range, Guthrie's boot was wide to the left, leaving it 13-3 in the last moments of the first quarter.

Tackle Robert McEachern spurred a defense that checked the visitors at their 29. Yount's punt was a 29-yarder that Phil Abraira returned for four to the FSU 47.

End Steve Rummage moved in to deck Cappleman for a 13-yard loss. A 15-yard pass to George Davis reached the 50, but the Seminoles punted from there. Bill Rimby raced down to tackle the return man at the 13 after Carrell's nicely placed 40-yard boot.

Leon Mason's 19-yard run got N.C. State out of the hole. From the 40, Yount punted 49 yards and John Pell lost three on the return, back to the eight.

The Seminoles couldn't move, and Carrell slammed a 53-yard punt that Jack Whitely returned 12 to the 50.

On a counter play, Mason dashed for 17. At the 33 Bowers lost a yard and Mason gained one. Moody dropped back to pass, and Ronnie Wallace sprinted in to rack him for a loss of 13. the punt was a short one, 26 to the 21.

A penalty cost FSU five, canceling Bailey's run to the 30.

On third down Cappleman threw wide toward the sidelines. Yount danced in front of the receiver, juggling the ball momentarily before getting a firm grip for an interception, then raced 24 yards for six points. Mike Charron's placement kick made it 13-10.

Bailey's 25-yard runback provided a beginning at the 36. But Jarrett lost seven on a fumble that he wrestled back from an N.C. State guy. Rummage got to Cappleman again for minus-10, back to the 19.

Carrell whacked a tremendous punt, 59 yards. Whitley fumbled as he started a runback, and Mike Gray was a quick Seminole down to claim the ball at the 31.

Two plays later Jarrett fumbled, and Whitley got back into Coach Earle Edwards' good graces by reclaiming the ball for N.C. State at the 27.

On second down Moody threw a screen pass toward Bowers.

Tackle Frank Vohun whipped in for an interception and rambled 22 yards for a touchdown.

The overjoyed senior wouldn't yield the football to officials, wanting a souvenir of his one-and-only collegiate TD. That cost the Seminoles a 15-yard penalty on the placement kick, but Guthrie made it from 35-yard range to make it 20-10.

Moody dislocated his elbow trying to tackle Vohun at the two, and the quarterback left the game for good.

N.C. State couldn't cut it from its 31, and on third down Paul Sharp, now in at quarterback, threw - straight to FSU linebacker Barry Rice, who gave the Seminoles a shot from the 34 with the interception as the clock showed 1:07 left.

Cappleman passed to Gaydos at the 19. Magalski got five on a run. Two passes missed, and Guthrie kicked a 31-yard field goal for 23-10 with 41 seconds remaining in the half.

N.C. State ran out the clock after a kick return to its 16.

Cappleman had completed eight of 16 passes for 93 yards at this point, and the Seminoles had a net of just 127 yards on offense, compared with the Wolfpack's 97 sum.

The Wolfpack had a quick chance as the last half started. Bailey fumbled on a second-down run at the FSU 20 and Dan Medlin got the ball for N.C. State.

A blitzing Ron Lowe slapped Mason for a loss of five. Sharp got three back on a draw, two more on a pass, but it came to fourth down and Yount's field-goal try hit an upright. No good.

The Seminoles couldn't maneuver, and Carrell's 37-yard punt was returned 20 to the FSU 43 by Whitley.

Bowers wheeled for 12 yards. Two more runs gained only a couple. Bowers fumbled a third-down pitchout, lost 11 to the 40, and Yount punted.

Abraira fielded the ball at the eight, fumbled it, had it bounce right back into his hands, then picked his way down the sidelines on a dazzling all-the-way run. McEachern threw a telling block at the FSU 30, and Danny Thomas one at the 15 to clear out the last defender. Guthrie added a point for 30-10.

The 92-yarder was the longest punt return in FSU history.

N.C. State retaliated with a 73-yard scoring march in 13 plays.

Mason's 22-yard burst to FSU's 38 was a key. On third down, needing 10, Sharp passed to Mason at the 20. Four runs chopped out another first down at the 10.

Then Sharp, with both McEachern and Vohun hanging on him, came up with a dandy play, a pitchout to Altman, who skipped down the sideline for the TD. Charron missed on the point try, leaving ot 30-16.

The Seminoles started driving from their 29, with Cappleman completing a 15-yard pass to Magalski at the 45, another to Tyson at the Wolfpack 45, and a third to Tyson at the 38.

Florida State cut out a first down at the 34. But two defenders were on Mike Gray as Cappleman threw to him at the goal line, and Yount intercepted in the end zone.

Once again the defense did the job, and Yount's punt was to the FSU 48 just after the last quarter started.

Cappleman soon passed 16 yards to Tyson at the N.C. State 33. Bailey and Brent Gilman led on to the 21. George Davis caught a pass at the 14 and Bailey ran for a first down at the 11. Three runs left FSU short between the three and four. After a delay penalty moved the ball back, Guthrie kicked a 25-yard field goal for 33-16.

Buddy Gridley intercepted a Sharp pass at midfeild but it was cancelled on a roughing-the-passer assessment. The defense forced a punt to the eight.

Shortly it was punting time for FSU, too, with N.C. State getting opportunity at its 46 following a 41-yard boot.

With Sharp throwing to Mason for 22 down to the 18, N.C. State got a touchdown with 54 seconds remaining. A pass-interference call on Pell provided a first down at the eight. Bowers scored from there on a run off the left side on third down. N.C. State faked a point kick, with Sharp rising to pass. No good. It stayed 33-22.

An onside kick was too short, out of bounds and FSU got the ball at N.C. State's 46. Frank Whigham, in at quarterback, completed a 6-yard pass to Ted Zaffran, then threw a screen to Magalski, who got 10 to the 30 before fumbling and losing the ball to N.C. State with four seconds to go.

On the last play Sharp passed to Mason at midfield.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   7- 0  Jim Tyson, 4, pass from Bill Cappleman (Grant Guthrie, kick), 9:46 
      7- 3  Opp, 35, field goal, 4:53 
     13- 3  James Jarrett, 1, run (Grant Guthrie, kick failed), 0:49 
2nd  13-10  Opp, 24, interception return (kick), 5:40 
     20-10  Frank Vohun, 22, interception return (Grant Guthrie, kick), 2:26 
     23-10  Grant Guthrie, 31, field goal, 0:41 
3rd  23-10  Opp, 36, field goal failed, 12:50
     30-10  Phil Abraira, 92, punt return/blocked punt (Grant Guthrie, kick), 9:37 
     30-16  Opp, 10, run (kick failed), 3:45 
4th  33-16  Grant Guthrie, 25, field goal, 8:49 
     33-22  Opp, 7, run (pass failed), 0:54 

FSU OPP First downs 18 15 Rushes-yards 43- 78 50-177 Passing 165 77 Att-Comp-Int 29-15-2 17-7-2 Total Yards 72-243 67-254 Punt Returns 5-95 5-50 Kickoff Returns 4-94 6-123 Interception Ret. 2-25 2-24 Fumble Returns 1-0 3-0 Punts 5-46.4 6-32.5 Fumbles-Lost 5-3 3-1 Penalties-Yds 6-59 2-25 Attendance 25,343 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Tom Bailey 18- 44 James Jarrett 11- 24 Brent Gilman 3- 24 Paul Magalski 5- 11 Arthur Munroe 3- 6 Bill Cappleman 3- -31 Receiving Jim Tyson 6- 69 Paul Magalski 3- 30 Kent Gaydos 2- 26 George Davis 2- 21 Don Pederson 1- 13 Ted Zaffran 1- 6 Passing Bill Cappleman 26-13-2-149 Frank Whigham 3- 2-0- 16 Punt Return Phil Abraira 3- 97 John Pell 2- -2 Kickoff Return Tom Bailey 3- 75 Arthur Munroe 1- 19 Punting Duane Carrell 5- 232 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frank Vohun . . . . . 1- 22 . . . . . . Barry Rice . . . . . 1- 3 . . . . . . Mike Gray . . . . . . . . 1- 0 . . .


11/29/1969, HOUSTON, TX

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, 11/30/1969, page 1-D, by Bill McGrotha

HOUSTON, TX - Piling up more yards on a Florida State football team than any opponent ever, awesome Houston rushed to a 41-13 victory here Saturday night as Jim Strong alone knocked off 200 yards running.

The Houston offensive total was 543. Of that 414 came on runs.

Still, the Seminoles, behind 20-13 at the half, made a battle of it until the closing quarter when the Cougars cut loose for 21 points.

Houston now takes an 8-2 record into the Bluebonnet Bowl on December 31 against Auburn. Florida State closed the book on Coach Bill Peterson's 10th season with a 6-3-1 record.

It might have been a classic show of offense had the Seminoles been able to better protect Bill Cappleman. The quarterback concluded his Florida State career by hitting 18 of 37 passes for 205 yards and two touchdowns.

Cappleman, racked for losses totaling 90 yards in this one, pushed his final pass yardage sum during his Florida State time over the 5,000 mark to 5,125.

The 200-pound Strong, a senior, got his 200 yards - an individual all-time high against Florida State - in just 22 carries. He scored three times, on runs of 16, 37 and 39 yards.

The Seminoles got on the board first, Cappleman passing six yards to Kent Gaydos, who caught 13 during the evening for 126 yards.

Houston tied it 7-7 in the second quarter on Gary Mullins' 23-yard pass to Elmo Wright. Mullins completed just eight of 22 passes for 129 yards but ran for 109 on a dozen carries. The dangerous Wright was restricted to four receptions for 48 yards.

The Cougars soon made it 13-7 on Mullins' 51-yard run. Florida State came right back and tied it 13-13 on Mike Gray's spectacular falling catch of a 37-yard Cappleman bomb.

Strong's 39-yard scamper put Houston on top 20-13 at intermission.

In that last quarter flurry, it was Strong loose for 16, then 37 for two touchdowns. And finally it was L.D. Rowden running back an interception of Cappleman's last Florida State pass for 55 yards and a score.

An Astrodome crowd of 36,506 saw a game remarkably free of penalties. Florida State was taxed just 20 yards, Houston 40. The Seminoles lost three of five fumbles, Houston just one of two, while the Cougars intercepted two Cappleman passes, and Florida State just one Mullins throw.

Florida State's two running backs, Tom Bailey and Paul Magalski, played on despite injuries both received in the first quarter. Only occassionally was FSU able to do any effective running.

A formidable, almost viciously efficient Houston running game was much to much for Florida State here Saturday night as the Cougars closed the Seminoles' season with a 41-13 punishment.

It was more than ample vengeance for the 40-20 upset Florida State dealt in Jacksonville last season.

Houston was sitting pretty early in this one.

The Cougars won the pregame toss, chose to receive. Duane Carrell's kickoff was a low, line-drive type that Ted Heiskell returned 16 to the Houston 41.

Heiskell ran for three, but Ronnie Wallace slashed in to stop Gary Mullins for a loss of seven. John Montgomery broke up a pass. And Houston punted to FSU's 27.

Bill Cappleman promptly nailed Kent Gaydos with a pass to Houston's 49. Breaking tackles, Paul Magalski knocked off 11 to the 38. Magalski popped for three more, Tom Bailey for four.

Cappleman quickly pitched out to Magalski, who sailed down the sideline 25 yards to the six.

Two runs got nothing, as Magalski fumbled a pitchout, covered it, and Bailey was caught at the line of scrimmage.

Third down, and Gaydos got loose in the end zone, caught Cappleman's pass for a touchdown just before pounding on out of bounds. Grant Guthrie kicked a point for 7-0.

Houston moved smartly from its 31 following the kickoff. Mullins' running, plus his 17-yard pass to Riley Odom led to FSU's 37.

On the option, Mullins lit out down the sidelines, cut in for 35 to the five. Jim Strong cracked to the three. Going off the left side on an option, Mullins was in standing up for an apparent touchdown, but a flag had fallen. Illegal procedure nullified the play, and the Cougars were set back on their eight.

Frank Vohun got through to deck a scrambling Mullins for a loss of eight. A pass missed, and on fourth down Carlos Lopez entered to try a field goal.

His 33-yard effort was wide to the left.

Three plays from the 20 netted just two yards for the Seminoles. Carrell's 39-yard punt placed Houston at its 38.

Mullins soon passed to Elmo Wright at the 50. Heiskell rambled for 12, and Strong for 16 to the 22. On third down, Heiskell got away for eight and a first down at the 11.

But an errant pitchout resulted in a fumble and a Houston loss to the 24. Wright caught a Mullins pass at the seven. But Strong, trying to go wide, was pulled down at the 10, making it fourth down. Houston ignored a field-goal try, with Mullins throwing a pass. Danny Thomas broke it up in the end zone just before the first quarter ended.

The Seminoles couldn't move from the ten.

A third-down blitz caught Cappleman retreating trying to pass, and he was pushed back to the one. Carrell punted, a 28-yarder to the 29.

Heiskell pounded for six.

Then Mullins pegged a pass to Wright, and the swift receiver skipped 23 yards for a touchdown that, with Lopez' point kick, tied it 7-7.

Again FSU's offense couldn't cut it, this time from the 20. Carrell's 40-yard punt gave the Cougars a chance from their 42.

Two runs gained the 49. With FSU defenders jammed to stop the short-yardage run, Mullins scooted wide on the option, turned it on when he neared the sideline, went the distance with Wright throwing a key block at about the 20.

But Lopez missed the point try after the 51-yard run, leaving it 13-7.

In eight plays the Seminoles negotiated 76 yards to deadlock it once more.

Two short passes to Kent Gaydos brought a first down at the 36. A 13-yarder to Gaydos gained the 49. Bailey, on a trap play, went up the middle for 14 to Houston's 37.

Cappleman faded. Threw long to Mike Gray, who made a sprawling impossible-looking catch just as he crossed the goal line. But Guthrie's point-after try on the heels of that 37-yard beaut strayed to the left, and it stayed 13-13.

Houston probed to the 50 before FSU defenders brought a halt. Mike Parrott, back to punt, fumbled the snap, regained control, ran wide, finally got off a weak boot, nine yards to FSU's 41.

Don Pederson, on a reverse, swept for 16 to the Houston 43. Bailey, on a run, was hit hard, fumbled, and Jerry Drones recovered for Houston at the 35.

Soon the Cougars punted again, this one a 51-yarder by Parrott to the FSU seven.

Three plays left the Seminoles at the four. Carrell punted out of the hole, up to the 37.

On the first play from there, Strong took a pitchout and scampered down the sidelines all the way. Lopez' point kick was true, making it 20-13.

Phil Abraira brought the kickoff back 24 yards to the 29. Seemingly trapped, Cappleman squirmed away, hit Magalski at the 48. After losing nine, Cappleman passed to Gaydos at the Houston 44. Bailey got two, then three more to the 40 on a fourth-and-one run. But it went for naught as Richard Harrington made a falling interception of a Cappleman pass at the 27 with 51 seconds remaining in the half.

Houston ran a couple of times for short yardage before the horn sounded.

At this point Cappleman had completed eight of 15 passes for 125 yards, and FSU had an offensive sum of 197. Houston, with 187 on the ground, had 271. Strong had run 12 times for 84, Mullins eight for 67. Gaydos had pulled in six of Cappleman's tosses for 69.

Florida State received the third-quarter kickoff. On the Seminoles' first play from scrimmage, Bailey fumbled. Mike Johnston claimed the ball for Houston at FSU's 24.

Two plays later Heiskell fumbled and Barry Rice got it back for the Seminoles at the 17.

FSU moved on short passes to Brent Gilman and Kent Gaydos to the 35. There it came to punting time, and Carrell booted on to Houston's 32.

Wright caught a 14-yard throw at the Houston 49. Parrott caught a 10-yarder for a first down at FSU's 37. Two runs lost two yards there, and Mullins' third-down pass was picked off by Steve Gildea at the 29.

The Seminoles moved - but to no avail.

Gaydos caught a 12-yard pass at the 41, and Gray a 16-yarder at Houston's 42. Soon Gaydos tucked in a 13-yarder at the 27, whereupon Magalski hauled one in over the middle and skipped to a first down at the nine.

A delay penalty - the Seminoles' first infraction of the night - set the Tribe back to the 14. Two passes missed. Then Cappleman lost nine to the 23. And Guthrie's 40-yard field-goal attempt was wide to the right.

Robert Newhouse ran for 13 for the Cougars, and a piling-on penalty lifted Houston to FSU's 45. Strong smashed to the 33, then Newhouse to the 22. But Newhouse was stopped on two more runs, and Bobby Burt broke up a pass.

Fourth and nine, and Houston gambled with a pass. Mullins overthrew Wright in the end zone.

As the last quarter started the Seminoles couldn't get beyond the 25, and Carrell punted 37 yards to Houston's 37.

Houston scored in six plays.

A clipping call cancelled a 20-yard run by Strong. So Mullins struck for 37 on a wide sprint to FSU's 26. Soon Newhouse ran for eight and a first down at the 16. Next play, Strong cruised right up the middle, brushing aside tacklers, and scored.

The point kick was wide, and it stayed 26-13.

Abraira ran the kick back 35 yards to the 38. Cappleman couldn't connect on a pair of passes. Then a fumble, recovered by the Seminoles' Stan Walker, cost FSU 12 yards, back to the 26. Carrell punted 51-yards to Houston's 23.

Shortly Parrott replied with a 51-yard punt of his own, with Albraira picking up the ball and returning it 26 to the 30.

After Cappleman lost yardage to the 19, he passed to Jim Tyson for a first down at the 49. Back to throw again, Cappleman was hit by Drones, fumbled, and Johnston got it for Houston at FSU's 37.

Strong powered off tackle, got two big blocks and scored. Houston went for two points, made them on Mullins' pass to Wright, making it 34-13 with 7:38 remaining.

Abraira scrambled 40 yards to the FSU 47 with the kick return. Pass interference brought a first down at the Houston 40, and Tyson caught a 23-yard pass at the 17. Bailey ran for three, but Cappleman was decked for successive losses of 13 and 14 yards. A fourth-down pass got FSU no further than the 37.

Earl Thomas' 21-yard run with a pass got Houston to FSU's 29. The Cougars bogged down there, and FSU took over at the 23 with 1:47 left.

L.D. Rowden then came up with his eighth interception of the season, cut across the field and raced 55 yards to a touchdown, and Lopez' point kick made it 41-13.

It was Cappleman's last throw for Florida State. Frank Whigham went in at quarterback as the Seminoles got the ball at their 27 following the kick.

Rolling out, Whigham gained 19 to the 41. Soon he passed to Gaydos at the Houston 40. But Whigham was rapped for a loss of 12 before he passed four yards, again to the busy Gaydos, on the game's last play.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total

1st   7- 0  Kent Gaydos, 6, pass from Bill Cappleman (Grant Guthrie, kick), 9:53 
      7- 0  Opp, 33, field goal failed
2nd   7- 7  Opp, 23, pass (kick), 13:02
      7-13  Opp, 51, run (kick failed), 11:03
     13-13  Mike Gray, 37, pass from Bill Cappleman (Grant Guthrie, kick failed), 8:55 
     13-20  Opp, 39, run (kick), 3:21 
3rd  13-20  Grant Guthrie, 40, field goal failed, 3:40 
4th  13-26  Opp, 16, run (kick failed), 12:09
     13-34  Opp, 37, run (pass), 7:45 
     13-41  Opp, 55, interception return (kick), 1:28 

FSU OPP First downs 20 24 Rushes-yards 36- 18 56-414 Passing 288 129 Att-Comp-Int 40-21-2 23-8-1 Total Yards 76-306 79-543 Punt Returns 3-32 1-3 Kickoff Returns 7-160 3-70 Interception Ret. 1-4 2-55 Fumble Returns 1-0 3-0 Punts 7-38.0 4-37.8 Fumbles-Lost 5-3 2-1 Penalties-Yds 2-20 5-40 Attendance 36,508 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Paul Magalski 7- 45 Tom Bailey 12- 36 Don Pederson 1- 16 Frank Whigham 2- 7 Brent Gilman 2- 4 Bill Cappleman 12- -90 Receiving Kent Gaydos 13- 126 Mike Gray 3- 61 Jim Tyson 2- 53 Paul Magalski 2- 39 Brent Gilman 1- 6 Passing Bill Cappleman 37-18-2-265 Frank Whigham 3- 3-0- 23 Tom Bailey 1- 0-0- 5 Punt Return Phil Abraira 2- 28 John Pell 1- 4 Kickoff Return Phil Abraira 3- 99 Don Pederson 3- 36 James Jarrett 1- 13 Mike Gray 0- 5 Punting Duane Carrell 7- 266 |---------Tackles---------| |---Sacks---| |---Pass Def---| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE STATISTICS UT AT Total ForLoss No - Yards Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frank Vohun 9 5 14 . . . . . . . . . Steve Gildea 7 3 10 . . 1- 4 . . . . . . Buddy Gridley . 9 9 . . . . . . . . . Ron Wallace 3 5 8 . . . . . . . . . Barry Rice 1 6 7 . . . . . 1- 0 . . . Bill Lohse 2 5 7 . . . . . . . . . John Montgomery 3 3 6 . . . 2 . . . . . Robert McEachern 2 3 5 . . . 1 . . . . . Danny Thomas 1 4 5 . . . . . . . . . Phil Abraira . 5 5 . . . . . . . . . Bobby Burt 2 1 3 . . . 1 . . . . . Ron Lowe 1 1 2 . . . . . . . . . John Pell 2 . 2 . . . . . . . . . Robert Ashmore 2 . 2 . . . . . . . . . Beryl Rice . 1 1 . . . . . . . . . Theron Bass 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . Benny Rust . 1 1 . . . . . . . . .